We deserve the parliament we vote for

We shouldn’t really cry over Friday sermons delivered by a right honourable member of parliament, religious leader and imam Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi when he ends his sermons with:

اللهم إلعن اليهود و النصارى و الرافضه و أرني فيهم يوماً أسود

Oh Allah curse the Jews, Christians and the Shi’a and show me in them a black day.

The sad thing is that with the current polarisation of the Bahraini society, I would not be surprised if more Wahabi gentlemen are carried on shoulders and delivered to exalted seats in the 2006 parliament for them to continue to spread their hate.

That said, the government does have a responsibility in facing people like The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi who spread hate, sedition and sectarian discord. It is people like him through their spread of hate who would be the first to disassociate themselves from acts of terror that they themselves have incited and supported.

I suggest that the government take this issue very seriously, and as he has a case of “propagating hate” against him with the Public Prosecutor, the government should take this opportunity to show the people of Bahrain and the world that we shall not stand idle while these people spread their poison.

Or shall we first wait for people’s bodies to be blown to bits by the likes of The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi and only then decide that we really don’t stand for this sort of thing, as our friends the Jordanians have done in only coming out en mass against terrorism when they themselves suffered from its fate by one of their own, one who was constantly praised when he was blowing innocents in Iraq?

The very least I would like to see is a picket of his mosque and home, peacefully showing his exalted highness that we fully and unequivocally reject him and his thoughts.


  1. mahmood

    محمد المحميد: أوقفوا السعيدي عن الخطابة.. وامنعوا ندوة الفتنة !!

    محمد المحميد

    نعم أوقفوا الشيخ جاسم السعيدي عن الخطابة في صلاة الجمعة.. وامنعوا الندوة المزمع عقدها مساء الأربعاء في الجمعية الإسلامية بعراد بشأن المقترح النيابي حول احترام صحابة الرسول الكريم وعقوبة سبهم، والتي سيشارك فيها الشيخ جاسم السعيدي والمحامي فريد غازي.. فلا يحق للشيخ جاسم السعيدي أن يسب طائفة بأكملها في البلاد من منبر الجمعة والأوقاف السنية صامتة ساكتة عنه، ولا يجوز أن تنعقد ندوة لتفنيد موضوع خطير سيجر البلاد لفتنة نائمة، في جمعية إسلامية تدعو للوحدة الوطنية والوئام والتعايش والسلم الأهلي بين الجميع.

    أقول هذا الكلام لأن الشيخ السعيدي قام في خطبة الجمعة ودعا على (الرافضة) من دون أن يحدد من يقصد بـ (الرافضة) بالضبط، وردد وراءه المصلون: آمين آمين..!!ØŒ كما أن الإعلان عن عقد تلك الندوة جاء بعنوان مطاط مفتوح، ترك مجالا واسعا للتأويلات والتفسيرات، مما تسبب معه في تحشيد المواطنين ضد أو مع الندوة، وهنا مكمن الخطأ الخطير الذي وقع فيه منظمو الندوة والداعون اليها. وقد سارعت بالاتصال بالشيخ جاسم السعيدي واستفسرت منه عن دعائه في خطبة الجمعة، والمتداول حاليّاً في المنشورات وعلى مواقع الإنترنت بالصوت، فأكد لي الشيخ السعيدي أنه بالفعل قام بالدعاء على (الرافضة) وكان يقصد بهم من يرفض الإيمان بالله تعالى، ولم يدع على طائفة كريمة في البلاد كما فهم البعض وروج له البعض الآخر، وخاصة أن الكلمة المتداولة بشكل خاطئ منذ زمن أنها تعني طائفة كريمة من البلاد وهذا غير صحيح، ولقد أوضحت بكل صدق وأمانة للشيخ السعيدي أنه مع احترامي لتفسيره هذا إلا أنه بحاجة ضرورية جدّاً لتوضيح هذا الأمر للجميع وعلى الملأ بماذا يقصد من الكلمة والدعاء، ولا يترك الأمر مفتوحاً للتفسير الخطير، الذي سيفتح على الوطن فتنة جهنم، كما تمنيت منه أن يتجنب تلك الأمور من الأساس، التي قد تفسر بهكذا تفسيرات وتأويلات، وقد أفصح الشيخ السعيدي أنه يحترم جميع المسلمين ولا يقبل بالدعاء على أي مسلم، وأنه لا يريد أن يصعد في الموضوع الخطير ويسير بالبلاد نحو الفتنة الهاوية، كما أن مشاركته في تلك الندوة المزمع عقدها الأربعاء القادم ليست أكيدة، وأنه لو شارك فسوف يحرص على توضيح تلك الأمور بكل عقلانية. وقد قمت بالاتصال بالمحامي فريد غازي بصفته أحد المدعوين للمشاركة في الندوة وطلبت منه أن يوعز لمنظمي الندوة (لو عقدت) أن يوضحوا أهداف عقد تلك الندوة بدلاً من أن يتركوها بعنوان مفتوح، قد يجر البلاد لمنحنى خطير، ويتسبب بحدوث بعض المصادمات أثناء وبعد الندوة..!! وقد أكد لي المحامي فريد أنه سيسعى لذلك، كما أنه سيحرص على طرح الموضوع في الندوة (لو عقدت) بشكل علمي متزن يكشف احترام أدبيات وعلماء المذهبين للصحابة وآل البيت، وأهمية الوحدة الوطنية والسلم الاجتماعي. هذا ما أتمناه من الشيخ جاسم السعيدي، وهذا ما أرجوه من المحامي فريد غازي ومن منظمي الندوة (لو عقدت)ØŒ أما إذا لم يحصل شيء من ذلك، فلا بد من منع السعيدي من الخطابة وإيقاف ندوة الفتنة.. فلا خير في أمور تجر الوطن للضياع. ويبقى سؤال أخير: ترى لو تم إيقاف الشيخ السعيدي عن الخطابة، وتم منع الندوة، هل سنعالج أسباب دعاء السعيدي وأسباب انعقاد الندوة؟ وهل سنضمن عدم خروج سعيدي آخر وندوة أخرى؟ سؤال هام أرجو أن يجيب عنه عقلاء الطائفتين وعلماؤهم بكل موضوعية وإنصاف… والله من وراء القصد.
    Akhbar Al-Khaleej

    Can you guess where this is going? This twerp is going to die some day, but his legacy of utter hatred will live for generations if the authorities don’t make an example of him. He should at the very least be made to apologise unequivocally and absolutely banned from delivering any kind of sermon.

  2. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    It’s because of the asswipes like these and the wahabis (they’re not sunni as far as I am concerned cuz even sunnies to them are infidels!!!) and illetirate uneducated BDF members that vote for him that our country is going backwards 🙁

    -LIB Team (http://lifeinbahrain.blogspot.com)

  3. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Mahmood.. how can you ask the government to stop this jack off? Notice an “orchestrated” movement of hate and divide braught on us. That was the best thing about Guantanamo.. jack-asses like him were as far away as possible.

    The Joker

  4. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Absolutely disgusting, that’s the main reason I avoid Friday sermons like the plague. God curse the Jews, Christians and Shia …Yup definitely something I’ll like to wrap up my week with. World peace? End poverty? Paah … that’s for sissies if I’m to have an audience with the Almighty naturally the first thing I’d ask for is some sectarian violence, hell were well due for one eh?

    Al-Rawafidh: those who refuse to believe in God and his messenger? Try to pass that by me again buddy. Not only a bigot and a nutter but also a liar? When did we start setting such high standards for our imam’s? Give me the good ol’ days when just plain ignorance and chauvinism were the criteria we looked for in our clergy. And for those idiots who instead of standing up to this Neanderthal and challenging him kept on murmuring amen like sheep: A piece of advice, Grow some backbone and fast, if not for your own sake then for the sake of your kids who’ll be wallowing in blood if this isn’t nipped in the bud.

    A Saudi

  5. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    How much support do Al Saidi and his fellow travelers have in Bahrain?

  6. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    I wouldnt be surprised if the govenrment has its hands on this as well. This is not the first time he says somthing hatred against Shia, and it will not be the last. People like him should be put to stop, not by just kicking him out of the parliment, but forcing him to leave the country and never return.


    P.S: Hey might be allied with Bin Ladin.

  7. anonymous

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Unfortunately those who follow the likes of those are really blinded by the sayings of this idiot and his allies, they consist of: Bedouin Camel Shaggers, BDF army members who spend all day polishing their cars (now that’s a contribution to society!), and most of all, the illiterate bu3agoofs, damn. They are the ones led him to his seat in the shithole of a parliament. He is one of those who pushed for [url=http://lifeinbahrain.blogspot.com/2005/11/ninjas-driving-in-bahrain.html]ninjas to be allowed to drive in Bahrain[/url]!!!

    I hate him and the morons who follow him and other morons who give religion and Bahrain a bad name, there are quite a few huh?

    – LIB Team [url](http://lifeinbahrain.blogspot.com)[/url]

  8. anonymous

    Two sharks were circling round in the Atlantic and one says to the other, ‘I’m sick of eating tuna’. The other replies, ‘Fancy going to Morecambe for a Chinese?’

    That got Ann Winterton expelled from the UK’s Conservative Party straight away. The joke is not funny but clearly racist (she was referring to 20 Chinese cocklers who got swept away into the ocean).

    Al-Saidi’s comments are not only racists, he is sowing the seeds of evil in society, and inciting his followers. He shouldn’t only be sacked from Parliament, he should be stopped from preaching all-together and taken to court for his statements.

    Although, another MP, has filed an official complaint to the General Deputy’s Office (whatever that is):

    بن رجب يشكو السعيدي في النيابة العامة لشتمه الشيعة

    الوسط – المحرر البرلماني
    قال النائب البرلماني عيسى بن رجب انه رفع يوم أمس إلى مكتب النائب العام الشيخ عبدالرحمن بن جابر آل خليفة شكوى ضد النائب السلفي المستقل الشيخ جاسم السعيدي يتهمه بشتم الشيعة.

    وذكر بن رجب أنه رفع الشكوى ضد السعيدي لاقترافه المادة “309” من قانون العقوبات، إذ تعرض في خطبته يوم الجمعة الموافق 11 نوفمبر/ تشرين الثاني الجاري بجامع أبي ذر الغفاري بالشتم العلني والازدراء للمذهب الشيعي وطائفته، إذ قال في خطبته: “اللهم العن اليهود والنصارى والرافضة، وأرني فيهم يوما أسود, اللهم دمرهم تدميرا..”ØŒ وأشار بن رجب إلى أن ذلك ثابت بالتسجيل الصوتي. وأوضح بن رجب أنه تكررت من النائب السعيدي الاقتراحات التي تدعو إلى الفتنة الطائفية، إذ ان معظم اقتراحاته طائفية وتثير الفتنة بين أبناء الوطن ويسعى بذلك إلى تمزيق الوحدة الوطنية، وذلك مخالفا للدستور، منوها إلى “أن النائب لا يجب أن يتعدى على أية طائفة أخرى فهو يمثل الشعب بكامله”

    I won’t say this is a litmus test….we’ve failed hundreds of those already. The relationship between Wahhabi sunnis and corrupt rulers such as Alkhalifa and Alsaud is a sort of [b]’marriage of convenience'[/b], the wahabbis have always been the backbone of these families due to their total subservience according to the verse ‘ wa a6i3uu ‘ula al-amr feekum’…

    From another point of view, this kind of incident falls very nicely into the royal family’s [b]’divide and rule'[/b] policy… all this in-fighting will divert our attention away from the looting and pillaging that is going on… the parliament that has had its social construct pre-determined by unrepresentative electoral boundaries only serves to entrench this sectarian divide…..all this parliament has done and will continue to do in this current state is give an even louder microfone to Al-saeedi and co. That was the intent and purpose all along…

  9. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Too much for Bahraini unity, this guy is a whacko and I agree with LIBs comments, this parliament is simply a piece of crap. I would pray to god we won’t see those puppets in parliament next year. Thank god I’m not in the country to read junk news about them, waste of time.

    What to do, some people fail to realize we’re in the 21st century and not the dark ages. I have to say, I am a sunni and such comments strictly offend me. But for a wahabi or salafi, whatever this guys is, I don’t think he cares.


  10. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Does any of this have anything to do with the Riot Police and Goon Squad over by Last Chance and AMH this evening? Tear gas and helicopters in the air. What a wonderful evening in Manama! Anyone have any idea what is going on?

  11. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    They’ve closed all entrances to Manama to contain a protest by a few thousand unemployed protestors. Apparantly 23 people are in hospital and one in serious condition after getting beaten up. Many suffocating because of the use of tear gas….

    hmmmm…. 20% unemployment… what do u expect? they are bound to explode… u can’t tell a hungry man to stay at home and starve

  12. anonymous

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Nope. this is about intimidation and reversion to old “state security” ways and means, where the State terrorises its citizens by physically raping a young unemployed man to prevent him and his colleagues from demonstrating new the Royal Court. That is, REALLY raping him, not figuratively, but physically.

    So what you witnessed is the backlash to this incident, first they gathered to try to demonstrate against unemployment in front of the Bahrain Training Institute, but when they were surrounded by mercenaries and because of what happened to one of their colleagues they shifted their protest to the Police Fort in Manama with thousands demonstrating.

    No official word yet if the government is even going to investigate the allegations however. And I suspect that nothing will be done about it.

    No wonder that Al-Saidi is having a field day, because he KNOWS that he will never be punished.

  13. Pammi

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    As a Christain, men/boys like this, frighten me very much.

  14. anonymous

    bab-ul-bahrain 7:30

    Well, i dont know much about bahraini politics but 1 hour back i found very bad situation near bab-ul-bahrain – so many bahraini boys smash the shops they through stones on walking people in front of me they hit 2 children’s – found so many police and other forces who try to control this situation – i didnt understand bahraini govt is so nice with there local people but still they are doing like this Why????


  15. anonymous

    Re: bab-ul-bahrain 7:30

    No no sadeeq… it’s called Bab Al Bahrain in Arabic.

    And you’re right, you don’t understand Bahraini politics and just want to paint images of savages attacking children, maybe a reflection from where you hail from. Not here matey… move on now.

  16. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Thx for correcting me but habibi why? now i comes to know more than 30 people are in hospital

  17. anonymous

    Trackback :: Bahrain: Propagating Hate?

    TrackBack from Global Voices Online

    Mahmood says that the Bahraini government does have a responsibility in facing people who spread hate, sedition and sectarian discord. Specially when it comes from religious figures!

  18. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    “From another point of view, this kind of incident falls very nicely into the royal family’s ‘divide and rule’ policy… all this in-fighting will divert our attention away from the looting and pillaging that is going on…” – You took the words right out of my mouth. This is precisely what I believe is happening.

  19. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Oh My @@@@, What is happening to my refuge, Bahrain…Pearl of the Sea. This is where my family used to go to feel safe from insanity…no longer. They let the looneys out of the bin.
    God Bless and Keep You

  20. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    oh boy.

    i see the early nineties happeneing all over again in bahrain. unemployment + populaiton growth + religious zealotry + frustration + majority of your population under 30 = Iran pre 1979.

    what do we have to look forward to now? join the rioters and end up with clercial rule that shoots down any real attempt to become part of the 21st century? or stick with the status quo and slow down the descent into hell?

    tough times ahead.

  21. anonymous

    Anti Semitism

    I am surprised that I have not heard any outrage from either the Bahraini Jews or the Christian Bahrainis against this terrorist. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how the king and the premier will handle this situation. I assume nothing will happen unless there is some pressure from outside; because the leadership supports Saeedi and his policies.

  22. Laura(southernxyl)

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    So it’s wrong to say “God curse the Shi’a” but “God curse the Jews and Christians” is perfectly OK.


    In the immortal words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

  23. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Who said it was perfectly ok, of course it’s not. This whole notion of cursin people is wrong in itself. These guys just don’t give a damn. You have to attend friday prayers to know what am talkin about. I remember the ones I went to here in the U.K are a million times better.


  24. anonymous

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    You’re right, Joker. I’ll swallow my pride. Admittidly, I’m human and somewhat reactive.

    Sunni, the typical phrase “go back to Iran” doesn’t buy you anything. Please keep in mind that the dialect spoken by the Shia of Bahrain is the dialect that has been spoken in the land for hundreds of years. I say “the land” because the people of eastern Saudi Arabia, which was part of Bahrain (well, according to 15th century maps that I’ve seen), speak the same dialect.

    Also, recall that the Iranians who once ruled Bahrain are today known as the “heweleh” and are in fact Sunni. It’s funny that a school of thought where 3 out of 4 of its main Imams are Persians and both authors of its “Sihah” are Persians childishly tries to belittle the Shia by calling them Iranians.

    Oppressed Shia

  25. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    >>they’re not sunni as far as I am concerned cuz even sunnies to them are infidels

    umm…no not really. Those who cried “Aaaameeen” with all their hearts were Sunnis, were they not?

    Let’s not bang on with the “Oh but he doesn’t represent us” argument. He does, live with it.

    Oppressed Shia

  26. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    “Freelance pirotechnicians” 🙂 oh man as they say in Arabic “Sharro el baleyi ma yudh7ik” = roughly the worst tragedies are the ones that make you laugh (at their absurdity!) Anyhow I’ve come a bit late in the conversation after my first comment and there’s obviously been a lot of emotions involved. I suggest that you fellas harness the outrage and put ink to paper and write a letter to the Ministry of Justice or the right honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi himself expressing your outrage and outlining your position on how his statements have offended a huge section of society and threatens the stability and unity of the country.

    I can’t overemphasize how effective simple letter writing campaigns can be. It has worked before with the most repressive regimes-Pinochet’s Chile,torture in El Salvador, legislation against domestic violence in Russia etc… Bahrain is a far cry from the dismal state those countries were in and I’m sure the government would be much more receptive. Here’s a very useful guide that might help you on your way if you choose this method of campaigning –

    I’ve been trying to get the address of the Min. of Justice off this site:

    I keep on getting this message : “couldn’t select db” ?!?! Any ideas anyone? and if you could also get Saidi’s address that would be super!

    A Saudi

  27. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Well if that’s the way YOU are thinking, maybe you deserve to be cursed? It’s people like him and YOU who are fueling it up… yous are just using each other to keep things the way they are…I agree with what LIB has to say. And NO they do NOT represent sunnies, you think I say ameen to every bullshit that’s being said in mosques? I only repeat aameen to whatever sounds right.

  28. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Thought someone might like that!

    Thank you very much indeed for suggesting the letter writing guide and setting a constructive mood to attempt to correct the situation. What you suggest is very reasonable and should be adopted immediately.

    I shall add a permanent link to the guide on the site as a reminder that the pen is really much more powerful than the sword.

    The full addresses and telephone numbers of all the MPs are available here, get busy guys and gals!

    Thank you once again.

  29. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Someone should ask this crazy ..er..religious man that if Allah doesn’t curse the Jews, Christian’s and Shia does this mean that Allah is cursing him?

  30. anonymous

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    -Rodney King

  31. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Hey Oppressed Shia,
    I’m so sorry for hearing of ALL this “oppression” that you have been subjected to in Bahrain. I understand that the democratic reforms supported by the Constitution and the Majority of Bahrainis have given you no rights whatsoever. I mean, even after all these demonstrations (including the recent one in which the youth have resorted to violence such as throwing rocks and burning trash cans), you still haven’t had the right to voice your opinion. Do me a favor, instead of sticking around in Bahrain, can you please move to Iran where some people have the same mindset as you. Maybe there you’d have your so-called freedom and hate all those who aren’t Shi’a! People who think like you, whether Sunni, Shi’a, Jewish, or Christian, disgust me! I feel sorry for all the Shi’as who have to put up with people like you! Also, I feel sorry for all the Sunnis, including myself, who have to put with people like Al-Saidi!

    Think before you speak!

    The “Oppressed” Sunni,

  32. mahmood

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    guys let’s not start a war or words amongst us and dissipate the real cause of the discussion which is seeking to expurgate extremists and extremism from our midst. calling each other names is not going to aid us in doing so.

  33. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Thank you Mahmood, I know it’s everyone’s right to freedom of speech, but if we get dragged into a war of words then we’re not different than the extremists, any side be them sunni, shia, buddhist, christian, jew, whatever, any form of extremism is not wanted and not welcome and must be eradicated instead of falling for it ourselves and this is where the unity comes, to stand up for the likes of this lunatic and unite against him instead of going down to his level and be just like him….. I hope this doesn’t turn into a current Iran where everyone is starving or another Iraq where everyone is dying…

  34. chalk66x

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Any country should fear when political figures start to spew their religious views from their office. Backroad bigot’s like Pat Robertson helped to bring the christian right to its current position in the US. Total seperation of church and state is the only way to go.


  35. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Everyone is upset about some backroad bigot that made a racist comment. Frankly I expect this kind of thing from these people, so i’m not at all surprised.

    Still doesnt mean it’s acceptable, this is one bigot in a country of 700,000 people. We are getting more & more tools all the time to address situations that we do not accept, stop accusing Sunnis of being racist, because you dont take into account how it makes us feel to have a joker like that incite hate & violence *on our behalf*. Revolting really …

    The next thing to expect from him is that his public comments shouldnt be critisised as all his critics are defaming his name.

  36. anonymous

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    >>The “Oppressed” Sunni,

    Now there’s no an oxymoron.

    Please don’t unleash your verbal terrorism on me, I just stated an opinion. Please, can’t you put your blood-drenched dagger down for a second…

    sheesh. I might have to hide for a while. Any openings in Tora Bora?

    Oppressed Shia

  37. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    The Oppressed Shi’a,
    “Now there’s no an oxymoron.” – First please learn how to speak proper english.

    “Please don’t unleash your verbal terrorism on me, I just stated an opinion. Please, can’t you put your blood-drenched dagger down for a second…” – If by terrorism you were referring to me objecting to what you had to say, then sorry my brother, I didn’t mean to terrorise you. Like you said, you were just stating an opinion and you have every right to do so; similarly, I have the right to agree or disagree with what you have to say. Whether you like it or not, I will speak my mind freely. As for the blood-drenched dagger reference, just keep on making such statements to show everyone that you think and speak like an extremist who wants to impose all his absurd beliefs on others.

    “I might have to hide for a while. Any openings in Tora Bora?” – Like I said, I think the best hiding place would be Iran. I will also pay for your ticket.

    p.s. Say whatever you want to, but you are doing nothing but making a fool of yourself.

    Your Brother,
    The Oppressed Sunni!

  38. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Damn, I think I’m starting to talk like you The Oppressed Shi’a.. What I meant to say was
    Speak your mind freely, because your only making a fool of yourself!



  39. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    By the very same token, we are ALL to blame for not standing by Iraqis, Israelis, Malay, Australian, Americans, and other peoples around the world when they get shredded to bits because of deranged suicide bombers.

    Our selective stances should stop. This guy made a racist comment from his black heart not only against fellow Muslims, but Jews and Christians. He not only should be censured immediately, but be absolutely banned from giving any sort of sermon or lecture until the day he dies, and be fired immediately from parliament and banned from ever given a chance to represent the people of Bahrain. Yes he should be fired because he doesn’t have an ounce of dignity to resign himself.

    Now he’s got a complaint against him from a fellow MP with the Public Prosecutor, a case which is ready to be withdrawn immediately Al-Saidi plainly and unequivocally apologises in front of the parliament (this is not enough, if it were up to me I would insist on the remedies mentioned above). But what do we have but BOTH heads of chambers, Khalifa Al-Dhahrani and Faisal Al-Mousawi have asked bin Rajab to drop the case! Why? I would have thought that both would be falling over themselves to kick the bejeezus out of Saidi, rather than run to protect him!

  40. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Are we just pretending that we’re all a nice big happy family to hide huge fissures between our communities? It must be the latter because if we were a cohesive unit then people like Saidi won’t have a chance to spread their poison and Sunnis at his mosque themselves would have immediately made him understand that they do not appreciate his racism by immediately taking the issue with him and walking out never to agree to be led in prayer by him ever again.

    Shi’a and Sunnis MUST unite now and demand a full and public apology from this madman and work to never allowing him and his ilk to spread hatred through pulpits, be they religious or political.

  41. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    And for those idiots who instead of standing up to this Neanderthal and challenging him kept on murmuring amen like sheep: A piece of advice, Grow some backbone and fast, if not for your own sake then for the sake of your kids who’ll be wallowing in blood if this isn’t nipped in the bud.

    How absolutely true Saudi, if only we all grew backbone to stand up to these and other nutters. We can no longer hide and hope that the storm will pass, because current experience has amply shown that should we let things like this pass, then bomb-laden trucks might well drive into compounds and get blown up, or “freelance pirotechnicians” would happily blow themselves up all in the service of their blood-thirsty god, taking with them unfortunate innocents.

  42. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    How big was his congregation? That’s the minimum number we’re talking about.

  43. mahmood

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Of course not!

    This bigot should be permanently silenced but allowed to continue to drool into his shaggy beard. A precedent must be set in this case. If he is silenced because of his racist comments against the Shi’a, you can rest assured that people will start thinking twice when they curse other religions from their pulpits.

    However, as Allah Himself has cursed the Jews and the dead Christians (don’t ask, I have no idea why) then if the complaint against Mr. Saidi were to mention the objection of him cursing the Jews and Christians then the case against him would collapse. The justification is if it’s in the Qur’an then it’s okay, so what’s the complaint?

    Get what I mean?

  44. anonymous

    Re: Anti Semitism

    [quote]…..from either the Bahraini Jews or the Christian Bahrainis against…..[/quote]

    You mean all five of us?

    Saeedi got his five minutes with that outburst, not to mention a associate professorship at Imam Looniveristy over on the other side of the bridge. He’ll need it once he gets booted out of parliament.

    I really can’t say that I can stand behind statements pinning this on the authorities. I wouldn’t stand in the way of saying what has been done to combat this is less than satisfactory, but to try and pin the blame on them exclusively is allowing the real culprits laugh all the way to the bank. Or the kaffir-burning….

    If it’s any indication of which way the wind blows, don’t forget that the GCC states just signed an agreement to adopt the Saudi manner of combatting terrorism not two days ago. For Saeedi to say what he said, just told you who’s in charge.


  45. anonymous

    Re(1): We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Well Mahmood, I cant agree with you more.

    Are we to act like there are no disagreements between our communities? no

    Are we to let extreme elements from either side polarise the rest of us ? definately not

    Are we to hold distructive people to account for their reckless comments ? absolutely

    These times will define the futures of not only the communities, but the nation & it is of incredible importance that, now more than ever, we stress & build upon the things that unite us rather than keep picking at things we differ on.

    No nation was ever built on disagreements.


  46. anonymous

    أصلا لو كان السعيدي مسلما حقيقيا لفهم كلام الله تعالى حين قال “تلك أمة قد خلت لها ما كسبت Ùˆ لكم ما كسبتم Ùˆ لا تسئلون عما كانوا يعملون” صدق الله العظيم

    يا أخي شعليك الحين من اللي يسبون الصحابة؟ إذا عليهم حساب فالله يحاسبهم مب انت، ثانيا يالجاهل إذا تبي اتناقش ناس فجادلهم بالتي هي أحسن مب تدعي عليهم، أصلا اللعن لا يجوز على موحّد يشهد أنه لا إله الا الله و أن محمدا عبده و رسوله

    “That was a people that hath passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did, and ye of what ye do! Of their merits there is no question in your case!” – The Holy Quran (2:134)

    This idiot Saeedi should know better if he was a TRUE practitioner of TRUE Islam, he should know this verse which clearly indicates that the people gone are gone, end of story, we read their stories to learn unlearnt lessons not to use them as a tool, in the end, we will be asked for what WE did only and they will be asked for what THEY did, we are not of a concern to each other.

    I hope this ignorant imbecile understands and looks into the Holy Book before spewing shit out of his mouth and talking out of his ass.

  47. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    POLICE last night blamed stone-throwing trouble-makers for the violence that flared in Manama over an alleged earlier attack on a jobs activist. They also denied, in an Interior Ministry statement, that police were involved in the attack on Unemployment Committee member Moussa Abda’ali.

    Three people were reportedly arrested and there were unconfirmed reports that more than 20 protesters were hurt in clashes with police.

    Allegations that staff at Salmaniya Medical Complex turned away the injured were denied by Health Ministry public and international relations director Adel Abdulla.

    ‘We have no right by law to turn away anyone,” he said, adding that a man and a woman were treated for the effects of inhaling teargas.

    It is understood the man was Bahraini Jassim Jaber Al Jassim, 23, of Hamad Town.

    Human rights activist Layla Dashti said she was at the SMC to monitor how many injured were taken there and saw Mr Al Jassim admitted, just before 11pm.

    One ambulance was called out to the scene of the clashes to help an injured man, but he refused to go hospital, saying he was fine, said Mr Abdulla.

    Traffic in much of Manama was brought to a standstill as police closed off routes in and out of the suq area, from around 7.30pm.

    Police said about 150 protesters, including 20 women and some children, were involved in the protest which started at Al Khawaja Mosque, in the suq.

    However, activists said about 1,000 took part in the protest.

    One of the speakers incited the protesters who began hurling stones at the police forcing them to respond.

    This followed a demonstration by about 300 people outside the Interior Ministry complex at Manama Police Fort, earlier in the day, over the alleged attack on Mr Abda’ali.

    Mr Abda’ali, 24, yesterday filed complaints at Isa Town police station and the Public Prosecution.

    He was reportedly examined by a doctor at the Public Prosecution offices, after alleging that he had been snatched, beaten and threatened by several men in civilian clothes, on Sunday night.

    Mr Abda’ali claims he was taken from near his Ma’ameer home to a deserted area, where he was beaten and told not to take part in a jobs protest planned for yesterday.

    “They told him the same thing would happen to other committee members if they didn’t call off the demonstration,” said vice-president of the now-dissolved Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) Nabeel Rajab.

    Last night’s marchers were led by former Al Wefaq vice-chairman Hassan Mushaima, leading clergyman Shaikh Mohammed Al Meqdad and Mr Rajab.

    Mr Mushaima said police attacked protesters with batons, then fired teargas, after they reached the road near the American Mission Hospital.

    “The demonstration was peaceful, but the police provoked the violence,” he said.

    He said three protesters were arrested and claimed that the SMC refused to send ambulances or to accept the injured.

    Human rights activist Abduljalil Al Singace also said that heavily armed riot police surrounded protesters and blocked off all escape routes, before firing teargas.

    He claimed 23 people were injured.

    Ms Dashti said police were entering homes in the area to drag out protesters who tried to take refuge.

    Manama Municipal Council administrative, financial and legislative committee chairman Majeed Millad said the demonstration started off peacefully.

    “I just saw the beginning of the demonstration and it was peaceful,” he said.

    “I will carry out my own investigation to find out what went wrong.”

    Bahrain Human Rights Society last night issued a statement condemning the police use of force.

    It also called for an investigation in the clashes and the alleged attack on Mr Abda’ali.

  48. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Opressed Shia and Ahmed, your fight is exactly what Saeedi wanted! That was the whole point. As for the idiots that said “Ameen” after he was done.. they’re the same knuckle-heads that voted for him in the first place.. the apple doesnt fall far away from the tree. I mean who’s going to go out of his way for a friday sermon to listen to that crazy fuck’s philosophical wankings? Crazy fucks that think he makes sense.

    The Joker

  49. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Well the problem with those religious scolars is that every friday you go there, you expect to hear somethin useful but in the end you just get a massive headache and you just want to get out of the mosque as soon as possible. The best speeches are in Al Fateh Mosque, very useful but others are mostly pointless. It’s very typical that the talk starts of calmly and then all of a sudden, the guy goes nuts and starts shoutin out of the top of his head.

    These scolars really need to be educated on how to deliver a meaningful message to the people rather than provoke further hatred to other races or sects.

    Oh btw, I posted the above article.


  50. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Oh ya, here you go, this guy either apologizes in front of parliament or he’ll get prosecuted:

    AN MP and cleric accused of making sectarian remarks during a mosque sermon faces possible prosecution, unless he apologises. Sunni MP Shaikh Jassim Al Saeedi allegedly made anti-Shi’ite remarks in his sermon last Friday, but says it is all a misunderstanding.

    MP Isa Bin Rajab, representing the Islamic Parliamentary Bloc, has submitted a letter to the Public Prosecutor accusing Shaikh Al Saeedi of calling Shi’ites ‘infidels’.

    But Shaikh Al Saeedi was quoted in our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej’s Monday issue as stressing that there was a misunderstanding and that he was describing only those who do not follow the path of Islam and not Shi’ites.

    Parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani and Shura Council chairman Dr Faisal Al Mousawi met Mr Bin Rajab during parliament’s lunch break yesterday and asked him to drop the case.

    Mr Bin Rajab said he promised to drop the case, but only if Shaikh Al Saeedi apologised in front of the whole parliament, at next week’s session.

    “The context of his speech was clear and directed towards our sect,” Mr Bin Rajab told the GDN yesterday.

    “I am considering dropping the case, but not so easily.

    “Shaikh Al Saeedi will have to apologise in public during our next session or else we will continue prosecution procedures.”

    Shaikh Al Saeedi was unavailable for comment yesterday.


  51. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    No worries akhi! Well we’re now armed with the address, next step: Getting those letters posted!

    A Saudi

  52. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Isnt he that same whacko from Muharraq that wanted to move the airport ?

  53. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392

    Re: We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Hear, hear, Khalid.


  54. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392

    Re(1): We deserve the parliament we vote for


    I disagree that he should be banned, because that does not deal with the sentiment but rather drives it underground. All views should be aired in public, even the worst, in intellectual competition. I absolutely agree that he should be censured. But more than that he should be publicly engaged and forced to defend his remarks. Such a dialogue would build the rationale for reform in Islam and engage the public mind in creating a philosophy of tolerance. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a demonstration in front of his mosque challenging his view.


  55. anonymous

    We deserve the parliament we vote for

    Hello everyboy,
    It is really sad to see such a person to talk about a particular group of muslim in that way. He basically compared Shia with Jweish and Christain in the same line. Honestly, people should be wise enough to insult any religion regardless of thier beliefs. We should learn from our Prophet ( Peace upon him and his children).

    People should complain to the officials regarding his insult and bring him to justice. In this life we need to deal with ignorant people wisely; otherwise, they can set the entire society in a turmoil.

    King regards,
    A true Lover

  56. anonymous

    Today’s TV appearance

    Clearly the government is relishing in this guy’s bigoted banter…. today, on Bahrain TV, his friday sermon was broadcast to the nation… someone seems to think what he has to say is worth it… i’ll leave it for you guy’s to judge. Like I said earlier, [i]someone[/i] is giving this guy the power, the podium, and the microphone.

  57. anonymous

    (they omitted from the online version)an article called:

    لماذا الصمت على ذبح السنة كذبح النعاج ؟
    كتب : عارف الملا – أخبار الخليج

    بيد أننا لن نتباكى ولن نتحسر على دم الخونة(يقصد الشيعة) المسفوح في أرض العراق الذين مهدوا لقوات الإحتلال ودعموا مشروعه الصليبي الصهيوني الصفوي , فدماؤهم حلال فاقتلوهم ولاتأخذكم فيهم رأفة , لأنهم قتلوا الأبرياء وسفكوا الدماء ودمرو البيوت على الأطفال والنساء ونكلوا بالسجناء وقلعوا أعينهم وأظافرهم واشعارهم وقطعوهم بالمناشير أشلاء (( وقاتلوا في سبيل الله الذين يقاتلونكم ولاتعتدوا ان الله لايحب المعتدين)) وقال سبحانه (( فمن اعتدى عليكم فاعتدو عليه بمثل مااعتدى عليكم))

    A government owned paper allows this to be written on it’s pages…clearly printing an edict inciting the hate and killing of shia, ‘the traitors’ in Iraq.

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