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While I value the role of some members of the ruling family are doing in the development of this great country and their countless philanthropic activities which I know they are not waiting to be thanked for because they see these efforts as their duty, I have noticed that some ministers have started posting non-discreet “thank you notes” signing them with their personal names rather than that of their ministries at least; take this for instance:

Bin Rajab thanks to her majesty the Queen

I value His Excellency The Minister Mansour bin Hassan bin Rajab’s [Abu Hamad née Hassan] diligence in thanking Her Majesty the Queen for patronizing the opening of the Andalus Garden in Manama – which I am anxious to visit and benefit from in gardening ideas as a budding gardener myself – but my question here is: is it appropriate for His Excellency the Minister of Agricultural Affairs and Municipalities to sign such a thank you note personally? I’ve notice that His Excellency has done the same with thanking His Highness the Prime Minister in a road-side hoarding in Muharraq on the old airport road on which only The Minister’s name was present in “the credits”.

Unless of course he paid for these himself from his own personal funds, then I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever, He is free to utilise his own money how He sees fit. However, if He used the Ministry’s funds to do so, I would have thought that there are rules and laws against that which might go into the mismanagement of public funds and position areas.


  1. Salman

    Mahmood, when will you ever learn? It is called ASS KISSING!!! Can’t you just look around you for once and see how much ass kissing can bring? Houses, buildings, cars, lands, business deals, you name it!

  2. Anonymous

    watch the papers tomorrow or the day after and see the other side is just as bad. because of what happened today in iraq all the matams will definitely place full page ads of condolences. why don’t they gather all that thousands and do something constructive with it.

  3. amal

    LOL! i like the capitalized H’s :p

    it’s okay, it’s okay, because Bahrain is poverty-free, and everyone can get a job easily..
    ppl are well educated in schools, human rights respected, everyone is being paid freely, not all prices are hitting the roof, and we’re making so much profit through our very very liberal tourism industry, with the help of our well-reputed parliament..

    we actually suffer from excess in income, so why not spend it on such ever-so-useful ads?

  4. Samrah

    Mahmood , why would’nt His Excellency do that, look at the position he is in and compare that to his educational background or his abilities, I agree with Salman, but also I think he has in addition some hidden talents we do’nt know.

  5. Simon Columbus

    @ Samrah: So he’d show his abilities besides of ass kissing.

    I think this should be restricted, no matter who paid for the ads. Why? If he took the money from his ministry’s funds, he stole it. Then, the situation is clear. But if he took it from his own funds, there’s still the problem, that – in my opinion – politicians should in no way use their position to gain special benefits. So, usual ways to do so should be restricted.

  6. Naz

    we’r a kiss ass culture and its a fact we cant avoid,
    but yeah, some do take it too seriously lol

  7. Kevin

    I’m sorry, your politicians have taken a page out of the book of our politicians.

    Just about any public works sign in the US will have the name of the Mayor or Governor on it as if they were responsible for day to day management of the project.

  8. Yam is Here ..

    Well, the answer to this could be really easy, if the government is welling to do it. Simply, release a law stopping spending government money on such unneeded ads.

    It sounds funny, but it could work, if they (the government) wants it to ..

  9. NewMe

    Obviously, that is to ensure his continuation in the next government selection!!!
    Watch-out from ignorants… them in high positions could cause a lot more damage than we would ever expect… ❗

    @Yam is Here
    great idea but i dn’t think they would…
    our government luv being praised and worshipped!!!
    in jordan i use to walk into public offices and to my surprise find personal portraites of the king and his family on high ranking officials desks…
    in bahrain nowadays i see ppl r catching up nd following the trend… 😳

  10. Capt. ARab

    Boy…. Does his excellency stick out like a sore thumb? or what?
    It’s like zap-pow in your face…. Plus, he has time and money for whatever tickles his fancy… He wont go away.. everything and everybody else below are insignificant, what matters is whom are above. The other side is more interesting… Would he be prepared to respond, and what’s next… Coming Soon…. At a cinema near you !!!

  11. Migy Mao

    People in Bahrain have kissed so much ass that their toes smell of shit! 😯
    I wish the same money is directed to a good cause rather than giving it to newspapers (propaganda machine). It is very silly and pointless. If anything, it makes us looks rather stupid to the outside world.

  12. Salman

    Mahmood, has he filed a lawsuit against you yet? Shouldn’t be longer than tomorrow you receive your special invitation to have tea and biscuits with the federal prosecutors, a bit more ass kissing, and they might even do you for “inciting hatred against the regime” :mrgreen:

    You are going to be famous all over the new papers. People might even riot for you if you become popular enough, and then they will blame you for the riots as well, and say you sparked it up by picking on him hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  14. Sheik Ali Bin Mahmood

    I want to open a sign business in Saudi!.

    I will pay kick backs for orders!.

    Special rates for ministers and princes!.

    Meet me at the Oasis at six o’clock for more details!.

    PS, Bring a bottle!

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