Pulling out, and it’s about time

I applaud the Indonesian government for doing something concrete to protect their citizens, even resorting to a ban against some Middle Eastern countries form employing them owing to the various abuses they suffered from.

I wonder if other labour exporters will do likewise. And if they do, I think we will be in the centre of an economic implosion that will undoubtedly rival and surpass the one which the world is attempting to climb out of.

Indonesia hits Arab states with worker ban

Indonesia is to repatriate around 1,750 nationals working in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan and place a ban on its citizens working in these countries due to mistreatment, its manpower minister said in remarks published on Tuesday.

“At least 1,750 migrant workers employed in the Middle East will be repatriated and for this purpose the government will send aircraft to the Middle East starting on November 9,” Muhaimin Iskandar was quoted as saying by the Indonesian News Agency (Antara).

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Iskandar said there were numerous instances of workers were not being paid and suffering physical abuse.

“Indonesians in these countries are working in appalling conditions because they are not being treated justly. Many of them become victims of violence and live in conditions below minimum welfare standards,” he said.

“In some of the Middle Eastern countries, the rate of violations by employers against migrant workers is quite high,” he added.

Iskandar said the government plans to strengthen its recruitment procedures for citizens going abroad, including the protection of workers’ rights.

“Improvements will in the first place have to be made in the recruitment and training systems, provision of health services, transportation to airports and eventually in the workers` protection in destination countries to prevent the recurrence of abuses,” he said.

  • Deborah
    8 November 2009

    I do hope more countries follow suit and turn the taps off.

  • MBC
    8 November 2009

    Good move from Indonesia. If the labors won’t be protected by the host countries then it is Indonesia’s responsibility to protect it’s people and economy can go to hell. humans are more important than anything.

  • Steve the American
    9 November 2009

    Good on Indonesia. Now, the Philippines needs to follow suit and protect its people.

  • Bu Yousef
    10 November 2009

    In my opinion, they should do what the Philippines did and enforce a higher minimum wage. This would change the profile of the employers. It would keep their people in employment; and keep us from the economic implosion you so rightly predict.

American Soldier