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Vlog #25: The Garden Tour

I know I know.. I go months without touching the video camera, and then you get two vlogs on the same day. What can I say but, ehm, I’ll try to be better and post more often.

Anyway, here’s the video I shot Friday morning of the garden, see how scorched and monochrome it looks at the moment? That’s one reason why I can’t wait for the summer to end so that I can get busy trying new and wonderful plants and get the colour and growth back in it. The first part of that is preparing for that eventuality, that’s why I replaced all the drip system pipes to get better watering footprint in the borders.

Oh, now that I’ve got the MacBook which has a built-in video camera, expect more like the previous vlog I posted earlier this morning and shot using the built-in camera. So brace yourself for more of my mug! 🙂


Vlog #23: A glimpse of Iraqi art

Visiting art galleries is mostly a good (and new) experience for me and last night’s visit to Albareh Gallery to view the creations of Ahmed Al-Bahrani did not disappoint. It was the last night for the exhibition, so it was pretty fortunate that I actually took the brief time to visit, just before joining my fellow bloggers for our 17th bloggers’ gathering.

Mr. Al-Bahrani’s work is amazing, and very painstaking to say the least, with great attention to detail as you will see from the following vlog, with excellent technical discipline and more importantly truck-loads of creativity.

I envy whoever buys any piece from his exhibit; they will treasure it for life and get a lot of enjoyment just for looking at it once in a while, regardless of whatever brainfarts the grand mufti explodes out of his blessed mouth.