Asala bloc prevents Attiyatallah from defending his honour

Bandarite Attiyatallah

الأصالة تتمسك برفض إحالة الاستجواب إلى«المالية»

لفت نائب رئيس كتلة الأصالة الإسلامية النائب إبراهيم بوصندل إلى ‘’تمسك الكتلة بموقفها الرافض لإحالة طلب كتلة الوفاق باستجواب وزير شؤون مجلس الوزراء الشيخ أحمد بن عطية الله آل خليفة إلى لجنة الشؤون المالية والاقتصادية بالمجلس’’، وذلك في حال عرض الأمر مجددا للتصويت خلال جلسة النواب غدا (الثلثاء).

وأوضح بوصندل في تصريح لـ ‘’الوقت’’ أن ‘’الكتلة (7 نواب) ناقشت الموضوع في اجتماعها أمس (الاثنين)، ولم تطل النظر فيه’’، معتبرا أن ‘’هناك قناعة سواء كأعضاء في الكتلة أو في جمعية الأصالة أن هناك الكثير من الثغرات القانونية والدستورية التي تشوب الاستجواب’’.
وتابع ‘’ليس من الإنصاف مناقشة الاستجواب بهذه الطريقة، إذ لا نريد محاباة الحكومة أو كتلة الوفاق، وذلك بغض النظر عن الوزير المستجوب’’.
الوقت – ١٤ مايو ٢٠٠٧

Ahmed Attiyatallah, the minister mired in the Bandargate scandal and accused of gross financial irregularities who is now once again the centre of parliamentary attention with Al-Wefaq demanding a full probe into him, has himself and in public demanded that he be given the chance to clear his saintly name; yet, the Asala bloc – who most probably will be joined by their Muslim Brotherhood friends Al-Menbar as well as the indistinct “Independents” – are preventing him from doing so.

These political societies don’t know the damage they are doing to Ahmed’s reputation which is tarnished now and the only way forward for him to regain his credability is to fight tooth and nail to clear his name.

He might take up Jawad Fairooz’s challenge and go for full disclosure of his financial status – as every single public official should in the first place – and accept a public debate.


I utterly and fully support Ahmed’s right to do so. After all, a person is innocent until proven guilty and every person should be given ample chances to clear one’s name.

After all, what is life without honour?


  1. The Joker

    “Al-Wefaq demanding a full probe into him”

    Al-Wefa is no where near a full probe. A full probe would ask WHY these cheques were issued rather than how they were issued.

  2. Finlandi

    “Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do” Voltaire

  3. Yousif

    “Al-Wefaq demanding a full probe into him”

    COME ON! A full probe is too much for the poor guy, maybe half a probe with the help of some KY Jelly.

  4. Post
  5. Salman

    Why are people picking on the little fishy and leaving the big fishy alone? Or are they afraid the big fishy will eat them alive in one gulp?

    Before they question this man where the money went, let them ask the biggest man where did he get his 2nd 747 from.

    Take down the leader 1st, then his followers.

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