Soooo close, but no cookie

8 Oct, '06

renaultf1.jpgIt would have been a fantastic (uneventful) race and Schumi was doing his magic. His prancing horse however was lame today for some reason; it was all energetic and good throughout this season, but has let him down at the most important stage. Engine smoke might look very good matching the light-blue of Alonso’s cart, but it most definitely doesn’t look at all good on the Red Baron’s ride.

So Alonso wins it today, by default. All he needs now is a single point in Brazil to Schumi’s possible win for him to retain the title.

The up-side of this I guess is the knowledge that Ferrari is not a walk over, and no matter what the final outcome of this game, Michael Schumacher is the undisputed legend of the sport.

It would be a very interesting next season with all the side-moves within the teams, and we’ll see what the kid does with his new livery.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so common to see engine failures in f1… but what happened today was pretty uncommon, the last engine failure Schumi had was back in the days in 2001! .. sad sad day for me =(


  2. Anonymous says:

    but did you see him go to his garage and thank his pitcrew. thats what makes him the KING. in his words “we win together, we lose together”. alonso wins alones and blames the team when he loses.

  3. mahmood says:

    I must confess that when I saw him retire, I retired too. I switched off the TV and went to work.

  4. skribe says:

    Anon: Schumi used to be as petulant as Alonso is now. So was Senna. It is the reason I’ve never liked any of them.

  5. F says:

    It was sad to see Schumi go out this way!

  6. Anonymous says:

    madmax, you waited 2 years to whine about Bahraini media?

    The topic of discussion is Schumi’s final race and F1 next year…

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