bin Rajab’s redefines the role of maatems

bin rajab celebrates the healthy return of his majesty the king of Bahrain

I am so gratified that we have visionaries in this society and am doubly so when I find an honourable member of the reigning cabinet extends himself even further by bridging the cultural gap that maatems[1] traditionally play in society.

For instance, what is wrong with local maatems, like the ancient and quite famous Ma’atem bin Rajab, holding meetings to celebrate the healthy return of our beloved king? What is wrong with almost all the maatems in Muharraq putting up boards of welcome and well-deserved congratulations for our illustrious prime minister for receiving the honour of the UN Habitat Medal? Of course this is part of their mandate as they reflect the people’s views from the grass-roots up and their love of this country. It is – I understand – nothing to do with positional politics at all, but a clear and an unadulterated fiesta of gushing love to our beloved leadership.

I shall of course attempt to be present at this national festival of love and urge everyone to do their utmost to do so too.

I wish to congratulate the right honourable excellency Mr. Mansour Hassan bin Rajab for taking this very much needed initiative and pray God that that ancient area of Manama which embraces his family’s maatem not to suffer any electricity blackout during the celebrations and poetry recitals.

[1] Maatems: plural, religious halls of mourning frequented mainly by the Shi’a.

  • Salman
    6 September 2007

    Disgraced to be related to that idiot!

  • Johnster
    6 September 2007

    Did HM have a stroke?

  • mahmood
    6 September 2007

    No idea, but we thank God that he’s back safe and sound.

  • Finlandi
    6 September 2007

    This move just screams politics…..

  • Redbelt
    6 September 2007

    That Cancer bit in the link above seems plausible. I remember my dad saying that King Hamad looked like the late King Alhussain after seeing one of his pictures abroad. Hope he is all well right now.
    And as for the maatams, very forward. I am all for involving the whole community. Way to go!

  • sillybahrainigirl
    7 September 2007

    LOL Mahmood. Please convey my heartfelt greetings! 😛

  • eyad the great
    7 September 2007

    Mahmood, I seriously hope this piece is a good example of extreme sarcasm, really.

  • naddooi
    8 September 2007

    Oh I DOOO love your method of expression in this post Mahmood!

    Requires IQ’s of 120 and above, assists in prevention of legal action! hehehe

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