LOST, re-enacted in 1 minute

I stopped watching LOST after the second season. I just couldn’t handle all the bullshit plots they were throwing at me and I couldn’t be bothered subscribing to that “intelligent” crap that its followers gave it like:

oh it’s an intelligent series, not like the usual like tv episodes. you have to like watch it all to understand what’s like going on. you can’t just dip like in and out like whenever you want!

So I stopped. I started re-watching Benny Hill again. That to me had a better plot-line than series 3 – 6.

Well, with the internet memes going on about it, I thought’s I’d at least try to see what the last episode was like, and if it’s like the last episode of the Sopranos, I was determined to have a baseball club handy (I need an excuse to get that luscious 3D TV in any case!) So some good soul was good enough to summarise the whole series, yes all 6 seasons including the last episode in a skit done by cats!

Don’t believe me? Here you go: