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Ooops!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I couldn’t believe this scene when I saw it while driving to the office yesterday morning!

I circled back, stopped and had a chat with the guy (after taking the picture) who transpired to be the owner of the car and the perpetrator of the incident.

He said that he was trying to avoid an oncoming car, hit the brake and ended up in the ditch!

Looking at his tyres, it is no wonder that he did. He was on slicks with completely worn treads and it was raining – which in other words as this is in Bahrain, the road surface becomes a skating ring but with mud instead of ice.

  • Capt. Arab
    14 January 2008

    Bet the guy sh*t his pants 😯 and got the shock of his life. Good thing is that he is OK, and did’nt get hurt.
    So much for the BD15 inspection fee which they charge just to jot down the chassis/engine number of the car, and in the process they check-mark the whole check-list.. I love the MOT process in the UK, they really drill deep down to every nitty gritty detail.
    Some of the cars on the road don’t belong on the road.

  • Mohammed Karimi
    14 January 2008

    Me and some friends took pictures too, like it was some kind of tourist attraction! 😆 Drivers, be safe.

  • Nine
    14 January 2008

    The annual inspection is no fun at all. You spend ages in the que and then the inspection itself takes seconds!

    It is really high time the inspection is done by private garages. They would save the government trouble, perhpas make it more money and make the roads safer. The government needs only to issue guidelines and make sure that they are adhered to.

  • Lee Ann
    15 January 2008

    It would seem by the mans unhurt stance(other than his pride) that he was wearing his seatbelt…otherwise he would have surely gone through the window….at least he was smart enough to do that….

  • NewMe
    15 January 2008

    Poor fellow… hope he is and whoever was with him at the time are in good condition!

  • Abu Arron
    15 January 2008

    I totally agree that the roadworthiness tests should actually be worth something, BUT, I can’t agree with Nine about private garages carrying out the work. Wasta?! $$$?!

    15 January 2008

    In the UK the MOT also checks for Carbon Dioxide Emmission levels in all cars by sensors, they should take the inspection done here serious coz it’s people’s lifes are at stake when an unworthy cars roam on our roads, it’s like we don’t have enough crappy roads on top of that we have unsafe cars.

    Inspectors please wake up and do some real work (I think every car inspected should have the name of the inspector who approved it to be noted) just in case they need to question him for his mistakes that costs people’s lives.

  • Nine
    15 January 2008

    Abu Arron,
    Many countries have the private secotr doing the inspection tests. One good example is the UK. It has been proven in many places that the private secotor does a better job than the government be it the provision of water, airlines or even prisons. This no doubt will include the car inspection tests. Imagine if the government license this test to proven garages? Surely they would do a more comprehensive test than what we have now and we would have safer cars in the streets. As for the corruption thing well this can be minimised by all sorts of random inspections, good guidelines and accountability.

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