Welcome to Afghanistan!

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This is what my son got on his phone, courtesy of VIVA upon our arrival in New York.


Off to the:

  • Empire State Building
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Central Park
  • via Apple’s 5th Avenue store!
  • Ali Araj
    8 April 2010

    I passed this to the VIVA top management, and I was told that a prompt action will be taken to resolve the issue. Arif might even get free ‘credit’ for attracting their attention!

  • Ali Araj
    8 April 2010

    Update: The issue is fixed now. “Welcome to Afghanistan” now will only be sent to those who roamto Guantanamo, in addition of course to Afghanistan 🙂

    Seriously, VIVA management want to say “Thanks” to Arif. So please send me his number asap.

    • mahmood
      9 April 2010

      wow, that’s great! good action on VIVA’s front. I’ll email you Arif’s number.

  • muhannad
    10 April 2010

    i got same this massage when i arrived to egypt but it wasn’t for afghanstan it was for saudi arabia

Off to New York!