2 out of the top 13 ain’t bad!

I just received my copy of FACT magazine and read my column (seeing my words printed gives me a nice kick!) but apart from that, there is a front-page report on “The 13 websites making life better in Bahrain” and was thrilled to see that two of my sites are featured in there! Mahmood’s Den and Bahrain Blogs!

Me well happy 🙂

Featured in FACT

The sites are:


  • butterfly
    16 October 2007

    Congratulation Mahmood, you deserve it.

    However, I just want to ask what was their basis for the selection. Is it the magazine opinion or it was done through some sort of survey or questionaiire? Seriously I don’t understand how for example “”Nightlife in Bahrain” or “Gourmet Taxi” made life better in Bahrain!

    What about associations and human right centres in Bahrain?

    For me it looks like paid advertisements/features and nothing more.

  • mahmood
    16 October 2007

    Ah, you’d be jumping the gun with your conclusions if you didn’t go out and buy a copy and read the article!

  • yagoob
    16 October 2007

    Excellent! Well done I did see a copy of it in a coffee shop although it was stuck with glue on the counter (don’t ask me why) and managed to flip a page and saw your picture.
    It looks like a pretty good magazine, although I don’t agree much with putting e.gov.bh on the list 😕

  • ammar456
    16 October 2007

    well done mahmood! looking very grown up and serious here ! 🙂

  • amjad
    16 October 2007

    Congrats! well-deserved. However, why “13” websites making life better in Bahrain? Why not 10 or 15?.. 13 looks very odd, lol

  • gardens of sand
    17 October 2007

    Mabrook Mohammed, you deserve it!

  • mohammed issa
    17 October 2007

    I went through the magazine last night, it was ok, some sort of coffee shop magazine.
    Back to the topic, there are very few useful sites ib bahrain, but seeing facebook and youtube makes me wonder, where the hell is google?

  • redbelt
    17 October 2007

    To be frank I was very skeptical but once I bought it, its not half bad. I may not buy it regularly but it is miles ahead of useless prints like Bahrain this month. I actually got something to read in FACT.
    So you win.

  • ammaro.com
    17 October 2007

    its definately a readable magazine, with a few reasonable laughs and some useful info. It’s not something I would buy every month, but it sure is one of the more interesting english magazines out there (the rest are just full of pictures of people in restaurants and stuff)

  • Esra'a
    17 October 2007

    3ajeeb, but the link to Bahrain Explorer is wrong in the post, it’s actually: http://www.bahrainexplorer.com/ (without the dash)

    Keep up the great work!

  • mahmood
    17 October 2007


  • Ahmed
    17 October 2007

    Congrats Mahmood!

    The pic in the magazine is mirrored 🙂

  • Mohammed Issa
    17 October 2007

    actually, the best business model and the silliest for a magazine is the “take a pictures of everything” style.
    look at Layaleena, everyone buys it to see his photo printed.

  • mahmood
    17 October 2007

    Good observation Ahmed! I have no idea how the creative director couldn’t get it, or is that photo-proofing or whatever. I’ve mirrored pictures before, but never when it is quite evident that doing so will be so exposed (the logo, and text on the books).

    Ah well… I guess it’s creativity!

  • lorena
    18 October 2007

    Good job mahmood! 🙂

  • Samboosa
    18 October 2007

    I wouldn’t disagree with the status and importance of your blog in the level of user interaction. However for those of us who can’t get a copy of the magazine, and since the magazine’s website, i’d be interested in knowing the criteria for this ranking. Is it a survey, hits per month, magazine editor’s opinion….??

  • mahmood
    18 October 2007

    I’ll ask permission to reproduce the article and post it here for your reference.

  • um naief
    18 October 2007

    not a bad magazine. saw it the other day in the grocery store and was impressed w/ it. kudos to you!

  • Desert Bloom
    20 October 2007

    But 7alata they but website made for Bahrain by Bahrainis or people in Bahrain 😛

Go to sleep “shaikh”