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GPIC arranged during the first half of this year attendance by its employees of several training courses in Bahrain and abroad, in addition to organising many courses at its Training Centre and GPIC Club, at a total cost of around $1m.

GPIC - receiving awards

In recognition of GPIC’s achievements for providing decent living conditions for its employees and efforts to improve their living conditions, the company recently received the Dubai International Awards for Best Practices in Improvement of Living Conditions 2006.

The award is supervised by the Dubai Municipality and the UN Human Settlements Programme.

Sixteen employees were promoted in various departments and seven new employees joined the company following the completion of their training programmes, raising the level of Bahrainisation to 82pc.

In addition, there are 57 trainees who are involved in intensive training programmes which will raise the Bahrainisation level to 92pc when the trainees take over their new jobs in the near future, said Mr Jawahery.

GPIC also recently received the international occupational safety and health award from the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents UK for the second time and after winning the Oil and Gas Sector Award from the same Society for three successive years.

In addition, GPIC received the GCC Award for the Best Environmental Achievements in 2005 and 2006.
GDN – 18 July, ’07

GPIC has always been known for its support of the environment and probably is the company which wilfully and comprehensively subscribes to a sustained CSR principle. Well done!

  • thogba
    22 July 2007

    But GPIC is not an equal-opportunity employer.
    There is no fairness in recruitment. Vitamine O is the only guarantee for admission to GPIC Best Practice of Human Conditions Improvement

  • mahmood
    22 July 2007

    You have some proof for this of course?

  • Mohammed Issa
    25 July 2007

    I’ve been working in GPIC for over five years.
    If you mean Wasta by Vitamine-O, then you’re talking about the wrong company.
    The recruitment process is very well managed and controlled.
    In fact, it’s the only industrial company to post vacancies and career opportunities on their web site. Please visit http://www.gpic.com, you’ll see an icon on the far right called “Jobs/Careers”.
    When you apply and get invited for an interview, you’ll have to go through a panel consisting of five managers plus the training superintendent. No one is recruited until five managers and the personnel superintendent sign the application recommending recruitment.
    Yes, it is difficult to get a job at GPIC because the standard is high, due to the nature of the petrochemical industry. However, to doubt the fairness of the recruitment system without proof is totally unacceptable to someone who has gone though it and knows very well how fair it is.
    I am a normal citizen and I had no one to help me. I got recruited because of my ability and not because of who I am or who I know. Everyone else recruited at GPIC falls under the same criteria.

    If you have the courage to identify yourself, you’re welcome to visit the company’s premises Just come to GPIC’s outer gate and call me on 17733395.
    Although I may not have the authority to provide you access to the complex, I’m sure the management will be more than pleased to show you around and provide you with a list of every single person who has been recruited in the past five years. From that list you can notice that we have people from every village and town of Bahrain. I can assure you that you won’t find anyone with a fancy surname.
    However, if I do this for you, you’ll have to promise me that you will go back to this web site and apologize for your unfair comments.
    I also have the liberty to invite the owner of this site to also visit us to see for himself what I mean.

  • mahmood
    25 July 2007

    Thanks very much for calling his bluff Mohammed. “Thugba” unfortunately has a huge cross which he bears and thinks that anger and pointing fingers without proof will lessen his load. All you have to do is search for thogba on this site through Google to find out his earlier eruptions.

    But thanks for standing up publicly to his rubbish.

Kudos Batelco