First ministerial lapse of reason of the season

And it belongs to (tat tarat taraaaaa):

Mansour bin Rajab with Municipal officials

أكد وزير شؤون البلديات والزراعة منصور بن رجب حق أعضاء مجلس النواب في‮ ‬مساءلة الوزارة،‮ ‬قائلاً‮: »‬لا‮ ‬يوجد أي‮ ‬تقصير من وزارة البلديات بخصوص تجمع الأمطار التي‮ ‬هطلت على المملكة مؤخراً‮«‬،‮ ‬مضيفاً‮ ‬أن‮ »‬أي‮ ‬تقصير من الوزارة سنعترف به‮«.‬
جاء ذلك على خلفية ما‮ ‬يتوارد من أنباء حول مساءلة وزيري‮ ‬شؤون البلديات ووزير الأشغال والإسكان من قبل مجلس النواب بسبب الأضرار التي‮ ‬خلفتها الأمطار على بعض الأسر البحريني

Al-Ayam :: 22 Dec, ’06

6 May, ’07: Due to a libel case brought against me by the Right Honourable Minister of Municipalities and Agriculture, the exalted Mr. Mansour bin Hassan bin Rajab, Esq. I have had to amend the original article by altering some descriptive words and removed an explanatory sentence He has taken umbrage with.
This is part of the agreement to rescind the libel court case brought against me by the RH Minister.

The honourable brand new minister (it’s the guy in the middle with the rather fetching grin), who was an insignificant member of the previous Shura council with nary a proposition to his name, declared thus in the above paragraph during an award ceremony for previous municipal officials he patronised that “There is no default whatsoever from the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture in removing the various collections of water due to the recent rains“.

CLOSE YOUR MOUTH GODDAMMIT! The minister said so didn’t he?

He obviously hasn’t been out to the various villages and even the Capital since those rains. And he most certainly didn’t come and have a look at our very own Al-Yousif de lac.

Well, if this is the first he comes out with, we can rest assured that the state of his ministry by the time he leaves will be as good as those non-present bodies of water we are not suffering from!


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  7. Bahraini

    Well…. Mahmood, I honestly think he’s right, the Minister of Works is the one responsible for Road Design, and the problems we have are from the lack of roads, or insufficient drainage for rain water. The Municipalities don’t have much to do with why the problem occured. We need better roads, and better drains for rain water.

  8. Bahraini

    But I am definately expecing Mansoor Bin Rajab to win the Brain Farts of the Year Award.

  9. Post

    I think you will find that whilst the Ministry of Works has the responsibility of the design and construction of the infrastructure, it is, in this particular case the Ministry of Municipal and Agricultural Affairs to run and maintain these parts, particularly the sewage, drainage, and the repair of both.

    I could be mistaken of course, things might have changed, but I don’t think so. Ever since we were wee tots we knew that whoever worked in the municipality was called “sewage sweeper” or in Arabic خمام بواليع hence my understanding that it is indeed his responsibility to clear up the various puddles which are breeding billions of insects like mosquitoes and other choice infestations.

    Come to think of it, isn’t it the municipality who own and operate the pump-trucks? All eight of them?

  10. JK

    welllmm, right Mahmood,,

    Ministry of Municipalities is the responsible for cleaning “sewage” and “garbage”. Ministry of Works is the one responsible for designing the roads and the drains.

    So if Ministry of Works didn’t work very well, then Ministry of Muncipalities would have to work so hard to clean the mess.

    Way back then, 20 years? 30 years ago?!, there was only one Ministry “Ministry of Muncipalities”, plan cities, villages, design roads, clean “sewage” and “garbage”, and inspect.

    Not anymore.

    P.S. If they would have given me 100 employees and one ministry, I would have been able to run Bahrain better than any place. Privitize everything. Everybody would have to work harder and gain much back. No useless thousands of workers in the ministries, doing nothing, but wasting money.

  11. Bukra Tshuf

    Marvelous …. I mean his ELEVATION to the high post of MINISTER, despite his

    [being] allegedly pursued relentlessly by various businesses and banks for monies owed and allegedly implicated in various corrupt schemes.

    … according to an informed source in Bahrain.

  12. Anonymous

    You may be right, Mahmood, we can rest assured that the state of his ministry by the time he leaves will (improve)…”. Brainfart or not, I am certain the royal father-in-law will perform well. AbuRasool

  13. Maverick

    …clear up the various puddles which are breeding billions of insects like mosquitoes and other choice infestations.

    Now all we have to do is another brainfarty thing and import frogs to eat the insects. Wait for the water to dry, the frogs to die from dehydration and the decomposed bodies to require another tender to clean up the mess. All in all someone makes money under the table again.

    Don’t you just love the system of being screwed for free….

  14. Adel

    being] allegedly pursued relentlessly by various businesses and banks for monies owed

    This is normal in Bahrain, a lot of people owe money and don’t pay for years. The courts are filled with cases of this sort against well known merchants and sheik’s. Re the corrupt schemes, I heard about a couple but not from reliable sources. Bin Rajab family have a lot of differences between them and they do cook up a lot of stories to discredit each other.

    What is this comment about his royal father in law, tell us more Anon.

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