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With the summer over and autumn is in full swing in Bahrain, there have been quite a variety of migrating birds landing in our garden. This little chap has been around for a week, no mate in site yet, but he seems to find what he needs to eat and then flies away with the hope that I will see him again next morning.

In the open ground in front of our house, the rains has turned that area into a huge shallow pool. No municipality in sight to remove the water yet, but with the plethora of bugs in, on and around that water, we have had a big flock of swallows diving and cutting through the air in a fantastic show of aerial skills.

Who says that we don’t have seasons in Bahrain?

Have a wonderful Friday my friends!


  1. Western Commentator

    Indeed, Bahrain and the rest of the central Persian Gulf area have seasons. Bahrain is at 26th northern latitude, a bit north of the tropic of Cancer. The sun is almost directly overhead at noon during summer solstice and at an elevation of 41 degrees from the horizon during winter solstice at noon. Based on that, I would expect the usual daily temperature range in late January to correspond to that in, for instance, the south of England or the north of Germany in early October. I’d expect daily maximums be around 20 C and nightly minimums be around 10 C in Bahrain in January.

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  3. Bernie

    That sounds like perfect weather, very comfortable. :yes:
    Lovely shot there Mahmood, he’s a cute little fellow.

  4. rainbow love!

    happy friday Mahmood!

    Just an FYI that a new ISP is in the market and unlimited residential & business broadband packages are out. They’re called neu-tel communications, primarily came in for Amwaj Islands, but they have coverage for the whole country. Not sure if its just for the homes in Amwaj or others can use it:

    Residential broadband services:

    And the prices (http://www.nue-tel.com/downloads/internet%20form.pdf):

    Residential (Minimum 3 months term)

    Nuenet-256-R (256K, unlimited) BD 25
    Nuenet-512-R (512K, unlimited) BD 40
    Nuenet-1M-R (1M, unlimited) BD 55
    Nuenet-2M-R (2M, unlimited) BD 70

    Commercial (Minimum 12 months term)

    Nuenet-512-C (512K, unlimited) BD 125
    Nuenet-1M-C (1M, unlimited) BD 250
    Nuenet-2M-C (2M, unlimited) BD 350

    Hope others who aren’t located in Amwaj could use it too, now these are sane prices that Batelco should be charging us, but that will never happen me thinks!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Post

    Hey happy happy Friday to you too my friend! Thanks for this.. I’ll check them out and jump, hop and skip to get them and chuck Batelco out soonest.

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    That means the upload speed is the SAME as the download speed! What fantastic product, finally we will have full redundant server backups for the office and can implement disaster recovery procedures, AND host our own low-traffic sites in-house without having to shell out for dedicated servers etc.

    Fantastic. I can’t wait!

  7. rainbow love!

    Excited as you are Mahmood 🙂 i really hope this is for the rest of Bahrain too, i’m hanging on to hope after seeing the following information on their website:

    “Nuetel Communications has now acquired all necessary International Telecommunications Service, National Fixed Services, Value Added Services and Internet Service Provider Licences covering the whole of the Kingdom of Bahrain to make this a reality.”

    covering the entire island means, they should be offering subscription packages to the rest of bahrain’s residential users 8) )well hope so, anyways)

  8. Post

    I think I’ll finally have to go talk to Mazen Al-Haddad and Kareem Shamma again to go buy property there if they aren’t going to provide the whole of Bahrain with these packages! 😆

  9. rainbow love

    I called up NueTel (formerly Amwaj Telecom) and they said that they already have launched their residential and commercial broandband services for Amwaj Islands, and that they cover the rest of Bahrain and have the go ahead from the TRA, etc. to provide services to the rest of Bahrain as well 🙂

    When asked which month they’ll launch for the rest of Bahrain, she declined to give a fixed date, but promised that they’re rolling out their residential packages very very soon, like 1Q of next year or before that too, so i guess watch out for Jan-March 🙂 she insisted that we keep watching the GDN and BTM for launch dates

    (atleast their unlimited packages. What’s the catch? well they’re not allowed to roll out fixed line services for the rest of Bahrain, just Amwaj, but ISP services inclusive of hosting, etc. is a YES.. and i think, im not sure but i believe they have an NOC logistics office in Al Moyaed tower.

    so it’s a case of waiting then 😆

  10. Maverick

    Just got me BATELCO 10BD package and having problems. Did everythign Batelco asked me too like get rid of teh antivirus, check your cable connections DUH! (Just 2), got a techie to check everything and now I am back with them after 10 damn reinstallations to convince them that the ADSL line was down since day one. Finally logged a complaint with a very polite Bahraini (Actually the politeness of the Batelco staff has improved) and I am awaiting their solving of my problem.aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai 🙄 =| =D

  11. Maverick

    BTW lovely shot. I really envy you. You always get the nice shots….Keep it up M!

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