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Friday Video – 14 Sept, ’07


This “real” video thingy is taking the whole day to finish and then upload, but hey, I enjoy it tremendously and I hope you like it.

I wish you a wonderful Friday, weekend, Ramadhan, Iftar, life, and every other good thing in your lives.


It’s about 50 megs! There’s a smaller YouTube version too now which should mangle it enough to be “reasonable” for poor Bahrainis, after taking permission from Batelco of course, although a little birdie tells me that a huge change is coming in that department!


Path of the Dragonfly

Path of the Dragonfly

Path of the Dragonfly, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This guy was skimming the swimming pool this morning, dipping its tail into the water every meter or so, and then going to the start and doing the same action again.

I wonder if its laying eggs, cooling itself or just having fun.

I don’t particularly care as I was able to at last capture it in flight!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

… and here’s the movie, enjoy! (updated at 1219)


Shift Happens

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JJ sent me this video this morning (thanks!) which is a must see. It puts things in stark perspective.

After watching this, would you like to discuss the educational rut we are in in not only Bahrain but the whole Middle East? I have maintained that if we do not embrace this shift wholeheartedly then very soon the whole world will change our name to the Middle Ages, and quite deservedly too.


First VLOG, trial at video blogging

This obviously is my first attempt at VideoBlogging, Vblogging, Vlogging or even Vogging, don’t really know what exactly to call the experience as people are using any of these terms quite happily. To me it sounds better for “vlog” – which is all beside the point. I know.

So welcome to my house! I couldn’t find anything better to do this morning as I decided NOT to go to work and just chill out and harass the gardeners. What’s new? I know that too, so save your breath.

I couldn’t find my Sony DV camera anywhere in the house, but I said as the intention is to post a small version of a movie anyway, why not use simpler tools? That I did:

The Canon IXUS 400 fit the bill quite nicely, I just installed a 1GB compact flash card in it, pointed the camera at me and started recording.

The editing was done with the included iMovie HD on my miniMac at home, and used the same program to export the final result into an .mp4 file as you can (hopefully) see above. You’re saved all the stupid filters and wipes as I thought they were just unnecessary in this particular piece, cuts only is what worked. I would have liked to use titles but I couldn’t be bothered to find out how it worked.

I’m treating this process as “proof of concept” but hope that you like it. If so, let me know and maybe I can start vlogging once in a while to alleviate the boredom. I hope it will become more than a feature… sort of finally justifying the .tv domain!

Have fun…