1. Anonymous

    Ditto. Mahmood, I just posted something that didn’t go through; shouldn’t it work as always?

  2. Esra'a

    If someone can make a selection of smaller banners that we can release for others to add to their blogs, that would be great. We hope to add a couple by tonight.

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  6. moclippa

    Lol, I love the new banner! I keep popping back on this page and cracking up…

    I don’t know what those assholes down at MOI are up to… old people stuck firmly in the past. This is disgusting and a shame. I sincerly hope that these are only the transitory years for better democracy, and I commend you Mahmood, and all the people that are partaking in the debate for helping set up the groundwork for change.

  7. someone

    first list of people to contact for all RSF & Amnesty International, etc. letter writting petitions:

    Dr. Ahmed Elmasri
    Head of Computer Department &
    Member of Internet Committee in the Ministry of Information

    Acts as principal Advisor to the undersecretary for MOI on all issues

    Fatema Alhassar
    Market Operations Coordinator
    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

    Communicates with the Ministry of Transportation and the licensed operators in the kingdom of Bahrain for issues related to the telecommunications market operations.

    Anil RS
    Network Engineer Responsible for ISP Regulations at NOC
    Bahrain Internet Exchange

    Stuart Horler
    Legal Advisor to the Minister of Finance at the Ministry of Finance

    Legal Advisor to the Minister of Finance in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with special responsibility for negotiating Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreement with the USA.

    Dr. Zakaria Ahmed Hejres
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Economic Development Board

  8. Wearyman

    Hey Mahmood!

    You know, large portions of the American Navy are out in your general vicinity right now. See here:

    Perhaps you could supply a Latitude-Longitude reading on the Ministry of Information building? I’m sure some of our boys wouldn’t mind plunking a cruise missle down on them for ya. 🙂

    (Just kidding, of course)

    In all seriousness, I am gravely concerned for you and your fellow countrymen. This is what happenned in Germany in the 30’s. All News outlets that didn’t toe the Nazi Party line were steadily squashed. Those that resisted “disappeared” in the middle of the night.

    Not to compare your govenernment to nazis, of course. But restriction of Freedom of speech and censorship are something everyone should be very worried about, no matter where or when it happens.

    I wish you the best of luck. Stay safe.

  9. Suad

    I am so thrilled, as if I am taking part of a demonstration 😆

    I didn’t do anything during the last two days other than sitting in front of my laptop to check the latest news on “Unblock Mahmood’s Den” =D

  10. Acad Ronin

    1) Signed.

    2) You ought to be up for a medal for service to Bahrain rather than being blocked. ou, and a half dozen bloggers like you have done more to win friends for the Middle East than years of expensive Saudi propaganda.

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  12. Ibn

    I just signed it Mahmood. Good luck.

    Hmm, me thinks the time for the “gag revolution” is in order… 🙄


  13. F

    Just signed the petition.

    I am saddened by this move by the Ministry of dis-Information. They need to really grow up. We need a new Minister there.

  14. Pamela

    Mahmood, do you have to be a Bahraini citizen to sign the petition?

    I don’t have much money, but I’d like to help the cause even if it is small.

  15. Suad

    They are going to sue you!!

    They didn’t mention this yesterday, Is it a revenge??

  16. Post

    I don’t know Suad, but I’ll wait for the court documents to come first before jumping to conclusions as their press statements so far have not been consistent, as far as the accusation is concerned.

  17. Ash

    Oh for f***s sake! They’ve BANNED your site?!!!!! Why don’t they just get “I am a loser” tattooed on their foreheads and have done with it.

    Will circulate info and petition details around the university circuits and beyond. Maybe we can humiliate the Banning Ones into rejoining the 21st Century.

  18. Post
  19. someone

    Just a heads up that our friends at MOI’s Internet Committee and Computer Department are waking up.. they have now unblocked 😉

    Hope common sense will prevail and MTV will unblocked soon!

  20. Post
  21. alquercus

    In the 25th of April of 1974 the portuguese people was liberated by is army, who was fighting an injust war in Angola, Mozambique and Guine-Bissau, of an right wing regime that opress us (and our former colonies) during 60 years. Until there the portuguese people didn´t know what freedom was! Freedom of speach, freedom of association, freedom to travel, etc, etc.
    We know how is to live in an opressive regime.
    Because of that i understand what ou are living. I´m with you, because freedom is a RIGHT!

  22. shmekerosu

    Petition signed. It is so shame that free information and liberty of expresion is stoped. You can get access to banned or blocked sites (blogs, info, news) from censored countries by online web servers. I use !

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