Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha posterIt’s been quite a while since I actually sat down and enjoyed a movie. It seems to me that 2006 was utterly bereft of good and enjoyable films and even less so for the amount there are that one would consider watching multiple times.

Fortunately however, a movie produced in 2005 came to the rescue a couple of days ago, unearthed from the depths of our DVD library collection by my daughter Hanan who invited us all to watch it, and thanks to her, I totally enjoyed it.

Memoirs of a Geisha’s cast, acting, direction, cinematography, costume, music, editing, and just about everything exceeded my expectations. This is a movie that most definitely will sit in my “favourites” shelf and I am sure will be watched and enjoyed by myself time and again.


  1. Post

    Thanks for mentioning it, I did watch it a long time ago, I think I’ll wait for another rainy afternoon to re-dig it out!

  2. Redbelt

    It is a brilliant movie.
    About things that are Japanese, being an anime dealer, you may want to see animated films by director Hayao Miyazaki (locally famous for Adnan wa Lina). I suggest:
    My Neighbour Totoro
    Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind
    Spirited Away
    & Howel’s Moving Castel

    He’s brilliant

  3. jayjerome

    are you using a WordPress plug-in for the Amazon link to the ‘Geisha’ film? If so, which one?

  4. johnster

    Hi Mahmood

    I would take issue with you saying 2006 was a poor year for films.

    What about Casino Royale and Flags of our Fathers?

    Maybe they haven\t come here yet.

  5. Maverick

    Read the book Mahmood. It is even better. The movie is brilliant but a short version of the well read book with will stir your imagination. The movie as any runs the story quite fast.

    The was quite the controversy about the book too since a Japanese Geisha accused Arther Golden of publishing her story which she claimed she told him and he claims he fictionalised it since many things like ‘Mizuage’ etc are not traditional or necessarity true.

    She has since come to some settlement from him.
    You will find much further reading from a Google search. Here are some links to get you started:

  6. Post

    Jay, I’m afraid it’s the good old cut and paste. If you do get to know of a plugin that would do that, let me know!

    Johnster, I do apologise! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Maverick, that’s some list and I’ll make sure I peruse them in our forthcoming extended holidays!

  7. Maverick

    Yeah M! I was really interested to know more when I read the book and did my usual googling to get some information.

  8. tooners

    I read the book and was somewhat disappointed w/ the movie. I thought it went entirely too fast, but… that seems to always be the case when they turn a book into a movie. Glad you enjoyed it though… it is a beautiful story and one that I’ll always love!

  9. Barry

    I have not seen the movie, but from people I know who are into Japanese culture, the movie takes a lot of artistic liscence and freedom.

    If you ever have a chance, I highly reccomend any Japanese cultural festivals. Around here, they usually take the form of the yearly Obon Festival (a festival in rememberance of the dead).

  10. Patty



    I read the book and THEN watched the movie, and I was disappointed with the movie! The scenery was awesome, but there was so much taken away from the book that it made the movie lacking in plot.

    My next movie: Flag of our Fathers. Already read the book, and waiting for the movie to be in video stores!

    Sean did not make it over there this month…I really need to mail these bulbs to you. Let me know if that is possible (does bahrain allow this? Would you have a messy customs procedure?)

    Merry Christmas!


  11. Post

    It’s always the case; I’m yet to watch a movie after reading a book and not be disappointed if I hold the movie to the same yardstick the book engaged my imagination. But in order to enjoy the movie, I disconnect the two and look at them as separate projects and evaluate the movie as simply a movie which tenuously has some relation to a written story.

    About the bulbs, yes you can mail them as long as there is no earth anywhere in the package (they’ll destroy them if they do!)

    I’ll email you the procedure, I’ve actually got a mailbox in New York which you can send it to, then the company will forward it to Bahrain, makes things much simpler. I’ll email you the details and thanks again!

  12. Aliandra

    I can forgive a movie studio for not being able to include every scene or every minor character in the book. They have budgets. But when they start changing the story from the book version … grrrhhh!

  13. can we talk

    my advice.. wait for the movie, watch it first…if it moved you, read the book..

    If you havn’t seen the mini-series The Thornbirds (by Colleen McCullough), see it first and then read the book. its about love of god versus human love, set in Australia.

    girls will need a box of kleenex (for the book!) (have you ever seen anyone trying to read while they sob out loud?!)

    another book I highly recommend is Wild swans by Jung Chang. provides biographic insight into Maoist China I have never come across anywhere else. fascinating book. I’ve read it twice and will definitely read it again. havn’t seen the movie but it can’t possibly do the story justice.

    by the way, does anyone know if there is a book club in Bahrain? is anyone interested in forming one?

  14. Patty


    So far, the only movie (or movie series) that match the book in awe is the Harry Potter series…maybe because they are meant to be a kid series… รƒโ€šร‚ยกรƒโ€šร‚ยกรƒโ€šร‚ยก!!!

    Please send me the info on the shipping!

    Happy New Year!!!

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