“Just Bahraini” not welcome at checkpoints

Leena Al Olaimy

On Friday 18th March 2011, @LAlOlaimy said:

@khalidalkhalifa I’m VERY concerned by what I just heard re: my aunt’s checkpoint experience. #Bahrain police tried to provoke her & found a ‘لا سني لا شيعي بس بحريني‘ badge in her bag. The police ridiculed her asking if she really believes in it? She responded ‘yes’. He threatened her & said ‘Do you know what I can do to you?! I can do anything to you!’. Security is one thing but martial law or not, inciting sectarianism, hate speech & disrespect by the police is UNACCEPTABLE. If Bahrain is to heal this cannot happen. If Bahrain is to become united the law cannot impose sectarian division. What will they do to me when I say I am a Bahraini Muslim who (respects but) doesn’t believe in religious divisions?

I fear for this country.

If some of the police / security officers who are charged with protecting us have now become sectarian and intimidate us just because we carry a simple yet powerful message designed to unify the people of this country, how can we really trust them to keep the peace? Or has their mission changed now to sectarian cleansing?

Someone in a responsible position must take immediate steps to address this situation.

The least that the government can do is investigate this matter fully and immediately. They must recognise the perpetrators of this intimidation and court martial them in a public trial to send a clear and an unequivocal message that sectarianism shall not be tolerated.


Update 110319@1444:

@LAlOlaimy Leena Al Olaimy tweeted:
@BahrainCrying @mahmood@khalidalkhalifa Reported to MOI. Apparently they had several complaints @ that checkpoint near alaa 7athrami school

Excellent. No one should tolerate such behavior. I applaud Leena for taking the initiative and reporting the incident to the authorities. It’s up to the competent authorities to take action now, and close the loop by issuing a statement detailing their action and put in processes to ensure that this sort of behaviour is stamped out in their ranks.


  1. Hassan

    Sorry Mahmood, but we are afraid to put our comments here too. you never know what will happen

  2. Hashim_Bhai

    Now that the Jinni is out of the bottle, such stories are going to be rampant and of little surprise. Undoubtedly, it is a matter of great concern and the perpetrators irrespective of what side they are on should be brought to justice for their wrong doings and that to in the public domain. Quran states that “Verily in the Prophet (Muhamed p.b.u.h) you find the best example and amidst this very socio-political tension, we fail to take heed from All Mighty’s command. His unmatched tolerance, his leniency towards the companions and internal rivalry, forgiveness and his honor for treaties are exemplary for generations to come. Only if we take heed from them, shall we benefit. Else I fear we will spiral down to the time of Ahl-e-Jahliah.

    If you say sectarianism shouldn’t be tolerated that neither should be nationalism; Our attitude and motto should be that of “Just a Muslim”. Only then will we be able to contain the jinni.

    1. Post
    2. Muzafari

      Socio-political tension can not be solved by means to say your just a muslim.
      “YOU” think our attitude and motto should be that of “Just a Muslim”. Dont talk on behalf of passages please, if had it with this bullshit.

      If you think we should “Just be Muslim” to solve the situation we are in, I wonder how the prophet would deal with the Jews in Medina in his time.
      We will be in Jahaliah if we dont open our brains to solve the situations we are in by FOCUSING on key terms mentioned “SOCIO-POLITICAL” for example …

      SOLVE ISSUES AND NOT PEOPLE, law3tow chabdi

    3. Jeremy Bicha

      Bahrain is more than just Muslim. Don’t forget the substantial Asian and Western population. And not all Arabs are Muslim.

  3. Hashim_Bhai

    History has taught us that we learn nothing from history (hegel).

    Issues are to be solved with utmost sincerity. Policies have to be agreeable to all. Employ diplomacy as that of the Prophet when dealing with our own brethren or the non Muslims. When we earnestly feel as one, perhaps we will think before killing/abusing each other.

    An angry man is a social menace; an angry diplomat is a national disaster.

    1. Muzafari

      Not Anger …… Indignation ..

      By keeping a quote in the bottom, you are trying to tackle people and not issue, let me show you how we can turn this into a loop hole and waste time.

      “The sky is not less blue because the blind man does not see it.” – Danish saying

    2. Walid Alsayed

      What do you mean Jeremy by saying that not all arab are muslims?

  4. Abdulla

    I don’t know what to say. My feelings cannot be described by words, but I will try to take it out. I am very disgusted by the situation that we are going through here in Bahrain.

    I want to be optimistic because I love this country and ALL its people, but I am starting to give up hope day after day. how have many of us (fortunately not all, until now) lost their human side?? and how are we going to coexist in such a tiny place if many of us have been converted into beasts ( and I am talking about both sects here). why don’t we read history and learn from it?

    each side now is trying to cancel the other, but we have to think that this just can’t be done because our destiny is to live together no matter what. I really miss my real Bahrain where we all (Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Hindus, Budist,…..) lived it peace side by side. now I am starting to see that there is no coming back to our old bahrain for quite some time and do not know what is the price that we will all pay until things get back to normal again.

    I have never in my life felt as unsafe in Bahrain as I am now. I just don’t know my friend from my enemy anymore. will Bahrain be converted into smaller Iraq? I really hope not.

  5. Reader911

    You said…

    “If some of the police / security officers who are charged with protecting us have now become sectarian”

    “Have become”??? are you serious???

    They are and will always be sectarian. Actually I am not surpirsed even if this happened ten years ago!

  6. Staci Strobl

    My academic work on policing and Bahrain has systematically documented that the police have been sectarian in their approach since independence. Reader 911 is absolutely right. I love Bahrain having lived there for awhile. I can’t tell you how great it was to be an expatriate there and how much I love the Bahraini spirit. But the government has stoked sectarianism even when the people strive to get along (and do)! It is an important history to confront even though it is so painful. As an American we have a lot of painful history around slavery and Native Americans. Governments have to learn and own up to oppression to move forward otherwise they loose their legitimacy in the eyes of the people. The U.S. has not do e enough to air old harms. My point is just that human societies have dark secrets, but we can’t keep them in the dark if we want peace.

    I am praying for peace in Bahrain and so sad for the deaths and that the great Pearl Monument has been destroyed (this will probably backfire and become MORE of a symbol to the opposition then ever before and ironic because just two months ago it was just about pearl diving in Gulf history…)

    Email me at stacistrobl@gmail if you want a copy of my published paper on policing and sectarianism in Bahrain.

    Best wishes to ALL Bahrainis for peace and justice.


    1. Post
  7. Mohd

    my car have a sticker of the Bahrain flag, a shirt of Al-Ahli club sticked on the back, I’m wearing a #UniteBH shirt with the just Bahraini pin, my last name is Sayed Ahmed and I live in sitra would you recommend that I go to my uncle house in Muharraq? 🙂

  8. Dan

    Bahrain has been conquered and is under military occupation. I wish everybody would just acknowledge reality for what it is. I suppose you can always bend over and turn the other cheek.

    1. ajax

      you mean the saudis ?

      they are no were to be found!

      look for them in their barracks some were in bahrain wilderness!

  9. Da Rebel

    Funny, the occupying forces are conspicuous by their absence from view . . .

  10. Hashim Mahmood

    The Just Bahraini website is blocked by the way. Shows the governments willingness to support that sort of mentality

    1. Post

      I requested its unblocking several times without receiving any response from the authorities. Maybe if you were to click on the unblocking request, maybe you’ll have more influence or due to the number of requests, it might get unblocked.

  11. Mohd

    Sorry for the Arabic Ranting It’s translated

    “حرية الرأي والبحث العلمي مكفولة، ولكل إنسان حق التعبير عن رأيه ونشره بالقول أو الكتابة أو غيرهما، وذلك وفقا للشروط والأوضاع التي يبينها القانون، مع عدم المساس بأسس العقيدة الإسلامية ووحدة الشعب، وبما لا يثير الفرقة أو الطائفية.”

    the constitution says : ” The freedom of opinion and research if preserved, and every human have the right to express him/her opinion or publish it written or otherwise, as regulated by the law, with out accusing the foundations of Islam and the unity of people, and doesn’t spread division or sectarianism”.

    I can say that this decree was never applied in Bahrain although some of the people in charge of it were nice mannered people they were always under the orders of higher influences. some people were allowed to publish whatever they want no matter how hateful, others were denied any form of opinion expression. so even the few that wrote the constitution that was forced on the people are not implementing it :).

    another Arabic ranting:

    لا تطْلُبي حُريَّةً أَيّتُها الرعيَّةْ

    لا تَطلبي حُريةً..

    بَلْ مارسي الحُريَّةْ

    إن رَضيَ الرّاعي.. فألْفُ مَرْحَبا

    وإنْ أبى

    فحاولي إقناعهُ باللطُّف والرَّوِيَّة..

    قولي له أن يَشربَ البَحرَ

    وأن يبلعَ نِصْفَ الكُرةِ الأَرضيةْ!

    ما كانتِ الحُريّةُ اختراعَهُ

    أو إرْثَ مَنْ خَلَّفَهُ

    لكي يَضُمَّها إلى أملاكه الشَّخصية

    إنْ شاءَ أن يمنعها عنكِ

    زَواها جانباً

    أو شاءَ أن يمنحها.. قَدَّمها هَديَّةْ

    قُولي لَهُ: إنِّي وُلدتُ حُرَّةً

    قولي له: إني أنا الحُريّة

    Don’t ask for freedom but be free, freedom was never owned by anyone to deny others from it and it can’t be given by any one.

  12. ajax

    how is she gonna prove that they(the policeman) said that and not a mere fabrication to add oil in fire?

    just to point it out Mr.mahmod

  13. ajax

    P.S. i don’t mean by that as if police are saints or something.


    i hope internet censorship get lifted
    serve no purpose.

  14. Reader911

    Let us see if there is really a chance for dialogue!

    This is the video of Isa Radhi al-Radhi
    عيسى رضي آل رضي

    Isa was missing for 5 days since 15 March, than his family was contacted by the police.

    This is how Isa looked. Clearly he is tortured and killed.

    Not for the faint of heart

    1. Mohd

      please remove the video, he was my cousin friend and I don’t think any body should see this brutality.

      Ahmed Farhan video caused a nervous breakdown for a girl in our island, this video is just worst.

      embarrassed to ask for the censor of anything but this might be too much for some to watch, I wonder what horror movie will scare me after the last month.

      1. Dan

        I couldn’t watch the video because Youtube would NOT let me sign in. I called Google but they aren’t answering the phone because it is Sunday.

        I live in Oklahoma. It happens here too. Just scroll down and look at THESE PICS video and think “Bahrain..Bahrain…”


        Happy Equinox everybody.

    2. Mubarak

      Who killed Isa Radhi al-Radhi?
      The Government,the oposition,his enimy.
      everyone is pointing to the other.
      was he the guy in the roundabout?
      was he the guy who to vedios from salmanya hospital?
      who and what

  15. peacefulmuslimah

    How does something as personal as an autopsy video get released into hands that put it on youtube?


    1. milter


      For the same reason that a video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein, including the insulting words just a few seconds before his death, were on the net shortly after.

    2. Lizardo

      because it might be the only way he can get his RIGHTS back. And maybe it could move some ppl dead humanity. Or maybe it could give a slap to all ppl who are happy to have a foreign army around. Or maybe to shock all the Sect. worshipers and to give them a thought of (am I human?).

      1. peacefulmuslimah

        So ethics don’t matter when you want to push your agenda, huh lizardo? It’s easy to see why the protests led by the youth in Bahrain have failed.

        1. Robok

          I would disagree with you there that they weren’t led by youth but more than half of them by bitter old men who wanted to see this regime gone, but there wouldn’t be much point in that now.

          I do agree that it’s personal and such, but I can perfectly see why it was released. Not saying it’s right, but understandable.

        2. Mohd

          how about the ethics of not brutally killing people? if you agree then please send a message to the world that you are against these monsters called the Bahrain ministry of interior and the Bahrain ministry of defense.

          and we didn’t fail we are still on the road to victory.

          1. milter


            Ethics play a hell of a big role in this game. Ethics is all about what you want to replace the old system with.

            New leaders dancing and cheering on their enemy’s grave does not bode well for the future. People shouting in anger and chanting slogans at funeral processions give me the shivers.

            Life, and death in particular, must be treated with dignity. Publishing that video is disgusting, and I certainly hope the people behind it will not have a say in the future ruling of Bahrain

    3. Mohd

      could you imagine what kind of monster could do that to a human? and now can you imagine the kind of monsters that hire those monsters and give them guns?

      thats what we have to live with every single day of are life.

  16. Coolred38

    Ok, Im really curious about this adjective “youth” to describe any and all action taken by male Bahrainis no matter what that action is. Over the 23 years I lived in Bahrain the word “youth” was used to describe rapists, pedophiles, trouble makers, thieves, drug addicts, those who engaged in homosexual activities, and basically now the protestors are signified as youth…and yet when I see who those protestors are I see mostly grown ass men out there facing those police forces. I see 22 year old men raping young girls…I see 18 year old drug addicts and thieves etc etc etc….so wondering…at what age in Bahrain are you no longer considered “youth” when it comes to behaving atrociously or against social norms?

    Just wondering.

  17. peacefulmuslimah

    On a practical level, coolred, I look at youth as people from the age of about 15 to 30. But that’s just me.

  18. Mubarak


    Nobody is talking about what iran is doing.
    Nobody is talking that iran is the hand behind all this. Nobody is talking that in (Matams) thay teach poeple that sunni are the suns of (yazeed) and sheaa are the suns of Hussain (which is historacly is wrong)

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  26. Hisham

    Great article, lets hope the government takes proper steps but the problem is that the authorities are using all means of discrimination against any person who they find has anything that proves he supports the protests. So its either that “No Sunni, No Shii, Just Bahrain” is used to indicate that they are protesters or that the security men themselves are sectarian therefore disbelieve in any form of unity.

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  28. Redha

    The Checkpoints is one of the reasons I don’t want to come to Bahrain…. I’m a Bahraini working in Doha. I used to come to Bahrain to see Family & Friends and enjoy good food, but now I fear being stopped at a checkpoint and being questioned and taken by the Police without any reason. GOD BLISS BAHRAIN & BAHRAINIS

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