Abdulrahman Al-Noaimi

A site completely dedicated to a giant of a Bahraini, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Noaimi, the Godfather of the National Action Democratic Society has been launched containing a section to register your “get well” messages to this Bahraini personality as well as sections detailing his biodata and a collection of articles he has written.

Abdulrahman Al-Noaimi is now in a Riyadh hospital to continue his recovery after falling ill due to pancreatic failure while on a working visit to Rabat in Morocco a few weeks ago.

I hope that the organisers will translate the content to English and other languages, and also include a transcript of his speeches, seminars and lectures as well as video and audio footage of his activities.

He is a national treasure that must be given his due, regardless of how you view his politics.

Another site has been created by journalist Khalil Buhazza at to track his recovery progress and serve as an archive of articles written about Mr. Al-Noaimi.


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