Bloggers’ Gathering this Thursday

30 Jul, '07

A quick reminder that the gathering is happening this Thursday evening (Aug 2nd) at 7pm in Al-Bareh Café. On the agenda this time is a suggestion to move the meetings from Thursday evenings to Saturday mornings and any other thing you wish to talk about.

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  1. for the first time, I will be there.

  2. Hisham says:

    I’ll be sure to try and make it this time! Prolly will get there by 7:30.

  3. moodZ says:

    I vote for the move to Saturday Mornings, won’t be able to make it this time.. you guys have fun!

  4. Ashish says:

    and I’ll try and be there as well… no promises, but I’ll certainly try 🙂

  5. As with EVERY other gathering for the past four months, I still cannot make it. I vote for moving it to some other day too 🙄

  6. Ali says:

    That was quick response 🙂
    My previous comment was sanctioned by the moderator! Oh well.. I wish you best of luck in your gathering.

  7. H. says:

    I shall see you all there and then.

  8. I’ll try to come as well.

  9. Mohamed says:

    It is a shame I couldn’t make this month as I was in Saudi.
    I hope to see you next month.

  10. mahmood says:

    Mohamed, Al-Waqt did good by republishing your story, but could you please correct the aggregator’s address in your article to “” rather than Haitham’s aggregator you have in the article by mistake?

    And yes, let’s see you in the new venue and day next month!

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