MtvSM – Bahraini Diva

I’m off on my travels again, this time to Casablanca, Morocco to attend the North Africa Citizen Journalism Workshop where I will be present on two panels and look forward to learning from the others’ experiences, and hope to impart some of mine too.

Now, keeping with the Den’s traditions, it behooves me to announce the person who shall be blamed for anything and everything that happens in the world, in your personal lives, in your cat’s or other pets’, your car, anything at all, until I return; and that person, this time, shall be:

Bahraini Diva!

So go on and visit her blog and enter your blames and frustrations here. It is after all, her fault!



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    Man, either people are shitscared of the Diva, or the world is actually okay! Not a single blame? Shame on you people.

    Okay, here’s mine. I blame BD for having to take 19 hours of travel time just to get to the other corner of the Arab world. I also blame her for a packed flight with several children running around the isles, but thankfully no chalkboard-like screeching, and for me not to have had the time I needed to create my presentation so that I have to wake up at 4.30am local time to do it!

    Your turn.

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  3. seroo

    You can’t blame diva on anything, she is the coolest cat around!

    And what is this, another trip to Morocco without my presence? And to Dar El Baydha as well, what were you thinking?! Have a few mint teas in my honour big man…

  4. Diva

    Ma7moodoo! LOOOOOOOOOOL!
    These days I’m busy with my mid-term exams! i had NO IDEA!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Thanks everybody for not blaming me & big hug to sweet Seroo πŸ˜‰

  5. ammaro

    19 hours to travel across the arab world? what happened?! Diva!!!! why are u giving mahmood a hard time?!

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