MtvSM time

It’s that time again.. I’m in the airport awaiting my flight to Jordan and it suddenly hit me that I didn’t announce the traditional Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the Moment! Silly me.

Alrighty then… I don’t think there is anything nor anyone more deserving of very valid blame other than…

The Parliament!

If I were to be generous, I would happily share the MtvSM privilege with the CIO or eGov or whatever you want to call those brainiacs who think that being transparent means embarrassing a whole swathe of our countrymen by publishing their names without consent and displaying them as paupers awaiting a measly handout of BD50, rather than deserving human beings who should very well share the wealth of their country. But I’m not in a very generous mood at the moment.

Therefore, please do blame all the ills of the world generally, and ours specifically on this joke of a parliament. One that is diligently trying to reduce its efficacy even more than what it is at the moment and one that is thinking in nothing more than a narrow and short-sighted sectarian way to further encumber itself – and by inference our whole country and society – with restrictions and completely voiding itself from the limited responsibility they have been given.

All this without paying heed to what is happening in the world around us. Even Nepal and Bhutan will deservedly pass us by as they develop their democratic, social and economic systems and we’re still in this sectarian and tribal mentality, thanks to this parliament, its bylaws and our constitution.

Someone should look into the Bhutan situation; a country that measures itself not by Gross National Product, but by a hippy-like Gross National Happiness. Even with that, their far-sighted king imposes democracy by changing his country from an absolute monarchy through to a constitutional one.

Enough rants for now, they are about to call me to the plane… in any case, you have the MtvSM has been announced and I invite you – my friends – to go ahead and give them several pieces of your minds.

Au revoir


  1. Merlin

    Amman – the second level of hell, Cairo being the first. I symphathize with you….

  2. heraish

    “You will be interested to know that Al-Wefaq is represented by 18 votes in the House, even though they have gained 63% of the actual vote! But that’s another story.”

    Please explain how this happened?

  3. Post

    I’m back home now, but I don’t feel like closing the gates on this MtvSM as I usually do. I think I’ll keep it open for people to vent off their frustrations on the Parliament to that it can keep on earning a living, if that’s at all possible!

  4. Grace


    Alwefaq have 17 seats out of 40. The extra 1 seat you are talking about is Waad.

    It seems no one is in favour of non-islamist liberals these days.. Strangely, you wouldn’t perceive the majority of nationals to be so religously driven.

    Parliament, shmarliament…. Personally, I haven’t benefited from 1 thing since they came into power!!! I actually lost 1% of my salary!!! It’s ridiculous,,, I pay a whole 1% of whatever I get, basic + benefits… yet when I am on a business trip, my benefits are cut for that period but the same amount is stripped off my original net amount….

    Doesn’t make sense to me…

    The structure for Civil service compensation should seriously be looked into.. To upgrade performance and hire a better skilled workforce, the current structure needs a complete overhaul…

    Right now:
    اللي ينوح واللي ماينوح ياكل من عيش الحسين

    But who am I to talk? I voted for a representative of the people to speak on my behalf… What has he done??? Squabble and fight over this and that?

    I understand that the current house is discussing major issues, but right now i’d rather they discuss something attainable, something I will reap the benefits of now,, and so will everybody else…

    Sorry I am just really pissed off !!

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