‘The Suffering of the Iraqi People’ tonight at BCC

Iraqi People’s Suffering Documentary

Iraqi photographer and documentary maker Ehsan Al-Jyzani

يدعو الفنان العرقي والمصور الفوتوغرافي إحسان الجيزاني جميع المهتمين بالقضية العراقية لحضور عرض فيلمه الوثائقي “الجذور” وهو من تأليفه وإخراج الفنان علي طالب

ويجسد الفيلم معاناة الشعب العراقي في فترة ما بعد الاحتلال الأمريكي

وسوف يلي الفيلم عرض صور فوتوغرافية للفنان العراقي إحسان الجيزاني

Iraqi photographer Ehsan Al-Jyzani would like to invite you all to a special screening of a documentary about the suffering of the Iraqi people at the present time.

The documentary is written by Ehsan himself and directed by Ali Taleb

The film will be followed by screening of photos shot by Ehsan.

The screening will be at the Bahrain Cinema Club in Juffair at 8pm tonight, 26 April, 2007.


  1. milter

    I can see your photograph is from a Danish website. Do you know where the connection to Denmark is?

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  3. NewMe

    After Sadam’s fall…
    I thought there was hope for Iraqis if only they agree to love their land…
    Yet, the movie reflected none!!!
    Is it an Arab thing to keep dwelling in tragedies???
    For instance, the photographer who was a political refugee was never able to step a foot in his soil before then…
    In my opinion, the conflict in Iraq is not in the American exisitince it is the hate amonge fellow Iraqis…
    I heard they are using 9 year olds to blow up cars!!!
    No sane human will do this if it wasn’t to serve the BIGGER purpose!
    People burning up their beautiful Iraq and for WHAT???
    I still seek hope among all of this..
    Thank you mahmood for your post it was an interesting evening
    Cheers :sideways:

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