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This diet really works!

How about this:

Koala, a female elephant in Rio de Janeiro Zoo, lost some 1,100 lb (500 kg) in about four months without any exercise after peanuts and bread were completely taken out of her diet and her ration of bananas was halved to just 120 a day.

‘She had a huge rear part with excessive fat on the sides,’ biologist Valdir Ramos Junior told Reuters on Thursday. Koala started on the diet weighing 5 tons eight months ago, but lost most of the weight in the past four months, he said.

‘But the diet wasn’t just for the looks, as despite having very strong legs, their tendons are very sensitive … and a lot of weight can cause tendon problems.’

Koala turns 39 on Saturday. She is now eating 330 pounds (150 kg) of food per day, mostly grass, as well as vegetables and various fruit. The desirable weight for her would be 4.2 tons, Ramos said.

I AM OBESE. Phew! That took some doing… now that I’ve owned up to the fact, it’s time to do something serious about it. I have stopped going to the gym 6 months ago. I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym in my shape again. I eat too much, drink too much and smoke too much.

Let’s see if I can tackle this problem and get to be not quite an Adonis, but for God’s sake I’ve got to do something about my way of life… time for a change.


Bad Television Commercials

I’ve riled against demeaning adverts and promised to start uploading some that I find bad, offensive or downright unimaginative. All of these will have a common theme: that the Gulf Arabs are "stupid" and as such should either to talked at or down to from the creators of these adverts.

Here’s a sample of ads I recorded over the last couple of days. YOU can of course vote and please do. We will keep the voting going until then end of July and then select the top 3 and present a "Certified Worst Advert on TV" to the creators and their clients.

Please click on a picture to get more information about the ad and to view it.

Al-Sultana Machboos Mix TVC
Al-Sultana Machboos Mix television advert

Chocolate TVC
Danelle Chocolate gunk tvc

Lux Washing-up Liquid TVC
Lux washing up liqued television advert

KFC Spicy Chicken TVC
KFC Spicy Chicken television advert

LG Washing Machine TVC
LG Washing Machine television commercial

Tide Washing Powerder TVC
Tide Washing Powerder television commercial