Bahraini Views – Sayed Fadhel Shubbar – Forging Ahead

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Abandoned by their father at an early age and raised by their grandmother, Sayed Fadhel and his brother worked at the Central Market gutting fish and as porters (coolies) in the weekend to eke out a living.

After dropping out from school at the first year of high school to continue to earn a wage, Sayed Fadhel took on many jobs over the years, proudly working as a driver and furniture installer. He recognised an opportunity to break-out on his own with little money, he took that chance with one of his friends. A year later, the friend left leaving him with just one employee to take care of the business.

To expand the business, Sayed Fadhel applied to and received money from the Labour Fund to purchase his first 6-wheeled truck which he uses for deliveries. He further then applied for a development loan later from the BDB, this he used to purchase more furniture making machines.

He now runs a small but successful furniture manufacturing business with 8 employees, turning over approximately BD100,000 annually.

  • Johnster
    17 January 2010

    What a great, inspirational story

  • Ahmed
    17 January 2010

    ‘I am not afraid of loss’ Wow, I really respect this guy. I wish more people were not afraid of loss and build their own business (not destroy our neighborhood). This has to be taught by parents because sadly our school system does not teach you this. I applaud people like Sayed Fadhel very much and I only wish he and others like him are set examples in our community as role models.. (not our current tyre-burning role models).

  • Bu Yousef
    17 January 2010

    I wish him more/continued success… Is there an organisation in Bahrain working with Kiva?

    It’s a great way of giving the right people an opportunity to ‘exit’.

  • Kavi
    18 January 2010

    A very impressive story of determination and focus, a serious young man, you can see it in his eyes. I hope he continues on his successful path and enables those who might not have his vision, along the way – and well done to the Labour Fund for believing in him

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