Bahrain Bloggers’ Gathering

3 Apr, '06

It’s almost that time of the month again…

What: Bahrain Bloggers’ and their readers’ monthly chinwag
Where: Al-Bareh Cafe
When: 6th April 2006 at 2000hrs (that’s 8pm to non-airline/military folk)
How much: Approximately BD6 per person if you’re having dinner, which is highly recommended!

We need to know the number of people coming; hence, I would appreciate you entering a comment here or giving me a ring to let me know who is/isn’t coming. Many thanks…

Map follows

Dar Al-Bareh Art Gallery location map
Contact telephone: 1771 7707

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is there an afterparty?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you mean 2000UTC ? 😛

  3. angelo says:

    there’s an afterparty for this bloggers’ meetup? wow! didn’t know that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Angelo likes afterparties.. don’t you Angelo 😀 ahahahha

    But… I will NOT be there my dear friends. I hope you will all miss my flashy jackets 🙂 or NOT. 😀

    But i will think about you.


  5. angelo says:

    that last comment is probably by sweet Fred! 😀 Yes your cigars will be totally missed 😉

  6. Wish I could be there, but I’m in the states until somethime around the 10th. Have fun everybody.

  7. mahmood says:

    Right, as no one seems to be coming, I’ll cancel the reservation shall I?

  8. The Joker says:

    Lets go back to the country club! More relaxed atmosphere than al bareh in my opinion.

  9. i will be coming with two frinds & Tariq Al bareh is good atmosphere!!
    I would like to open discussion about our move protesting against TRA

  10. Traitors.. back in Bahrain on April 9!!
    Would love to meet you all .. so … the call is yours.
    Have your meeting at Dar Al Bareh and then we can have the afterparty a few days later 🙂

  11. mahmood says:

    sbg you’re on, tawfeeq you’re on, and joker you’re definitely on, but another night!

  12. Chanad says:

    hey count me in… hope it’s still on!

    or maybe we could delay it for a week so that sbg could be there also

    (ps i agree with joker on the country club… i dread driving in manama on weekends)

  13. angelo says:

    al bareh or country club are both good with me, count me in.. but i’d go with chanad’s suggestion for having this wehn sbgt’s around – is that something we could do?

    Tawfeeq.. the TRA needs to pack up their bags and leave or employ more staff and stop drooling on passing appropriate pricing structures…

    For example… batelco gives me a 100 dinar ip address a month, and kalaam does a 50 dinar a month… – both rip offs! whats the TRA doing about that? nothing in my opinion, we used to be stuck in a monolopoly… now it’s an oligopoly!

  14. BinShehab says:

    Count me in for Al Bareh,
    I will bring with me 1 or 2 Surprise.
    I need the number of people attending to cut form them a CD-ROM of the pest event’s photos.

  15. angelo says:

    Ok i hate to do this but.. I don’t think I can make it early tomorrow,due to some last minute crisis at uni, but am definintely gonna be there. What time will dinner start?


  16. mahmood says:

    8pm and we’ll probably be there till 10 or so, judging by past experience…

  17. angelo says:

    Thanks M!
    i’m still making it.. should be there by 9 😉

  18. Chanad says:

    arggg something’s just come up so i wont be there tonight :((
    sorry as usual

  19. angelo says:

    My appoliges about this but.. it’s going to be a last-minute cancellation for me as well… I’ve got to be at some uni event by 9pm, given the traffic and rush hour today I doubt I could rush it all.

    sorry :=(

  20. 😉 See you at the after party then !!!

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