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The pompousity of a useful fool

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Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

MP Al-Saidi says he notices double standards in Britain’s foreign policy towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people. He pointed out: “At a time when the British Government says it is eager to reinforce the relations between Manama and London, we notice that it disregards the fact that those with whom it meets violate the law and the ancient Arab norms.”

Al-Saidi criticized the easy way in which London-based Bahraini political figures are granted British nationality, the right to political asylum, and financial aid.
Alsharq Alawsat 4 Aug 08

I really don’t know how this guy finds the time to mount his own chosen crusades which appear to be one a day and all of which have the veneer or propriety but all one has to do is scratch the surface to smell the stench of a conspiratorial mind filled with sectarian hatred.

In this case, the pretentious being trounces on yet another human right, that of freedom of expression, simply to continue to mount his personal vendetta against all those who dare to oppose his alternate reality. It is not strange at all then to reading this additional worthless issuance of his in yet another exposed attempt at further ingratiating himself to those who must regard him as nothing more than a useful fool.

Rock on “shaikh”. You are proof positive that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever.


more trouble…

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They’re starting to gather at the Saar Roundabout as I write this. Various parties called for a demonstration in support of cleric Isa Qassim of Duraz, the followers of whom felt slighted by Jassim Alsaidi’s unwarranted attack on “their symbol”, and as they regard an attack on Qassim as an attack on the whole religion, they are taking Saidi’s brainfarts very seriously, rather than be less emotional about the whole thing and be less of a manipulated toy in the hands of strife loving MPs and their masters.

This is not unforeseen. The powers that be know how emotive these things are, they know that our situation is akin to an already lit powder keg, all they need is just accelerate that burning fuse and it will explode. I don’t think; however, that either side realises the severity of this explosion, nor are they cognizant of the aftermath. It is a chaotic situation which cannot be put back in order by adopting such incendiary tactics.

But unfortunately it is beyond that now. Now it is just a pissing contest and we’re all in the spray’s path.

I don’t know about you, but I am quite tired of all this crap and I don’t blame the people who just upped and left to better climes and to places where they are respected, as is their intellect.

The solution is quite evident, those in power know it, how in God’s name they choose not to use it is simply and utterly beyond me. But they are not the only party to blame here, not by any chance. The followers of these two politico-religious figures also have a full hand by lending their unfettered support to their chosen cleric and drawing a so called red line which is forever shifting to suit their needs, and in the process elevating their leader into a position of a deity beyond reproach and definitely beyond criticism. If he is criticised – God forbid – then not only he was slighted, but the whole Muslim religion too.

It is a complex situation to be sure, but the solution could be very simple; segregate religion from the state and tell those who elect to represent us to choose either the pulpit or politics, not both together. Combine both and you get what we continue to go through.


ما في الديرة رجال؟

تأسيس لجنة للدفاع عن الرسول يرأسها السعيدي

أعلن مساء أمس في الرفاع الشرقي تأسيس لجنة شعبية، وذلك للتعبير عن سخط الاهالي من الاساءة الى النبي الكريم عبر الصحف الدنماركية ومن موقف حكومتها من صحافتها المحلية، وتم تشكيل اللجنة تحت مسمى «لجنة الرفاع للدفاع عن الرسول الكريم» وتم اختيار النائب جاسم السعيدي رئيسا لها، وناصر السندي أميناً للسر، وطه الشميري منسقاً عاماً لها، وستقوم اللجنة بجمع حملة من التوقيعات من أجل الاستنكار للاساءة والتطاول على الرسول الكريم، ولم تغفل اللجنة دور المرأة في الحملة إذ تم تعيين ام مصعب للاشراف على الجانب النسائي.Al-Wasat

الحين إنتوا ما حصلتو أحد يدافع عن نبينا الكريم إلا الي أساء و يسيء إلى أهل بيته؟ ليش يا ناس؟ ما في الديره رياييل؟

حسبي الله عليكم!


We deserve the parliament we vote for

We shouldn’t really cry over Friday sermons delivered by a right honourable member of parliament, religious leader and imam Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi when he ends his sermons with:

اللهم إلعن اليهود و النصارى و الرافضه و أرني فيهم يوماً أسود

Oh Allah curse the Jews, Christians and the Shi’a and show me in them a black day.

The sad thing is that with the current polarisation of the Bahraini society, I would not be surprised if more Wahabi gentlemen are carried on shoulders and delivered to exalted seats in the 2006 parliament for them to continue to spread their hate.

That said, the government does have a responsibility in facing people like The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi who spread hate, sedition and sectarian discord. It is people like him through their spread of hate who would be the first to disassociate themselves from acts of terror that they themselves have incited and supported.

I suggest that the government take this issue very seriously, and as he has a case of “propagating hate” against him with the Public Prosecutor, the government should take this opportunity to show the people of Bahrain and the world that we shall not stand idle while these people spread their poison.

Or shall we first wait for people’s bodies to be blown to bits by the likes of The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi and only then decide that we really don’t stand for this sort of thing, as our friends the Jordanians have done in only coming out en mass against terrorism when they themselves suffered from its fate by one of their own, one who was constantly praised when he was blowing innocents in Iraq?

The very least I would like to see is a picket of his mosque and home, peacefully showing his exalted highness that we fully and unequivocally reject him and his thoughts.