Bahraini Harry Potter Campaign!

Niqab dress

I think that cinemas using their 34 screens to show Harry Potter’s latest movie in Bahrain should strive to involve the community considering the considerable takings they will reap from that film.

So in keeping with Harry Potter’s world-wide tradition, why not let people in appropriate costume watch the movie for free? And what better reward that the niqab costume wearers can hope for? They are perfectly represented in the movie. If the cinemas deem that as not their policy, at least make a special section in their halls especially reserved for those people.

So come on, let’s start a petition: Bahrain Cinema Company must allow niqabettes to watch the new Harry Potter movie for free!

Who’s with me?


  1. proud bahraini

    Okay first they are allowed to drive.

    Next thing you know if you go to Seef mall on a weekend you think you in a 3rd world country chilling with ObL because of the Ninja fighters that you see and the hard accent that you hear (it is not Bahrain anymore).

    Then if you are out with the boys on a night out you’ll find those damn Ninja fighters everywhere at 2 o’clock around Juffair and Exhibition road coming out of clubs or in Huge chariots with big antennas blasting the tribal ritual music high and indulging them self in the sinful world Satan.

    It is very complicated for my small brain to process, so I just walk away from what I see and I have enough with being satisfied that I’m not sucked into this world.

    I respect women.

    a women can be your mother, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend or anything else

    so I agree they should allow these women free tickets and their own private sector of the cinema.

    But have anyone thought what is next?

    Faceless People all over no more women?

    The Dual celled brain processor that I have in my head is completely fried.

  2. ammar456

    what if they were men in niqabs?

    Do they count? Why should we be sexist and allow the women to get the free tickets only?

  3. Post

    True enough… I hereby amend the above petition to include men in niqabs and/or wannabe beduins with the ghutras tightly wrapped about the head horizontally or vertically.

  4. hanan459

    Okay.. firstly: Harry potter harry potter, yeah! harry potter harry potter ooo!

    Secondly, in response to the proud Bahraini on first post: In reality, Bahrain is an LEDC (less economically developed country). We’re not even a Newly Industrialised country. I love Bahrain and all, but we do live in a country with a terrible amount of shanty towns and the like. πŸ™‚ Just a quick response.

    Thirdly: Love you Dad! Missing you over here in Scottyland! πŸ˜€ hugs to you xx

  5. Post

    Yay! A comment from me own!

    Love you too habibti and I am glad that everything is okay there and are enjoying Scotland and your grandma’s and aunty’s company.

    Miss you terribly, but will see you soon.

  6. proud bahraini

    Cool now we have men ninja fighters not only women, so what is next wearing pants is a sin, you should cover your head like the old times?

    I guess this amendment should also include that men are not to reveal their faces to foreign women for it is a SIN. lol

    you never know what it could evolve to, men being allowed to drive with their faces completely covered for it is a part of the whole culture.

  7. Ibn

    …Put an electric motor in you armpit and get to see the Transformers for free?…


  8. barry

    See, with ninja no one knows you’re one if you are a real ninja as they look like everyone else. Therefore you should suspect every single theatre goer. Watch out for those old women, I hear they’re crafty and have lightning fast reactions!

  9. NewMe

    i say they should go through identity check every time they enter a closed location…
    need a checking room with women in’em to match faces with passports or IDs in every single outlet…
    regardless if it is a cinema theater or a shop…
    we need to make sure we are safe and not surrounded by unrecognized objects…
    and no… they can’t go to non-arab movies, they needn’t to be exposed to foreign cultures…

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  11. Post

    Who said anything about ridiculing anyone? I simply asked for them to be recognised and allowed free entry to a movie!

  12. ash

    No disrespect but that’s a NINJA. Ninjas have to go to movies like “Thundering Ninja” or “Shaolin Versus Ninja”.

    Men with wizard beards get into Harry Potter movies for free. In Britain, this is a law.

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