Amna got her car!

Amna and her new car - Nissan Altima - Bahrain

I want to thank everyone for their very valuable suggestions as to what car I should get Amna. In the end, we decided to settle for the Nissan Altima which was between the two budgets set, and offers very good value for money and safety aspects.

She has had it for a day and a bit now and is very happy with it. She even named it Julian!

The happiest person on Earth (other than Amna) is really Frances, who suddenly realised that she actually has 3 – 4 hours a day extra for not having to drive/collect them from school!

  • Ali
    24 February 2008


    you are a big softy and she is lucky to have dad like you.

  • Amjad
    24 February 2008

    woow .. a Nissan Altima ? Be my father Mahmood! 😛

    Congratulations, Amna. (titraba fi 3izkom inshallah)

  • Redbelt
    24 February 2008

    The New Nissan R0X0rZZ!
    You got the 4 Cylinders I see. Good choice.
    If you need this thing modded up call me. Not that I think you would. 🙄

  • Anon
    25 February 2008

    gratzszsz! just stick a bumper sticker on it saying “Mom & Dad paid for it” 😛

  • Redbelt
    25 February 2008

    You people are really pissed off that he bought his doughter a car, huh?
    What about it? Its his money. He’s grown up. He feels that this is something right to do and there you go. The net goers really aren’t gonna give him parenting advice, are they?


    But you could stick a sticker that says “”, you did pay for it after all, some advertising wouldn’t hurt. 😆

  • Barry
    25 February 2008

    Nice choice! The Altima is a popular model here.

    Now, how many extra chores does Amna get to do now that she has a car? 😀

  • ammaro
    25 February 2008

    the new altima is a nice car; good choice! may god give you its good and keep away her evil from you (or at least i think thats how the saying translates into english).

    frances must be loving life now!

  • mahmood
    25 February 2008

    you could stick a sticker that says “”, you did pay for it after all, some advertising wouldn’t hurt.

    Hey, that’s a brilliant idea! I wonder how she will take to that!! 😆

  • I
    25 February 2008

    Nice car. I’m surprised you bought a new one though. 🙂

    Anyone want to open a book as to how long it remains intact/unscratched/undented ?
    I’ll give it 150 days. I hope I’m wrong. I presume it’s fully comprehensively insured. . . Any chance of having bull bars fitted ?

    Pardon my cynicism, Altimas are good strong cars with reasonable performance, are comfortable and have very good air conditioning. I used to run one myself. Just a little boring though. Still, can’t have everything. Nice first car. I hope she appreciates it. Does this mean that you now have a driver for weekends when you want to go out for dinner ?

  • mahmood
    25 February 2008

    YES! and to do all the other driving chores too! 🙂

  • Abu Arron
    25 February 2008

    Good reliable choice. Congrats Amna. Happy (and careful) driving.

  • Ahmed
    25 February 2008

    Hi Mahmood,

    Congratulations, I just got a new car myself, this time though, and unlike 5 years ago, I paid it for it myself, so i’m really proud about that !

    I hope you see the day when Amna does the same, i’m sure it’ll be as an ammazing feeling for you as it was for my parents.

    Lol, my parents bought me a corolla and i got myself a BMW 330i. Thus, if you bought Amna an Altima, she could go for an LS 460 (or equivalent) in 5 years time, who knows !

    Btw, putting a sticker on her car is too harsh !!

  • Barry
    26 February 2008

    I: Personally, I think your first car as a teenager should not be exciting. It’s not until you buy your own car that you should be getting into exciting cars. I on the other hand still drive my used Toyota Corolla :).

  • ratherdashing
    27 February 2008

    Nice Ride. A new black paint job always looks so classy. The downside: Every bit of dirt shows.

  • Bahrain Taxi
    27 February 2008

    Congrats on your car, Amna. Happy driving and watch out for some of the young male morons on the road who will try and impress you with their ‘F1 driving skills’.

  • Meggie
    10 March 2008

    Well I think you have made a good choice there Mahmood. She doesn’t want anything too sporty for her first car, far better for her to gain experience in a car built for safety.

    Might be an idea for the other bairns to club together to buy her an old fashioned Krooklok if you can still get them.

  • mohamed
    29 April 2008

    😛 hi very good ?