The Conscience of Bahrain’s Environment

How many of you haven’t heard, read or seen the work of Khawla Al-Muannadi?

Like thousands like me, us Bahrainis think that she epitomizes the conscienceless of the Bahraini environment. Through her work, columns and appearances she reminds us of the dying palm groves, the soiled sea, the suffocating mangroves and the urbanization that is threatening indigenous wildlife and their habitat. Her passion alone awakens in us that yearning for times gone by and pushes us to demand that the remaining environment be protected.

Khawla Al-Muhannadi’s journey started with an epiphany in 2000 and has since achieved a lot in the short 10 years to bring environmental awareness to the fore of the public’s consciousness and to even the policymakers’ agendas. She has written many articles, started a children’s school in which the environment is a central theme and campaigned for the environment in various situations in Bahrain.

Her ways and methods raising the awareness of the need to protect the environment has been adopted in many areas of he world. So much so that when they refer to it, they now proudly call Khawla’s method “The Bahraini Environmental Experiment”. This experiment is recognised and lauded in various venues around the world and she and the Environment Friend Society – the society she inaugurated – has been invited to various high level environmental conferences around the world to share their experiences.

The lady is full of passion for the environment, extremely charismatic and a true modern Bahraini leader who is full of zest and a clear love of this country.


  1. Hashim Al Alawi


    It’s been a while my friend.

    Khawla’s passion for the environment truly awakens many feelings in us to be more aware of whats going on in Bahrain. I’m working with her on a project now, and am seeing first hand the effort she’s putting into making people appreciate the environment.

    Truly, a hero with a passion.

    1. Post

      She is a really inspirational and charismatic personality, full of passion for what she does and for the country. It’s hard not to fall head-over-heals with the causes she champions.

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