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cartoons drawn on the back of business cards

Art transcends format. Who says that an artist has to use canvas and smelly oil paints to create masterpieces? Artists will invariably tell you (at least those who don’t draw portraits of leaders and make a living doing so – a la Saddam Hussain’s lot) that their art is their form expression.

Well, there’s this nut who moved to Manhattan and for once didn’t carry his sketchbook one day and had some free time on his hands.. the material he had however was a pen and a business card, then the story started and hilarity ensued from the cartoons he continues to draw on the back of business cards!

Even the Guardian rated him:

“As dark and disturbing as a dry martini served with a razor-blade twist,
as brilliant as a fluorescent-lit city morgue at two in the morning.”
– Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian

  • anonymous
    23 May 2003

    Arty businesscards

    Whew! Expensive businesscards. Appropriate canvas, then, when the cards themselves sell for $US 300. Now, if they were only Freecards…

    Martin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • anonymous
    24 May 2003

    Re: Arty businesscards

    I know I know.. but that’s what you pay for original art. I think you can however order business cards in packs of a thousand which are more reasonably priced as they are just copies of originals.

    Tell you what though, these are the things you need to do to get some people to [b]keep[/b] your business cards rather than throw them away. Once I printed the complete year’s calendar on the back of my business cards and you would be surprised about the number of people who actively sought me out to get my business card! Another time I put multiplication tables on the back, same thing… another I just printed “notes:” and lined the back, again with the same result!

    Anything to get people to remember you when the time comes for them to buy something!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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