The Fish has left the island

Chan’ad has officially left the island last Friday, swam all the way to the East Coast of the US of A to settle for a while to take care of some outstanding business. He promises to start blogging again once he’s really settled, and I look forward to read some of his insights and future plans.

Good luck Chan’ad, and for God’s sake don’t start missing shawarmas! 😉

  • M
    4 September 2006

    I think the first blog I ever read belonged to Chan’ad. What a gentleman. There were not many blogs around back then; nice to see so many more in such a short time.

    Good luck, Chan’ad.

  • jasra jedi
    4 September 2006

    Good luck Cha’ad. You have a good clean mind, and are very good at explaining things in a clear non offensive manner, with an ability to think outside of the here and now ..

    Hope you enjoy whatever it is you do .. good luck and take care.

  • Sameer
    5 September 2006

    best of luck Cha’ad, hope hear from your side soon….

  • el
    9 December 2007

    hey – his blog has been inactive since may?! any idea if he’s blogging somewhere else, or if he’s just stopped? i’m missing my fix…

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