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Briefly, what is journalism?

15 Jul, '12

An apt quote from George Orwell which the press in this part of the world in particular need to mull and head. I know that they won’t, but it’s worth reminding them of their duty. Even if one of the thousands of journalists gets a pang on conscience after reading this, then that’s a good […]


Peace through Media Award

19 May, '12

A well deserved award for Dr Mansoor Al-Jamri and his paper. Al-Wasat has proven itself the only independent newspaper in Bahrain if not the Gulf and beyond. While I have become more skeptical of late, I tend to give news articles much more credence than any of the other papers in Bahrain and its columns, […]


Oh the irony! Anwar calls the BBC yellow!

2 Nov, '11

Read these gems, but please hold your laughter! Why the BBC ‘has let down Bahrain’s people’ By Arthur Macdonald, GDN, Posted on » Wednesday, November 02, 2011 MANAMA: The British Broadcasting Corporation moved from being a globally respected news organisation to joining the ranks of the yellow press during the unrest in Bahrain. That is […]


Reprieve for Al-Wasat

8 May, '11

It’s with pleasure that I read that Al-Wasat‘s investors have decided to rescind their previous decision to close down the paper. The board of directors has now decided to continue publishing the paper under their new management. Regardless of my personal apprehensions on its current editorial direction, and my sadness for the forced resignation by […]



21 Mar, '11

Punishments come in various guises, but the worst of those are the collective and indiscriminate ones. I think we’re seeing that today levied against the most respected newspaper in Bahrain. Al-Wasat comes to our doors with just 20 pages, and virtually no advertisements whatsoever. If this carries on, not only tens of families will lose […]


“Why do you lie?”

11 Jan, '11

Get this: The GDN publisher Anwar Abdulrahman objects to Jackson Diehl article in the Washington Post published on 3 Jan 2011. Rich? Of course! I like how he almost always starts by a historical reference to probably demonstrate his intellectual superiority. This time, he invokes the ghost of Lord Northcliffe‘s rather insipid quote of “the […]


EIU: Bahrain more democratic

10 Jan, '11

In a GDN report entitled “Democracy Is Taking Root” this morning, it shows that Bahrain’s democracy has climbed fully eight ranks from 130 in 2008 to 122 this year according to an EIU report: BAHRAIN is more democratic now than it was two years ago, according to a report by a leading research and analysis […]


GDN stoops to another low

21 Oct, '10

Just in case the “journalists” in the local rag forgot what Journalistic Ethics actually are, here’s a good place to start. However, I’m sure that both “ethics” and “journalism” is far from their minds. What’s closest, is enriching themselves via their chosen “contribution” to Bahrain’s development and political well-being: brown-nosing. WASHINGTON: The GDN has been […]


US State Dept Censures Bahrain

17 Sep, '10

Some of our illustrious press carried a doctored translation in Arabic of what the US State Department spokesman said when asked about the deteriorating security situation in Bahrain. In some of the local press, Facebooked by his majesty’s media advisor and Al-Ayam Media Empire owner Nabeel Al-Hamar.


Wir werden uns wiedersehen, Berlin

23 May, '10

As I leave this lovely city and bid adieux to new friends, its time for a reflection. I came here at the invitation of the German government’s Foreign Office through their embassy in Bahrain. I came rather hesitantly as I had to take ten full days off work at a time where we’re rather busy […]

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