Cuttings border

Cuttings border [before]

Cuttings border

The first phase of the new “cuttings border” is now complete. I’ve spent most of the day clearing the grass and preparing the area for planting. I mixed in 4x 50kgs bags of cow manure and 350 liters of peat moss for good measure. This are is part of the front garden and it receives the sun throughout the day regardless of the season. So I wanted to make sure that there is enough stuff in there to keep the moisture.

There are a couple more things I need to do to make it completely, other than planting of course, but on the structure side. I need to put in the drip lines throughout the area and put in the fence I bought this morning from Manazil.

I think as I intend to use it to grow flowers for cutting, one additional feature might be some paving tiles to create a simple walkway. I’ve got a few of those left over from other projects that I might use. I will also create a red-brick border to prevent the grass from creeping in again from the lawn.

What are the plants I want to put in there? Bulbs and various other flowers that could be cut and put in vases all around the house!

Optimistic? You bet! I’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to learn. So if you know any specific flowers which lend themselves to the task and can grow happily in Bahrain, please do let me know.

Hippaestrum (Candy Cane)