Televangelist besmirches Bahrain’s reputation in Kuwait

unwelcome televangelist Wagdy Ghoneim

استغرب التجمع الإسلامي السلفي من التصريح المنسوب إلى الدكتور وجدي غنيم، والمنشور في الصحف يوم الجمعة الماضي «والذي لم يكن تصريحا يعتذر فيه عن اساءته الفاحشة في حق الكويت وأميرها وشعبها كما هو المفترض، بل جاء ليؤكد فيه ما قاله سابقا في حق الكويت وأميرها وشعبها، فبدلا من ان يثني على أميرنا الراحل الشيخ جابر الأحمد طيب الله ثراه، ويذكر حسناته وإنجازاته الخيرية العظيمة ويعتذر عما نسب إليه نجده يطالبنا بعدم اشاعة ما قاله هو في حق أميرنا الراحل، من باب الكف عن ذكر مساوئ الموتى، وكأنه بذلك يصر مستكبراً على صحة ما قاله وانه لم يكن مخطئا».
وأضاف التجمع في بيان صحافي «وبدلا من ان يعتذر (غنيم) للشعب الكويتي حينما وصفه بشعب يطالب باللواط وان الله أراد أن يرينا في الكويتيين آية، كما جاء في شريط محاضرته، نجده يبرر ذلك بكونه استنكر فضائح شارع الهرم في القاهرة وكأنه ما زال مصرا على وصفه الشعب الكويتي بهذه الأوصاف التي أطلقها هكذا عامة في حق جميع الشعب».

By inference that is. By the fact that – as far I know – he still resides on these welcoming islands even after the cancellation of his television program.

For all I know, he probably already received the precious Bahraini passport; thus, making him a full Bahraini and now speaks in our stead and his words counted as that representing Bahrainis.

I dearly hope that he didn’t receive that particular honour and hope that after the grievous allegations against our Kuwaiti brothers and their ruling family he and his like will be shown the door off of these islands for ever. That experience, one hopes, will give them a clear message that their poisonous vitriol is not welcome here, nor will it be tolerated. We Gulfites enjoy a one family spirit and what affects anyone from Oman through to Kuwait affects us all.

I hope that our Kuwaiti friends and family understand that we do not condone his remarks, in fact we fully and unequivocally condemn them and demand that our government ends its welcome to what clearly has crystallized into a liability beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is high time for him and those like him who take advantage of our hospitality to go.


  1. Eyad

    He is just one of many, which makes one wonder, is there really a reason behind keeping these characters in Bahrain?

    and TBH who’s responsible for them and for what they Do or say?

    and Mahmood, No, the Kuwaiti people should not understand, and they should rage against this act and against US as Bahrainis for welcoming Wagdy Ghoneim in Bahrain, I know I will do the same if the same came from Kuwait, and its only right to let some know when they fuck up, we here FUCKED UP, no wait, who’s we, I didn’t do nothing, the government fucked up and they have to see it, kick this guy out and shut this door.


    why do we keep acting like a host for unwanted humen, people who have been rejected in their own homes? I really wonder.

  2. m.noor

    I like Sh. Wajdi alot :mrgreen:

    Can anyone provide a link to what he actually said that may start the 2nd Gulf War 🙁

    If what he said is as serious as it seems to be, I’d really like to know more details about this.

    Can you help Mahmood-Bey?

  3. Post

    Use the link to the Arabic article above and look for the Friday edition and do some Googling. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

  4. bilady al bahrain

    I Think the Ikhwan of Bahrain will have a lot to answer for. This is the 4th or 5th blow, with this coming just after their Muharraq constituency turning on their Parliamentary and Municipal representatives.

  5. m.noor

    YaY 😀
    With Mahmood-Bey’s aid I think I got the link that’ll clear Sh. Wajdi’s name:
    As it appears from the conversation that Sh. Wajdi doesn’t remember what he said 16 years ago. Moreover, audio tapes can be forged and tampered with, and that’s why they are inadmissible by law and can incriminate no one.

    This may be a publicity stunt to bash an Islamic Icon in order to hurt the religion he represents 🙄 . Unless what Sh. Wajdi said 16 years ago is legally documented; no one is allowed to falsely accuse him of anything 😎 .

    To some of us who knew Dr. Wajdi personally, attended some of his preaching, or even seen his show on TV; are really shocked as I was when I read this thread 😯 .

  6. Eyad

    @m.noor, are you trying to say that it is forged and he never said anything of this sort? and why were you shocked, its not like he didn’t do this before, and to the same country as well, Kuwait.

    I think you can get away with publicly insulting another country in Bahrain when you have a Beard, and of a heard voice, first it was Mohamed Khalid insulting the crap out of Denmark, and now its Wajdy Ghunaim insulting Kuwait.

  7. Sadek

    “This may be a publicity stunt to bash an Islamic Icon in order to hurt the religion he represents”.
    If I’m to read m.noor correctly whenever one of these charlatans says something slanderous and stupid and subsequently denies it, the reason is that somebody is trying to hurt our religion. Our religion is far above these dwarfs like Mr. Wagdi, and he neither represents our religion or its values. Stop trying to claim this space only for the bearded “icons”. By the way icons are not recognised in Islam, in fact they are forbidden.

  8. forzaq8

    i vaugley remember his tape

    what i remember he said in it is that Kuwait deserved the Iraqi invasion and the death destruction and the humiliation for the emir because they allowed gays to parade before so god punished them for it

    and for the people who think it maybe a conspiracy by zionest to bash islam

    the Parliament members that said they had the tape are Salafi ( aka Islamist )

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