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Postcards from Berlin – 1

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Berlin’s way of remembering the past to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself while honoring those who made sacrifices in the country’s turbulent history.


New Year’s Garden Tour

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Here’s a quick tour of my garden on New Year’s Day 2010 courtesy of my iPhone 3Gs 😉 Hope you’ve had a good start to the new year and hope that continues throughout!

Happy New Year my friends.


Bahraini Views – Sayed Sharaf Hashim – Methodical Steps

I really enjoyed interviewing Sayed Sharaf, a soft spoken unassuming man who started his journey while working at a local elevator distributor as a fabricator since he left technical school. A couple of years later, at the behest of one of his work colleagues he started his business journey by establishing a small workshop near his home in Sitra.

At that workshop, he recognised a niche in the market – stainless steel fabrication and welding – he hired an experienced fabricator, actually started paying him more that he used to get as a salary at his own job, and, well the rest is history.

It’s worth noting that he started his workshop a mere 9 years ago with one employee. He now owns a group of companies employing 50 people catering for mechanical works, carpentry, interior design, building material supply and other related businesses.

I hope you enjoy watching his episode. Do let me know your feedback please, I would love to hear back from you.


A tour of my garden

A quick tour of my garden shot this morning – entirely on the iPhone 3Gs so please excuse the quality. I just wanted to primarily show the beautiful Gladiolus Callianthus (the Peacock Orchid) shown at the start of this clip, but I just got carried away and shot other things in my garden.

Hope you enjoy. Oh, and if you do, please let me know by commenting or faving the video and I’ll create more videos for you to enjoy.


Vlog: Rome’s trip

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A return to vlogging? Well maybe, thanks to having the video capabilities of my brand-spanking-new iPhone 3Gs it might re-become a feature!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this clip. The videos were recorded by the iPhone, the pictures weren’t, they’re the result of my almost new Canon EOS 50D. You can view those pictures in higher resolution on my Flickr stream if you wish.


Bahraini Views: The Inventors

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was meeting Bahraini inventors. Involved in technology with a vision to create a manufacturing culture in Bahrain. These people – 2 out of the original 3 arrived for the Bahraini Views interview – have morphed their hobby into a viable and successful business. Now their devices are used in several countries in the Middle East and beyond and their expertise is sought from various companies around the world.

If you enjoyed this episode, please visit the Bahraini Views YouTube Channel and enter your comments and suggestions.


M.Report S01E27 – The Return

The shiny new Nokia E71 I bought yesterday has prompted me to try it’s capabilities, image wise that is, so what better way to do that other than to take you on a garden tour while using it to record the experience?

Will this be the return to regular M.Reports? I sure hope so, I missed doing them!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.


On Stage 6

Thanks to einar for suggesting that I should try a new video hosting site called Stage6 and I have and am really happy with the result. The pictures are so clean and crisp and with a resolution that fills a screen quite nicely. Unfortunately; however, I could not embed the videos on this site as the width of the generated video (700 pixels) will break the theme. So what I’ll do is put a keyframe and link to the video on Stage6, like this:

Filbert, on Stage6

This is a short movie I made over the weekend to get more acclimatised with the new camcorder, this time I was messing with all the manual controls. I do like the result. But there is more training (read “fun”) to be had with it.