‘The Fluke’ crashes out

Alonso crash in Japan Fuji F1 race

and I didn’t see it! I missed the middle of the race unfortunately so I’m just looking at the various reports of the fantastic Japanese F1 race in Fuji and I fully expected that it would be red-flagged with the downpour they have suffered as well as the fog. Visibility, on TV anyway, seems to have been zero at some parts of the circuit.

Whiting didn’t stop the race; however, and the thing that really saddened me is Vettel rear-ending Webber who was running a fantastic second and almost assured of a podium finish for the hard working Aussie. I could understand Mark’s frustration when interviewed after the crash when he said “They [kids] have not got enough experience – they do a good job and then they fuck it all up.”

Which brings me to another point, the ever solid Al-Jazeera is pulling Jazeera +1 and +2 (+2 broadcast the race with English commentary today!) and the ticker was saying that if anyone wants to watch their channels from midnight tonight they have to purchase a new card from them! What the hell? Can’t they make their minds on what they want to do and keep it that way? I’m not sure how long they have the franchise, but I would rather it returns to ART who did a much better job that these crap artists. I’m wondering if the Chinese race will be available for viewing on Showtime henceforth. If anyone has any idea what’s going on and which channel we can watch the remainder of the season, please let me know.

Anyway, Hami took the race, he’s 12 points ahead of The Fluke who needs a miracle to catch up to him.

What I’m praying for now is for Ice Man to surpass the simple gap of 5 points to relegate the fluke to the history books!


  1. I

    I get the distinct impression that you just don’t like Mr. Alonso . . . I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  2. Post

    ME? NOT LIKING A FLUKE? No way José, me likes him very much, but not in F1. Can’t you tell? Did I give the wrong impression?


  3. nibaq

    Was reading the results and regretting missing it. Looks like it was non-stop action.

    Hopefully it will be available on the torrents.

    Can’t wait for the Brazil race where we can see it in a more enjoyable time.

  4. Post

    I did Simon, unfortunately I had a problem with the mail server which has just been fixed. You should get the reply in a few minutes as I shall resend it.

  5. Post

    Should be on the way as there is a large queue waiting it seems, but the answer is yes and I’ll talk to my friends tomorrow.

  6. Ali M.

    I recorded it on my kind of trusty DVR that is built into my TV. Luckily enough it recorded it exactly as I hoped.

    Jazeera is the worst channel I have seen in a while. They are unpredictable. Very crappy service for sure. Yes ART did a MUCH better job. I got so furious the last race because they promised to show the race with english commentary 4 hours late and they to my disgust aired some football match that was already being aired on their other channel.

    I miss the good old days of Channel 10 down under where it was fixed at 10.30pm (aussie time) every race Sunday! Im sick of this part of the world where people are not treated as respectable human beings.

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