Happy 16th Hanan!

My little daughter turned 16 today. I won’t go into the usual “I can’t believe it” stuff, suffice it to say that Frances, I and her sister and brother are thrilled and are overjoyed for Hanan and we wish her all a very very happy birthday and hope that the whole day and the rest of her life is filled with happiness.

Hanan’s birthday cake made by her mother

Happy birthday my love!


  1. lebinbah

    2a 2bel el 100 inshalla 🙂 i hope you get to see your daughter in the highest of places and that she has the best of luck in life:)

  2. naddooi

    Yay HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes be good wishes, and may all of them come true! And congratulations to the birthday girl’s dad! You are probably very proud 😉

    Now, when do we get a bit of that cake… looks yummy! :happy:

  3. F

    Enjoy every moment of your day
    and hope it stays the same throughout
    the year!

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  4. G

    Awwwww you must be a proud dad seeing her all grown up :blush:

    Happy birthday to Hanoona :w00t: and meee too :w00t:

  5. Seroo

    Happy Birthday Hanan – and nice touch the rest of the family with the candles around the cake…!

  6. Bahraini and proud

    с днем рожденя HANAN = happy birthday hanan

  7. Rohmster

    Yo H
    Happy BD
    Ask / nag for a car….you earned it. It is your right.


  8. Miss Green


    Happy Birthday Hanoona !
    Wish u @ll the best
    Me & U r born in tha same year :silly:

  9. can we talk

    happy Bday Hanan. hope this year is a wonderful one for you..

  10. white wings

    happy birthday to hanan
    wish her all the best in life
    are you following our 36 for kuwait movement? it resulted from the banning of Dr. Al-Gabra’s show. check it out at
    all the best

  11. Bernie

    I’m sorry I missed this yesterday but I hope you all had a wonderful day and that Hanan really enjoyed herself. :biggrin:

  12. Kate

    Happy Birthday Hanan! We hope you had a wonderful day, sorry we are a day late but we’ve just got back from our holidays. Many happy returns and best wishes from The Hart clan. xxx

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