Welcome to “Mahmood Talk”

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Welcome to Mahmood Talk

Come on in, my friends, have a seat on my comfortable couch, relax, have a cup of chai and let’s talk a while!

You want to discuss a topic of your own and wish to know how others perceive it? You have a burning question that needs an answer? You have a creative idea and want to float it around so it is enriched and becomes probably better than what you started with?

Well, you have more than 200,000 unique visitors ready and waiting to contribute!

So don’t be shy.. you are more than welcome to do all of that and more at Mahmood Talk at http://talk.mahmood.tv

Please, be my guests.


  • Khalid
    11 July 2007

    This is a brilliant idea Mahmood, I bet you, it’ll be the next hottest thing on the blogging scene. I can see big debates going on through different voice files and it’ll be a great way to remove ambiguity from the discussions. I suppose now, you can put a voice to the name if you haven’t already put a picture to the name.

    Thumbs up and am sure I’ll contribute to that 🙂 .

  • Proud Bahraini
    11 July 2007

    I don’t understand why can’t i have my own password or can at least change later on, I won’t memorize the password but i have it saved in my mailbox.

    Best of luck with your new site

  • Proud Bahraini
    11 July 2007

    Sorry …. being my self (clumsy) (never pay enough attention) not that you’d care but figured it out now.

  • mahmood
    11 July 2007

    no problem, glad it’s understood now.

  • bint battuta
    11 July 2007

    Great idea! You could say it’s an English version of the Bahraini forums…

  • Barry
    12 July 2007

    I commented (Under the name Kamagong) that you need a gardening forum. I love the idea, what a better way to discuss topics, as sometimes the replies in your blog can grow really long.

  • mashtan
    12 July 2007

    Honestly….I can see it coming Mahmood…You have such appeal and vision.

    First Forbes and someday Larry King. 😉

    I love what you are doing for Bahrain, the Gulf, Muslims and for thinking people from all walks of life.

    Kudos to you my friend.

  • Anonymous
    12 July 2007

    i spent the last couple of breakfasts in the company of a very nice and very intelligent lady who in conversation informed me that her son was not planning to have any children.

    as it was my turn to say something, i responded “oh, i’m sorry” and delicately asked if there was a problem wondering at the same time how i could have asked such a question, to which she responded that he didnt feel that it was right to bring any children into this world because of what was about to happen.

    to which i responded, indelicately this time: OH (again) he is one of those… not quite sure myself who those were exactly.. (this is before i had my first mug of coffee, you understand)

    she then said that she would not have had any children herself if she had known at the time..

    ok, known what exactly??

    she proceeded to inform me that life as we know it would end during our lifetime, that the insurance companies of the world would all collapse because of the recent natural disasters (drought, flood) which have destroyed a large proportion of the world’s basic agriculture, food prices would rise, insurance rates would go up beyond the means of normal people who will go bankrupt when their properties are destroyed by whatever means, that the first world will no longer be able to afford to give aid to starving countries who will die of starvation.

    and then we proceeded to global warming, etc. etc.

    when i stated that we could by then perhaps move to another planet, she responded that although some people WILL go, it would not be affordable for her or myself to do so.

    all this, before i even had my coffee.
    after i had my coffee, words still eluded me and all i could muster was a very unintelligent “well, we’ll see..”

    any thoughts??

  • can we talk
    12 July 2007

    sorry, that was me anonymous (#8)

  • mahmood
    12 July 2007

    And I guess this is her being optimistic too, right?!

    If you can, run – don’t walk – away from this person, that pessimism is infectious and hereditary too it sounds like.

    Goooood Morning!

  • mashtan
    12 July 2007

    Anonymous……please step away from this lady.

    She is a definate glass empty person. I would say toxic.

    Everyone has bad days where they are more negative on life, however, I think that this lady couldn’t be helped with any amount of money.

    I would imagine that this lady doesn’t believe in God too?

    I have met however some awfully nice and positive humanists though.

    Hope you had a nice cup of Joe after meeting with this lady. Coffee can be a nice relaxer.

  • Yousif
    12 July 2007

    You know I actually always thought a forum @ mahmood.tv would be an instant hit. I am somewhat disappointed you used BBPress instead of something more robust and intuitive like Invision Power Board (http://www.invisionboard.com/ip.dynamic/products/board/) or phpBB (http://www.phpbb.com/) but I guess it;s the content that matters really 🙂

  • mahmood
    12 July 2007

    BBPress was the first that came to mind actually. I tried phpBB and others in the past and my experience wasn’t that great with them. BBPress seems to be clean and fast and easy to install and maintain; hence the decision to install it.

  • can we talk
    12 July 2007

    ok, question

    it is a great idea having the forum, i remember spending so much time on the UK channel 4 website ages ago.

    now, what goes in the main (this) blog? does the blog become the source of news and short commentary while long debates such as the famous Sherlock/american etc. take place in the forum?

    you know you might have to start hiring
    someone(s) to manage your blog/forum for you soon. mahmood you are getting big.. you are not contemplating retirement yet are you??

  • mahmood
    12 July 2007

    I have no clue! I think we’ll play it by ear.

    The reason I started the fora is that there are quite a number of you opinionated people around, so I thought I would share the space and provide an area for YOU to start topics, rather than just respond to my ramblings!

    Let’s see how it goes…

    As to retirement and hiring someone, well, if all that Google pays me is $100 every 4 months or so (no one seems to like clicking on those pesky ads!) then I’ll keep my day job (blogging) and continue to try to sell things to make a living! 😆

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