Quiz time

10 Mar, '04

Islamists of Bahrain

1. Name them, from left to right
2. Who’s the prettiest? score out of 10
3. Guess their future in the 2006 elections
4. Which one is the odd one out? and why?
5. What’s their impact on Bahrain?

Get crackin’!

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  1. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1. Are they all not the same person? Osama?

    2. Well the Osama in the centre is certainly the prettiest because he looks SO angelic in white, he might even be said to look kind and placid, a perfect example of a pacifist!

    3. All the Osamas will win because they have been using all these years to gently urge others towards their views, (ahem)

    4. They are ALL the odd ones BUT sadly they are not out!

    5. Together these Osamas have fostered a sense of solidarity amongst the people of Bahrain, they brought peace, prosperity and instilled a sense of tolerance amongst us all….. GODDAMIT, don’t you just love them? Heck I could hug them so hard that their brains pop out!

    Ps. Whats the prizes for all 5 correct answers? How will i collect mine?

  2. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    you get your own short white thobe, an 8 inch beard, and a lobotomy … plus, an automatic name change so that you too, can be part of the osama gang!

    if u dont like that – u can always go for the default price. A bottle of JD and life long tickets to see Nancy Ajram

  3. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Quiz time

    I like the guy in the middle, the tri-color beard thing is funky.

    — ihath

  4. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    the prize is this!

    You can donate the prize to any of the above, but for God’s sake walk backwards after the presentation! 🙂

  5. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Pope Pious, Cat Stevens.

    2. Cat Stevens has a certain je ne se quoi, note the way tiny wisps of follicles gently sway away from his face highlighting his gorgeous eyes!

    3. Nelson Mandela ‘cos HE THE MAN!

    4. Cat Stevens cos he can sing songs of peace.

    5. They single handedly brought the thobe into fashion again, it’s this seasons MUST have!

  6. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Quiz time

    Oooh, I am excited already, what an excellent prize, are you sure you have some to spare? lol. Fear not, i will accept my award in a chastity belt worn back to front!

    sorry about the double posting, don;t know how that happened

  7. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Contestant number 4 looks like Deputy Dawg … (the cartoon character). I personally like Cat Stevens too .. the eyes are a killer. Perhaps we should ask MBC to come back and film Blind Date? We already have the contestants ….

  8. mahmood says:

    Re(2): Quiz time

    Ooops! I meant “presentation” as in YOU presenting/donating the prize to your choice above!

  9. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    hehe.. deputy dawg it is from now on in! I just love the vacant (sorry, studious and pious) look! 🙂

  10. anonymous says:

    Re(3): Quiz time

    hehe, thats what happens when I skim instead of reading properly! Tsk!

  11. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1.The Grim Reaper, Satan, Beezelbub, Judas Iscariot, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

    a – agonizing look of herniated bowels 3/10
    b – born in a blender 1/10
    c – dead ringer for Jesus 9/10
    d – imploding facial features 4/10
    e – wooden ventriloquist puppet but I will give him 8/10

    3. I guess others of their herd will round them up and run them our ways
    4. The first guy didn’t follow the rule of ‘if the hat fits, wear it!�

  12. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Quiz time

    Can I choose the colour of my thobe, it’s illegal for me to wear white? I would also rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy and I am allergic to 8 inch beards, can I just draw one on? I think I will go for the default prize then if thats okay, i am partial to a JD and nancy Ajram.

  13. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1) They are all Stand-ins for ZZ Top?
    2) I just can’t make up my mind, the first guy has a look that would make Charles Manson the poster boy for the Nobel Peace Prize. The second guy is a double for Gimle from Lord of The Rings. The middle guy looks extremely docile and serene compared to the rest (The only reason the others could not out-do him was due to lack of financial support and a global network). The fourth guy looks like Don King with his head stuck on upside down. The fifth dude is PeeWee Herman trying out for a casting role of Ousama Bin Laden.
    3) They will not get re-elected, start saying that the elections were rigged. Then when no one listens to them anymore, they’ll wear Yamakas (Jewish Skull Caps) and start singing Hava Nagila, go on an exodus to israel and join a yashiva. After a year of trying to fit in, the Hasidic Jews turn against them and execute them for being too extreme and ultra religious, which says it all…Oy Vey!
    4) None, they are all part of the Borg collective.
    5) Highly catastrophic! If we do not counter them soon, we will all be assimilated as part of their collective.

  14. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    no 4’s my personal favorite actually. soulful. meaningful. wondering where he left his stash so that he can roll a little something to smoke ..

    mahmood, who is our unsung hero?

  15. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Hahahaha… 😀

    I really don’t know, except for Bin Laden. I know he didn’t start the trend though.

    All I know is they all need a shave.

  16. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    tsk tsk.. you’re not paying attention! get to the corner and put the silly hat on!

  17. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Quiz time

    interesting … the interest in Penal Law ..


  18. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Right rogues’ gallery, eh?

    No 1 looks as if he (a) has a wasp up his arse or (b) forgot to take his medication this morning. And probably both.

    No 2 looks as if the thought has just struck him that someone somewhere in the Sudan might be happy this morning – and he doesn’t like it.

    No 3 looks like he’s trying to get a walk-one part in Mel Gibson’s Jesus film. Or maybe The Life of Brian.

    No 4 looks like he’s been propped up to a sitting position on the mortuary slab specially for the photograph.

    No 5 is trying to look normal in the hope no-one will take semen samples from his favourite camel’s arse.

  19. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Can I ask if our esteemed MP’s above have manifestos released to us humble voters? If not may i suggest that we write some for them?

  20. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    I like our little humour breaks Mahmood, releases tension somewhat! Wonder if ‘everyone’ finds it amusing though?

  21. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    ‘Och eye thu gnu!’ (scottish accent off) I’m sure ‘they’ will! All work and no play makes mahmood a dull boy!

  22. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    hahahahheha! 🙂 brilliant, I can just hear them going: “SHE GOT LEGGGGSS!”


  23. maij says:

    Re: Quiz time

    I don’t know about their names, I hardly remember the name of my favoriate Music bands nowadays, let alone this lot.
    BUT…I know that they save a lot of cash by ignoring the marvelous Gillette MACH3. They are as evil as they look, and the are in a dire need of a time machine to send them to where they belong..the 6th century.

    Seriousely though…If some of these are the elected members of the parliment, they I only feely petty for the people who voted them in and sorrow over the future of this nation which has so much to offer …..

  24. anonymous says:

    Re(2): Quiz time

    default prize it is!

    only caveat is that u get to share the JD with our beloved and blessed bearded ones. for each shot u have, they each have two. (its a big bottle). And, you get to see Nancy as manager of the 5 all singing all dancing blessed bearded back up singers. Dont’t worry, we will provide you with the cheoreography…)

  25. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    No 4’s got a Jim Morrison found in a bathtub look about him.

  26. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    No! George Bush’s eyes are much smaller and shiftier!

  27. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Has no one else noticed the guy on the right has “George W. Bush” eyes?


  28. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    how about shaving their beautiful glorifying beards and shoving the hair up their asses…

    Ohh sounds nice
    not a pleasant sight thou

  29. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    If that’s your mug in the upper left hand corner, you shouldn’t be making any cracks about prettiness.

  30. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Why the abuse? This is just lighthearted fun!

  31. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1. Name them, from left to right
    Rover, Rex, Stinky, Fido and Monty

    2. Who’s the prettiest? score out of 10
    Definitely Monty. He’s the only one who could hold his head up in the pet shop window.

    3. Guess their future in the 2006 elections
    Quite a lot of lost deposits I should imagine…

    4. Which one is the odd one out? and why?
    Rex- He is housetrained

    5. What’s their impact on Bahrain?
    You are likely to tread in it any day now…

    Best wishes,

  32. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    1)Adel Al-Moawdah, Khalid(?), Osama, Jassim Al-Saidi, ? (an actor?)
    2) #5 8 of 10
    3)I doubt #3 or #5 will get elected
    4)#5 isn’t an Islamist
    5)Good question

  33. mahmood says:

    Re: Quiz time

    Why not put your mug up for us to have a look. My reckoning is that you’re probably sporting a tri-coloured 9-inch overgrown rug on your face. Prove me wrong, please!

  34. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    What sort of a culture is it that your men oppress your men so much into wearing those long oppressive covers and beards? Your men have no freedom. I wonder if they are even allowed to vote, or even drive. Why can’t they be free to show their stomachs and legs if they so desire?

  35. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    they look like they are having a longest beard contest

  36. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    are they all santa claus look alikes or are they all santa claus wanna be 🙂

  37. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    My daughter is good at this– It’s either “Boyzone” following their visit to a terror training camp just after the “We’re guys– honest!” tour,


    Spain’s newly elected Parliament! Socialist Power!

  38. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    I give way to your daughters knowledge, I go for Spains new government, boyzone are bygone, Spain is IN!

  39. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Round up the usual suspects: Reuters Oddly Enough is featuring a stunt in which a group of diners at a French restaurant are besieged by Adel Al-Moawdah and Jassim Al-Saidi Wannabees. Is this being reported inside Bahrain? How do Bahrainis feel about this? Why don’t these ‘activists’ just move to KSA nearby?

  40. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Diners 1
    Morality police 0

    Apparently one of the diners registered his protest at having his meal interrupted by the morality police by taking the Islamist’s knife off him and repeatedly stabbing him in the chest with it.

  41. anonymous says:

    Mouwdah or Salman: spot the difference?

    In this case Jassim Al-Saidi and Adel Mouwdah were caught flat footed by Sheikh Ali Salman – who’s proving to be their mirror image on the Shia fundamentalist right.

    The Al-Wefaq Islamic Action’s leader addressed his brownshirts shortly after they attacked the restaurant in order to in his words “calm tensions”. After listening to his speech 200 hundred of Al Wefaq’s finest marched on Dana Mall in order to present their grievences directly to shoppers in the supermarket (and who knows maybe carry out a little looting on the side?).

    Fortunately the morality police were stopped by the official police this time.

  42. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    To hell with them all. They are all nasibi’s who kill Shia to enter paradise.

    I have a question. Why do these men wear ghitras when the prophet wore a turban?

  43. anonymous says:

    Mahmooooooood? Where are youuuuuuuuuu?

    Hey Mahmood…You’ve been quiet for a while. Everything OK?

    -Desert Mermaid

  44. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    I bet Mahmood is keeping himself busy out at the track. The F1 is just a few days away.

  45. anonymous says:

    Re: Mouwdah or Salman: spot the difference?

    i’ll tell you what the biggest difference is … Al Saidi and Mouawdah are part of the system – they were elected into parliament. Ali Salman decided that he didn’t want to be part of the system – and stayed out of it. And boycotted. And went public about it. Except – when he realized that our beloved parliament are actually tackling some fundamental issues (Pension fund etc), he got a wee bit jealous. Who owns the ‘street’ now??? So – he decided to send a message in case people forgot about him. So – he sent in his brownshirts. And in case people didn’t get the message – what did Mr Brilliant do? He shows up at 1 am to ‘calm the kids down’. Excuse me, but if that isn’t an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. And then – he goes public in the GDN saying that the kids were rioting because of constitutional and umeployment issues????

    Hello .. what do 14-16 year old kids know about either???? Second, why are they that young except for the fact that they cannot be tried as minors? Third, you cannot tell me that this was unplanned. Also, there is no coincidence with timing .. what with F1 coming up and all.

    This man does not give a hoot about Bahrain, the people of Bahrain, or the future of Bahrain. He wants power, and will use violence to get there. Al Wifaq had better decide where they stand on this issue and how they want to contriubute to a better Bahrain. The Governemnt has got to get its act together and increase their police force that has the right to arrest and punish. These kids should be made do to community service somewhere picking up garbage.

    What is happening in Bahrain is not a joke. Violence can and should never be condoned. I didn’t hear Ali Salman get up there and condemn the violence in any meaningful way. I didn’t hear him give ideas as to how these kids should be disciplined. I hear justification for what happened, an implicit comdoment of what happened, and a de facto finger to everyone on the other side ..

    We have to wake up and start fighting for the future of our country… if we leave it to guys like Ali Salman (sorry – but I dont have the heart to call him a Sheikh .. I don’t see anything religious or God loving about him) .. then we all know which direction we are heading. There are numerous people who constitute the opposition that have found their voices through productive means – Ali Salman should get off his ass and go start a paper, or try and influence the process from within Parliament, or try and get his brownshirts to care about issues like rape, domestic abuse and drug abuse that happens in the villages. Thats when I will call him a Shaikh. As for now? He is no more than a thug.

  46. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    And I guess you are all the followers and supporters of the Israeli regime who assasinated Sh. Yaseen today – i mean he has a beard. This must be a victorious day for you all.

    You should start a campaign to demand that Santa Claus shaves his beard off this Christmas just so he doesnt get mixed up for an islamist. He should move with modern times.

  47. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    I suppose this comment fits in with the beards’ world view that if you’re not with them you’re against them and might as well be Ariel Sharon – a logic that they’ve recently applied to commuters on the Spanish metro and office workers in the World Trade Centre.

    On the point about Sheikh Yassin, the guy was a disaster for the Palestinians and for perhaps the first time the Israelis have done them a favour, which is more than adopting the sheikh’s suicidal policies ever did. I note that none of the pious sheikh’s family were ever suicide bombers.

  48. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Santa isn’t real. He doesn’t exist sans for the minds of some children. These guys are real and the hate they spew is a cancer to Muslim, Christian and Jew alike. So who should move with the modern times?

  49. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    Santa isnt real? Cripes, I have been lied to and brainwashed! How could I not have just thought for myself instead of believing blindly all these years, oh my, my whole world is collapsing.

  50. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    Note, the hardest thing in your situation is REALIZING that you have been brainwashed, after yourealize this then the easy part is next, you can talk to people, discuss and debate. The world is not out to get you, not all of us are your enemy, you just have to calm down enough to get to know people. Take that chip off your shoulder, it looks so heavy, you dont have to carry it around with you always.

    kind regards to you

  51. mahmood says:

    Re: Mahmooooooood? Where are youuuuuuuuuu?

    Thanks for the concern! I never knew I could be missed! 😉

    I have been really busy with our F1 installation and am at the track from around 7am through 10/11pm every day. I’m working out in the sun or going from one location to another so much so that I look like a panda now! Three tone head: with peeling sunburnt scalp, white where the cap goes and about 2/3rds of my head has gone black! My arms, due to short sleeved shirts, are white from the shoulder to half of my upper arm, everything else has turned black!

    Anyway… work goes on, we’re in the final stages of installation now, testing and commissioning comes next.

    Hopefully by next week I could write again, I’ve got so many I want to write about but not time, I get home and almost go to sleep in my clothes!

    Thanks for asking, much appreciated.

  52. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Mahmooooooood? Where are youuuuuuuuuu?

    we missed you! glad to know that you are in one piece .. panda and all ….

  53. anonymous says:

    What are you going on about?

    Thanks for your kind regards. I was debating with you – pointing out where your logic gets you. You on the other hand despite saying that you want a debate, choose to ignore the points I’ve made and instead making claims that I’m “brainwashed” and have a “chip on my shoulder”. Your reasoning’s all over the place, pal – probably why you’re an Islamist recruit. Try again, and this time try and respond to the points I’ve raised.

  54. anonymous says:

    Re: What are you going on about?

    What points did you make?? I didnt see any points, i just saw an angry rant? I am by no means an islamacist but on the contrary I am an athiest. You dont initiate a debate by insulting people, thats not going to get you anywhere.

  55. anonymous says:

    Try again

    Try reading what was said again, and if you don’t understand I’m sorry but can’t be bothered trying to explain it in espeically simple terms for you. Take it or leave it pal.

    And while you’re about it, why don’t you consider the logic of your call “that you don’t initiate a debate by insulting people”, when it was you my friend who suggested that I was “brainwashed” and had a “chip on my shoulder”. The more you write the more the contradictions – are you sure your face isn’t one of those above?

  56. anonymous says:

    Quiz time


  57. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time

    For all the people who were wondering just what kind of mentality the followers of the 5 nutters above, this guy above is a perfect example…. he is to be pitied…. not sure if even paradise restaurant would let him in or the famous 5?

  58. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    I’m betting that the “fantastic five” will all be present at the ‘stoning of the devil’ this Friday at the US Embassy. Music will be provided by the Al-Wafeq’s ululating women’s auxiliary and fireworks supplied by BAPCO’s finest brew served in glass bottles with a rag hanging out of the neck.

    If you’re suffering from a headcold and just can’t clear the snot, then why not come down and breathe the clearing vapors of quality tear gas, lovingly prepared by Bahrain’s security forces!

    Yes folks, this wonderful spectacle is organized by our tireless Sheik “Damn that Yassin– he get’s all the press” Ali who will organize the youth to get in place on schedule and he will magically dissappear before your very eyes!

    When the excitement abates and there’s kids nursing bruised heads, broken arms and spitting out rubber-coated bullets, he will re-appear in a puff of smoke (when cameras can get him on tape) and beg the youth to ‘stop this madness’. He’ll pull the string on his neck and repeat his famous phrases such as: ‘No reason for violence

  59. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    Yeah to all BUT what is a ‘phat homie?’ ??????

  60. BE says:

    Look it up !

    You might find this Online Urban Dictionary interesting. You can look up “phat homies” Enjoy !


  61. anonymous says:

    Re: Quiz time


  62. anonymous says:

    Caught with his trousers down

    Morality police in Bahrain – Latest:

    A leading member of the Al-Wefaq Islamic Action has been arrested for committing an act of “immoral indecency” with a servant. Apparently the Al-Wefaq man was arrested after he starting going into the servant’s quarters of a neighbour’s house once the homeowner went out to work and the coast was clear. It seems he was caught quite literally with his trousers down.

    Richly deserved humiliation for a party that bases its appeal on telling other people how to live their lives and sticking their noses into other people’s business.

    Here’s a suggestion for Al-Wefaq’s brownshirts: if you want to impose strict moral codes on society, rather than riot outside Nancy Ajram’s concert or beat up Indian labourers, surely you’d be better off bringing your campaign of violence and intimidation directly to Al-Wefaq’s HQ.

  63. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    FUCK wahhabis who are planning to turn Bahrain into a cave . Was it not for the Shura Council those assholes would have stopped the grand prix from taking place .

  64. anonymous says:

    Quiz time

    i know 2 of them one call shikh 3ajarm the other one osama ..frist one in bahrain the secand one in torabora

  65. mohd says:

    Quiz time

    Mohandy scores a 2,and is ousted because no one in the So Gov. has meaningful work

    Moawda scores a 4, and stays because he’s spent so long distracting political issues with religious ones that no one is willing to jeapodize their spot in paradise by voting against so upstanding a “leader”

    OBL, scores a 7 (but that’s only because his status is legendary and closing in Che Guevara, he has the marketing “it”) He’s the odd one out because
    a- His bite really is worse than his bark
    b- His thobe actually touches the ground (at least when he wore thobes)
    c- The other four talk up a storm and no one gives a sh*t in Afghanistan, whereas OBL farts in Afghanistan and there’s a whole lot of sh*t in Bahrain

    Al Saeedi comes in with a 6, will be back in 06 (refer to Moawda).

    And the winner of your Wahhabi Bachelor Auction (with an 8,) is Mutawa, who will also be re-elected because he doesn’t look scary in the campaign posters.

    As for their impact, vote enough of these clowns in and hey presto, Bahrain becomes Afghanistan!

    [Modified by: Bahraini Terp (johnc) on September 23, 2004 02:56 PM]

  66. esraa says:

    Re: Quiz time

    And in honor of that post, brother Terp, I am sharing my most recent tribute to the Cat Stevens debacle which seems an appropriate response to this thread:

    *to the tune of “Moonshadow”

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa
    Beatin’ and slappin’ by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa

    And if I ever paint my nails, paint them red, they’ll pull them out
    Oh if I ever paint my nails, oh if…. I won’t have my nails no more.

    And if I ever leave my home, try to learn and go to school,
    Yes if I ever leave my home, oh if…. I won’t have a home no more.

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa
    Punchin’ and kickin’ by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa

    And if I ever speak out loud, they’ll take my tongue and cut it out,
    Oh if I ever speak out loud, oh if…. I won’t get to speak no more.

    And if I ever wear perfume, they will lock me in a room,
    Yes if I ever wear perfume, oh if…. I won’t see the sun again.

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa
    Shovin’ and pushin’ by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa

    And if they ever see my legs, They’ll chop them off while I beg,
    Yes if they ever see my legs, oh if…. I won’t have my legs no more.

    And if I ever show my hair, “tease” the men and make them stare,
    Oh if I ever show my hair, oh if…. I won’t have my head no more.

    Oh, I’m bein’ followed by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa
    Whippin’ and lashin’ by the mutawa, mutawa, mutawa

    Did it take long to tame me? How much can a woman give?
    Did it take long to train me? No cause I want to live….

    Let’s hope the Bahrainis have more sense than to pull an Afghanistan… 🙁


  67. fekete says:

    Quiz time

    PM ..


  68. mohd says:

    Steven Yusuf Demetre Islam Georgiou the Cat

    Dear PM,

    Mabrook! That was a great parody!

    I had seen the news-story on Tuesday night about the airliner being grounded, which brought all kinds of memories of a BA flight that was left on Dulles’ runway on Christmas eve a few years back. (something about Heathrow to Dulles…)

    Now they say that Yusuf was on the no-fly list (along with Ted Kennedy), because some of his zaqat went to terrorists (a la Haifa bint Faisal). Teddy’s situation has been cleared up, and the wife of Bandar Bush, I presume, is still living it up in McLean, VA.

    But then again, the senator and the princess never called Saddam Hussein a “Muslim Brother”.

    In any case, it gave the local TV reporters something to on Tueday night

  69. kategirl says:

    Re(1): Quiz time

    That’s great PM! did you write this yourself?!

  70. fekete says:

    Quiz time

    Its a real shame – because he has spoken out agasint moslem extremism ..

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