• M
    23 February 2008

    Beautiful. I managed to keep one just like this for almost two years, but then it just up and died on me. Never did figure out what went wrong.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday and can’t wait to see your plans for this beauty.

  • Mahmood
    24 February 2008

    Thanks much! I shall post my trials and tribulations with these plants and hopefully get them to survive for a few years (months?) 😀

  • Mahmood
    25 February 2008

    ehm, must confess that I couldn’t hold myself.

    I went back to the show yesterday and came back home with 5 cypresses and about 10 more orchids!

    I’ll have to update you with the details when I come back to Bahrain! 😉

  • M
    27 February 2008

    Well, what can you expect when you let a kid loose in a candy shop? 😆

    Can’t wait for the details along with your impressions from your trip here to the states.

  • Laurie
    3 March 2008

    I have an orchid that looks very much like yours; it’s a dendrobium (sp?) that blooms reliably twice a year. I’ve had it for about five years now. The flowers smell wonderful, but the scent is very faint.

  • Ann Mckay
    5 October 2009

    Hi Mahmood
    I was just browsing for info about orchids in Bahrain and came across your garden. How are your plants doing? My husband bought an orchid for my birthday in April and I have since acquired 3 more. All seem to be doing ok so far with new roots and leaves. Hopefully they will all bloom again at some stage. This forum may be of help / interest to you.
    Lot’s of orchid growers around the world with lot’s of varied experiences and very willing to share their knowledge.
    Happy orchid growing. 😆
    Ann Mckay