Month: May 2009

And let THAT be a lesson.

Here ye! Hear ye!

You do bad bad stuff in Saudi and you’re a foreigner, you get your ‘ead chopped off. But if you don’t believe that, then, well, y’know, the very contemporary authorities in the other Magic Kingdom have devised quite a novel approach to deter those who contemplate jiggy-jiggying with it and do some “bad stuff” as determined by their impartial and equitable and divine and – well – just Saudi justice system. Like this:

MtvSM time again, this time in honour of…

What’s MtvSM I hear you ask? It’s that ancient Mahmood’s Den tradition where I authorise you to completely and unequivocally to lay the blame on a person or entity of my choosing. Fear not, they are not defenceless, they can – and have often done and are encouraged to – rebut your blames and claims or succumb to their inevitable premature death if they choose not to.

Friday > Passion fruit

Passion fruit, originally uploaded by malyousif. This passiflora really enjoys its new position, it’s mother plant died unfortunately, but from a little sapling, this thing is covering most of the wall. It’s the first time that it actually produces this much fruit. Not sure if I’ll eat them (some passion fruit are poisonous – I …