Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

On the 6th of this month, we woke up to the news that the Bahrain Charge d’Affairs in Iraq has been shot and wounded in a botched kidnapping attempt. Hassan Al-Ansari’s quick thinking saved his life. In a separate incident, the Egyptian ambassador was kidnapped, and later killed according to reports.

Terrorists in Iraq seem to have changed their course and are now targeting Arab diplomats. These terrorists are the very same animals that our esteemed MPs Mohammed Khalid, Essa Al-Hermi, Jassim Al-Saidi and their ilk have openly supported and called them their heroes.

I wonder, what do these representatives of the people think now that a brave Bahraini has been attacked and wounded by Mohammed Khalid’s heroes?

Or do they also support the carnage that happened in the UK yesterday? Are those criminals heroes too? Just like the “brave Falujans”?


  1. yalajaji

    Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    They’re having a big Barbique down at the parliment gate !

  2. sashoor

    Response to claimed Al Qaeda Letter

    In response to the so called Al Qaeda taking responsibility as they congratulate the Arab Nation.

    How dare they take the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate in terrorist, fanatic, non peaceful acts such as these?! It gives me great grieve to witness what has happened today in London. However, it gives me even more pain and grief to read what this lunatic is raving about! “God’s peace”, does he and the other lunatics in his clan realize what God’s peace is all about??

    Does he realize that “God” is The same God that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed Peace be upon them all speak about??? Does he fathom that the three heavenly religions of the Jews, Christians and Muslims alike are from the same one above? Allah, God, Havaya, are all the same Holy One, the creator, the divinity, the deity.

    And what in God’s name is a blessed raid?? How can anything so barbaric be blessed??? Let alone, linked to a God that is so merciful and loving. A God that is “Peace”!

    “Zionist Crusaders” ?? Wake up we are in the twenty-first century! Does this imbecile realize that of all places, Britain, harbours and opens refuge to hundreds of thousands of Arab and Muslim exiles and refugees?? Does this mad hatter understand that whilst all his “claimed” Arab and Muslim brethren sit on fences all over the world. It is the tax paying pounds of these “Zionist Crusaders” that keep these refugees of despotic rule alive and free?

    Even if he has a point to make about the atrocities committed against fellow innocent Iraqis, How does he solve this? By killing more innocent people? By causing more bloodshed? Does he not realize that Britain is home to thousands and thousands maybe even millions of Arabs and Muslims? Why does he not ask for the aid of the Arab and Muslim leaders and urge them to solve the problem in Iraq peacefully? He doesn’t care about the Arabs and Muslims dying in Iraq. If he did why didn’t they do anything when thousands and thousands were killed in massacares during the rule of despotic Saddam???

    I am a student of the United Kingdom and it makes me sick that people claiming to be me, an “Arab Muslim” are claiming to rejoice by attacking a nation that has contributed to us immensely and to which we should be grateful to. Be it for its foreign aid, our education, and its embarking unto abolishing poverty all around the world. Why are these terrorists speaking on behalf of us?

    Whoever this lunatic may be, whatever his background, whatever his motives, I hope people realize that this is not the teachings of Islam nor is it the way of the Arabs who are in reality celebrated for being a hospitable, peace loving, generous nation.

    Congratulating the Arab Nation? I don’t think so. I think we should be offered condolences.


  3. anonymous

    Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    Please accept my condolences for the wounding of your diplomat and my congratulations upon his survival. I am shocked, but not surprised, also by the attacks on the Egyptian and Pakistani diplomats.

    My (layman’s) definition of terrorism is the intentional attacking of non-combatants by irregulars operating clandestinely. This definition is not at all original, being similar to that of the US government, for example. I think that other atrocities may bear different names, but be similar ethically. In particular, other groups attack non-combatants deliberately. Examples include civil governments, regular armies, and irregular forces operating openly. History is sadly full of illustrations. And a lively current topic of debate concerns a spectrum of action from wrong to right. The next step from deliberate attacks on non-combatants is attacks that are indifferent to non-combatant casualties. After that comes attacks that try to avoid hurting non-combatants, but the efforts are negligent and inadequate. Ultimately, there is the question of how many non-combatant casualties are acceptable and right in the course of armed operations.

    For at least 2500 years, however, governments in real practice usually provided safe conduct for changing catagories of heralds, messengers, envoys, and diplomats. The terrorists in Iraq who claim to be Moslems have violated yet another modest tie that binds human beings together, another restraint on the evil that tempts us all.

    Michael in Framingham

  4. 7alaylia

    Re(2): Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    Muslim scholars ban killings in name of Islam


    7/7/2005 12:00:00 PM GMT

    Muslim scholars meeting in a three-day conference in Amman banned killings in the name of Islam

    Leading Muslim scholars meeting in a three-day conference in Amman banned killing in the name of Islam and urged respect for other opinions in the Muslim world.

    “We condemn the principle of accusations of apostasy and the legalization of the assassination of Muslims for religious reasons,” the 180 scholars said Wednesday at the end of the first International Islamic Conference in Jordan.

    The statement was based on religious edicts, or fatwas, issued by Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi of Al-Azhar in Cairo, the highest Muslim Sunni authority, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the Shiite leader based in Iraq, and Egypt’s Mufti, Sheikh Ali Jumma, as well as other senior leaders in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan.(MORE)

  5. Steelangel

    Re(3): Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    [quote]Muslim scholars meeting in a three-day conference in Amman banned killings in the name of Islam[/quote]

    You know just as well as anyone, Malik, that Islam is not monolithic, so the Jihadis do not have to listen to these so called ‘scholars’.

    [quote]”We condemn the principle of [b]accusations of apostasy and the legalization of the assassination of Muslims for religious reasons,[/b]” the 180 scholars said Wednesday at the end of the first International Islamic Conference in Jordan. [/quote]

    “…accusations of apostasy and the legalization of the assassination of [b]Muslims[/b] for religious reasons…”

    There is no condemnation of the assassination of Infidels for religious reasons.

    Oh wait.. because God said to [i]kill[/i] the infidels! Right. Noone can contradict God except the Prophet.

  6. anonymous

    Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    the bahraini diplomat was so laid back when they interviewed him, wasn’t he. He had that whole “no biggie” attitude.
    Anyways I still wonder how long it would take the rest of the world to start calling these criminals terrorists and stop making excuses for what they do. For example the lobotomised monkeys behind the london bombings were rightly called terrorists.. when it comes to iraq they’re still referred to as insurgents or anti-occupation rebels.

  7. mahmood

    Re: Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    Not any more! Which is highly surprising as far as Bahrain is concerned. The Friday prayer speaches yesterday were UNANIMOUS in condemning the attacks, both in Shi’a and Sunni mosques in no ambiguous terms too.

    Isa Qassim in particular, one of the top leaders of Shi’as in Bahrain even called for the same outrage [arabic audio wmv start at 38 minutes]to be adopted to “terrorists and their attacks” in Iraq! I would give him the benefit of the doubt that he actually meant the insurgents there (in keeping with the other Iraqi Shi’a leaders).

    Is this a change in attitude by the clergy who have always sided with these morons before? I sure hope so.

  8. anonymous

    Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    impressive…didn’t even know u could get friday prayer compilations online, but usually bahrainis are always considered open-minded… to be honest i didnt even know wahhabism existed there till i read ure site.. but i guess clerics are of a different creed

    but anyway for any cleric to start denouncing these acts is a step foward, even though most ppl think ba3d waqet.
    Wonder how many lifetimes do we have to wait for a fatwa denouncing binladen and his ilk

  9. anonymous

    Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    sorry that message up there was me

  10. 7alaylia

    Re(1): Mohammed Khalid’s Heroes

    [quote]Not any more! Which is highly surprising as far as Bahrain is concerned. The Friday prayer speaches yesterday were UNANIMOUS in condemning the attacks, both in Shi’a and Sunni mosques in no ambiguous terms too. [/quote]

    If there is one good thing that can come out of the attacks it is a continuing awakening of the Muslim Ummah as to what is being done in their name, and the continuing and growing stance against it!


    (WASHINGTON, D.C., 7/8/05) – Local and national representatives of the American Muslim community met today with the British ambassador in Washington, D.C., to offer condolences for the deaths and injuries suffered in yesterday’s bomb attacks in London.

    The Muslim delegation included representatives of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations in the Washington, D.C., area.

    Prior to meeting with Ambassador David Manning, CAIR Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed signed the embassy’s book of condolences set up following Thursday’s bombings. In the meeting, Ahmed and the other Muslim leaders reiterated their community’s condemnation of the attacks and expressed solidarity with the people of Britain.

    Ambassador Manning told the Muslim visitors that the bombings targeted every segment of his nation’s multicultural population and that the attacks should not be linked to Islam, which he described as a faith of “peace, reconciliation and tolerance.”

    Yesterday, CAIR called the subway and bus bombings “barbaric crimes that can never be justified or excused.” (SEE: The group also called on Muslims to offer condolences at British diplomatic offices nationwide and urged prayer leaders (Imams) in American mosques to condemn terrorism in their Friday sermons. (Friday is the day of congregational prayer in Islam.)

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