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M.Report S01E14 – Welcome to Bahrainistan!

With our parliamentarians falling over each other to turn Bahrain into a theocratic state as they prepare for extended summer holidays, we will be left with a lot of heartache to contend with, while they enjoy 5 whole fully paid months of R&R.

Make no mistake my friends, the issues is NOT about banning alcohol. You would be sorely mistaken if you think it is simply about that issue, it is much bigger than that, it is the concerted effort by them to turn this country into Bahrainistan. One which is blindly and brutally kept in the dark ages while we continue to see countries we so far scoffed surpass us in every single facet of modern existence. The economy which has been nurtured over only the past few years with the billions of dollars of inward investment will dissipate virtually over-night, again, not because of the presence or lack of alcohol, but due to the realisation that this is the first step into the complete dissipation of what is left of personal freedoms by demagogues hell-bent onto robbing us of what God Himself has bestowed upon us.

Will YOU be willing to give up your personal freedoms to them? If you do nothing about this latest studied salvo, then you will have no one to blame but yourself when they take away the next freedom, one which you had taken for granted.

People to them are simple animals who should do as they are told, without reason and without thought. Are you one of those who will submit to their demands? Do you not want to remind them that they are there because of your vote?

Then don’t wait around. Do something to let them know that you object and that your personal freedoms and those of others are sacrosanct and are not available for them to trifle with. Tell them that you understand that if a freedom is taken away from your neighbour today, another might well be taken away from you tomorrow. These are your constitutional rights, not theirs to take away.

Your personal freedoms are guaranteed by the constitution. You give up those rights, then you will have no right to demand that they respect the constitution. Something they ALL swore to defend and protect.

It’s NOT about alcohol. Do something. NOW!


M.Report S01E12 – Hayfa Wahbi, a clear and present danger

Or at least that’s what our dear parliamentarians and their Islamist sympathisers think. So what’s so special about this lady then, that would make her so damnably dangerous that they’re all frothing at the mouth to bar her from performing in Bahrain?

Well my friends, I hope this vlog will demonstrate that there is really nothing unusual about her, other than being a beautiful lady who can’t sing! But those qualities could hardly be held against her, she is not the first and most certainly not the last person to use what Allah has given her to her advantage.

So sit back, relax, and watch what you will be missing if she decides not to bother with a little sand-pit called Bahrain because of a few neophytes’ deafening braying.


M.Report S01E11 – Hayfa Wahbi, despondency and its cure!

This is yesterday’s episode, sorry, had meetings outside and didn’t get back to the office to collect the laptop before going home. So I did this on Arif’s digital snapper, and the quality ain’t bad. I might actually go and buy a similar little shooter to shoot the M.Reports through. Let me know which you prefer.

Two things; apart from scratching my nose while talking, which is a habit that has been brought to my attention – thanks my friend! – I also seem to use a lot of “apart from that” too! I’m exposing all of my bad habits to you and hope for forgiveness, ’cause I ain’t gonna change!

Hayfa Wahbi takes on the Bahraini parliamentToday (yesterday) I talk about the pending visit of Hayfa Wahbi who stirred most of our parliamentary members to erectly stand and vigorously complain about her pending visit to these isles of golden smiles and want her banned. Just like they did a few years ago with the delectable Nancy Ajram, this time they are unanimous in their condemnation of the harlot (their words) visiting to corrupt our youth.

I say just give the buggers a box of tissues each and squat them in front of a giant screen showing the gyrating artiste go through her moves. In all probability they will be busy with themselves and leave us alone to choose – for ourselves – what we do and don’t want to do, see and hear.

For those others who actually enjoy live music and dance and want to simply while away the evening with their friends and loved ones, have fun at the concert which I hope that the government for once, just once, will throw the religious zealotry of its parliamentarians to the wind and give the people something to be happy about.

I was feeling quite despondent in this episode, I get that way sometimes, but I tell you what, I actually found the perfect cure which is guaranteed to lift you out of that mood should you experience it. All you have to do is…. watch the episode!


M.Report S01E07 – Homosexuality and the Islamist

Sex is never too far from Islamists’ minds, it seems, especially if they are law makers. This might be because they view their legislative role as nothing more than protecting people from themselves – according to their views anyway – and ensuring that society toes the straight and narrow – again, according to their definitions – in order to prevent them from going to hell and eternal damnation.

It could also be for selfish reasons, where they view that with executing that “over-sight” role in parliament and life, they would receive untold brownie points from Allah in Heaven and by that ensure that they can have as much sex as they want then. Deferred payment, if you like.

I’m not sure if anyone calculated how much time they spent in parliament discussing what they find objectionable: sex in general, homosexuality, lesbianism, butch girls, you name it, but the amount of time they dedicate to penalising sexual criminals and child rapists is close to zero. The time they spend in ensuring that personal freedoms are sacrosanct, is probably nil, and the time they consumed even discussing changing their own bylaws in order for them to be more effective is zero.

However, when it comes to a sitting member of parliament maligning not one, but TWO countries with which we have diplomatic ties as “homosexual deviants” – they give him the mic and increase the volume!


M.Report – S01E04

In this one, I introduce my initial experience with Zain, my new broadband supplier, I talk about the government’s decision to rescinds its order requiring decent transport to be provided to workers and Filbert makes an appearance!