Happy 2007!

Happy New Year my friends!

I hope this one is going to be even much better than the last, and is filled with good memories, excellent fortune and much health and wealth and your resolutions will be successfully achieved.

My personal plan for this year is to finish the documentary about my late father, and make a start on my book about my experience in blogging’s trials, tribulations and thoughts.


  1. docspencer

    Happy 2007 to you all and especially you Mahmood for creating this blog site!

    We all may not agree about everything, but we seem to appreciate each other’s opinion here and most seem to agree. I am glad I decided to participate, as probably the oldest in the lot of participants, and I am very interested in opinions and reasons therefor, that are different than mine.

    This is great stuff guys and ladies! It is sort of a mini version of how our countries could and will communicate.

    Best wishes,


  2. Patty

    Happy New Year Mahmood and Frances!!!

    My New Year resolution: To win the California Lottery and be able to afford a house here in Coronado. Ah, and to fight this ^%$@# diabetes, too.


  3. Post

    Thanks Sameer & Doc!

    Patty, WHAT diabetes? That’s a shock. I hope that you will have the will and means to defeat that enemy.

  4. Hasan

    Hoping that 2007 will bring you and everyone else much joy and success. Good luck with the documentary and book; both are wonderful ideas.

  5. Don Cox

    Best wishes for 2007, and may many interesting birds visit your garden.


  6. Post
  7. M


    Since this is such a reflective time of year, I can’t help remembering some of my early questions to you about Bahrain and life in the ME when you started your blog. Your early post about democracy in Bahrain really brought home how much I personally take for granted and didn’t give me much hope for progress in the ME. Over the last few years, I have watched and listened and have learned much for which I thank all the contributors of Mahmood’s Den.

    In retrospect, I was wrong to be so pessimistic about change. It would seem it could all go to hell in a heartbeat even now, but the Den is the proof that things will change for the better with time. You have continued to speak out, very loudly at times, when needed instead of retreating. You have connected with people all over the world. You have picked your battles wisely and not thrown in the towel even though it would have made things easier on you and your family; btw, Frances should be nominated for sainthood in my book. Others have joined with their voices and with the addition of more and more blogs or comments or support. Hard to put the genie back in the bottle although it is possible.

    Hopefully the powers that be will understand where the real danger to them and the people of Bahrain comes from and will join with others in 2007 to effect more positive changes.

    Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy new year. :cheerful:

  8. docspencer

    M, that was a great post! I visited Bahrain and Dubai in March 06, and met wonderful local people. See http://www.bahraindubai.info with pictures. I still have some questions that you will find in the Conclusions area of my Islam page on that site. Hopefully some people from the blogs will help with that. Like some others I met, Mahmood sees things very realistically. There are some very good people in the Middle East like him. If you can, you should visit places like Bahrain and Dubai. It is not only highly educational, but a lot of fun, and you will meet some very nice people. To me this is an indirect indicator that shows that it is better if religion and government are separated. You can be a Christian like me and feel very comfortable among the Muslims during your visit. And you can be completely open with them in the places I visited, and maybe elsewhere too.

  9. M

    Thanks for the kind words, Doc. Great pictures; you could give Mahmood a run for his money 😉 Got to admit your pictures have peaked my interest, but it is Scotland that is always in the back of my mind. No particular reason why…just is.

    While I am sure there are many in the Muslim world that feel religion does have a place in government, I agree with you that it should be separate. Nothing particular because of Islam; I feel the same way about other religions as well. The potential for abuse is just too great.

  10. mishmish

    A bit late…but HAPPY NEW YEAR – all the very best for 2007 – let’s make it a good one.

    Thank you Mahmood for the ‘window into Bahrain’…

    mishmish :kissing:

  11. billT

    Mahmood and all I wish you peace and prosperity for the new year. Patty I’ve been insulin dependent for 12 years now and you can control it.

  12. Maverick

    May you and you family always enjoy good health, happiness and properity. Warmest regards from me and my family.

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