MtvSM time again, this time in honour of…

After a long hiatus, MtvSM is back in lights!

What’s MtvSM I hear you ask? It’s that ancient Mahmood’s Den tradition where I authorise you to completely and unequivocally to lay the blame on a person or entity of my choosing. Fear not, they are not defenceless, they can – and have often done and are encouraged to – rebut your blames and claims or succumb to their inevitable premature death if they choose not to.

So my friends, this time, the honour goes to a friend who heretofore goes by a mere moniker and it’s up to them to make themselves known should they wish to. Regardless though, they still shall take the blame while I’m off on my business travels. For a whole week. So until I return, please do help me resurrect this tradition by copiously laying the blame at the feat of:

D K!

I completely blame DK for the Swine Flu and the opportunism of the Islamists who should blame DK for this pandemic, rather than killing defenceless and delicious piglets throughout the Umma.

I sit here now in the lounge waiting for my flight and see the dread painted on each of my fellow traveller’s faces when anyone sniffles, let alone sneezes!

Yes DK, you are to blame for this. You should be completely ashamed of yourself!


  1. Ali

    hehehe.. I blame DK for not forcing Mahmood to get in shape and start blogging again!

    We miss Mahmood’s blog, and, again, I blame DK for that 🙁

  2. steve the american

    Ever since Mahmood came back online it’s been raining in Washington, day after day, right when we should be enjoying the first sunny days of summer. Coincidence? Don’t make me laugh. DK, I don’t know who you are or where you are, maybe you are operating from some undisclosed location, but you are obviously to blame for waterboarding Washington. Enough!

  3. Bahrainiac

    Hooray!!!!!!!! You’re back! I decided this morning at work to take a glance at your site for old times sake, and lo’ and behold, NEW POSTS!!!! You’ve been missed! I can now go sweat buckets in total comfort at the golf course with the knowledge that tomorrow morning I can look forward to a cup of coffee and The Den!!!

  4. AGA

    Dude, as a parent of an 18 year old male teenager who is going off to college all too soon yet not soon enough, I blame DK for the circumstance that I (a single year older than Mahmood) now have adopted their lingo. Our once helpful eldest, who a short two years ago was a living example of my (perhaps our) superior parenting skills (since his behavior far exceeded my own at that age), is now ruining my life. How you ask? I now have have an adult male living in my home, driving my car, eating my food, staying in one of my bedrooms, watching my tv, using my internet, making my wife miserable, and all the while reminding me that on matters important to him, I know next to nothing. For that unimaginable turn of events, I blame DK. My best bud, who followed me around the yard, who helped me with projects and made them all the more rewarding, who lined up sporting events to watch in person and on tv, now prefers the company of others. In fact, he instructs me that I can no longer accompany him anywhere – unless it is to a place where something is to be purchased for him. The pain, oh the pain, surely worse than I caused my parents. DK, you and you alone are to blame.

    WB, Mahmood. You the man! You’re dope! You rock! Sick!

  5. Post

    Thanks for being good fun guys. I’m back – and very exhausted but elated and satisfied with the trip.

    DK is off the hook.

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