No more ads… for registered users that is

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I’ve just installed a fantastic WordPress plug-in that conditionally displays ads, the conditions are set by the webmaster of course – it is that flexible and more.

I won’t bore you with the technical details, suffice it to say that if you are registered and logged-in, no ad will be displayed to you, unless you are reading an article which is older than 15 days old.

If you are a “regular visitor”, that means you have read at least 4 posts in the last 10 days, no ads will be displayed to you either, unless of course you are reading a post which is older than 15 days.

If you have come here from a search engine, Google typically, then ads will be displayed in your session. According to many sources, it is these people who come through search engines who are most likely to actually click on an ad link anyway, so why bother everyone else?

I hope this will give you another impetus to register and log-in to the Den to also be able to comment.

You like?

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  • simon columbus
    11 October 2007

    Who doesn’t like ads installs an adblocker… I have no problem if ads are displayed in a blog (though I never click it) because I think someone who works for my information or entertainment should be able to gain some money for it.

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