BCHR first to declare support in libel case

I am indebted to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights for being the very first organisation to offer me their unstinting support in the libel case brought against me by the minister of municipalities and agriculture and releasing a statement to that effect.

My neglect to mention this fact is my personal stinking brain-fart so please excuse me for not mentioning this specifically.

The BCHR of course are no stranger to being castigated and singled out for this iniquitous treatment of course; they already have their website blocked by the authorities here, and their whole society disbanded by judicial order; however, they continue to not only operate in spite of this, but their international presence is much enhanced, ironically, not only because of these machinations, but because they do do very good work in taking up a broad spectrum human rights cases from the prisoners of Guantanamo through to poverty cases in Bahrain and everything in between.

I did of course publish their statement immediately on its release in the “pages” section which might be hidden to cursory examination. This brings me conveniently to the point where I can mention that I have gathered the articles published so far (that I know of) in the main stream media under one page for ease of navigation. You can also display all articles as well as pages published by utilising the “libel” or “bin-rajab” tags.

My thanks and gratitude to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights for their solidarity with me at this time, and much more importantly for their continued work in the human rights field in Bahrain.

Bahrain Journalists Sydicate Statement of Support