Off limits!

Helicopters are flying overhead and have been since yesterday. That’s a sure sign of trouble in Bahrain.

Reading Al-Waqt this morning provided the possible answer:

الداخلية: «أم النعسان» مخصصة من الملك للاستخدامات الخاصة بقوة الدفاع

صرّح الوكيل المساعد للشؤون القانونية في وزارة الداخلية، بأنه بشأن اعتزام مجموعة من الأشخاص القيام برحلة عن طريق البر والبحر إلى جزيرة أم النعسان، فإنه وجب التنويه إلى أن هذه المنطقة (أم النعسان) مخصصة من قبل عاهل البلاد للاستخدامات العسكرية الخاصة بقوة دفاع البحرين.
وأضـاف ‘’ولــذا فإنــها تعــتبر من المنــاطق ذات الطــابع العسكري والأمني، وعليه فإنهــا من المنــاطق الــتي يحـظر الاقــتراب منهــا أو القيام بــأي نشــاط بــقربها، ومــن يخــالف ذلك يعـــرض نفســه للمســاءلة القانونيــة وفــق المــادة رقــم (135) البند (4) مــن قــانون العقوبات’’.

Umm Al-Naasan Island is off-limits to Bahrainis

That piece above confirms that the third largest island in the Bahraini archipelago – Umm Al-Na’asaan – has been reserved by his majesty to the exclusive use of his military for training purposes. Add to that the southern half of the island which has been so reserved too, and you get the idea of why land prices are so astronomical that a middle class Bahraini citizen can no longer afford to even dream of owning a house or a small plot to plant his roots in.

That resulted in those villages being surrounded by riot police on land, and the coast guard on sea

Looking a bit further in to this issue, I find that people in Malkiya and surrounding villages were preparing a day trip, a picnic to Umm Al-Na’asaan island to celebrate Eid. That resulted in those villages being surrounded by riot police on land, and the coast guard on sea which has reportedly even dragged their boats away from the coast to prevent them from launching them. That was over the last couple of days. Today we have that declaration above.

I’m not sure why they’re complaining really.. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even India are open and available for easy enough migration.

What are they waiting for?

Bloody rabble rousers!


  1. ebtihal

    Didn’t get it!
    What are you suggesting here?
    That if I’m a citizen of Bahrain
    And if Bahrain is an archipelago
    And if the minister of municipalities said that all islands of Bahrain are owned by the government and non of it are privately owned
    I still have to migrate to Australia or Canda to have the ability to take my family on a sea trip to one of my country’s islands?!

    And please don’t tell me you believe that silly lie about military training!
    We all have google earth and we can see what is there what is not there and for sure no single soldier was there for any kind of training except those guards at that “Top secret” palace!
    You know what.. even the queen of England let people pass by her Palace, but in our country we can’t even think of reaching nearby the place and for sure doors are open to migration!

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