Civil War is in the offing

Torturer Adel Flaifel

If you’re not afraid of what and where Bahrain is going, then this clip should give you a good indication. In it, a bunch of ignoramuses are taking the mic in front of a government building in Muharraq inciting not only hatred, but openly calling for the killing of the Shia in Bahrain, and threatening that Muharraq will be the Shia graveyard. Muharraq, that lovely island we’ve always associated as being the model of tolerance, understanding and multi-cultural living seems to be now degenerating at the hands of murderers, torturers and thugs.

All this in front of a government building.

In addition to that, the nefarious convicted torturer Adel Flaifel is calling for the formation of armed gangs with the help of the Muharraq Municipal Council and the Ministry of Interior to “deal” with the Shia – whom he calls traitors – and protect Muharraq from their advance!

I don’t care for these people nor their message of intolerance. What I care about is that by virtue of them being in front of a government building, using the building’s PA system it seems, preaching hatred to the crowd and not a single person is stopping them and to date, I haven’t heart of any official condemnation of that gathering and not a single legal channel has been moved to curtail them when they are clearly breaking the law. If my memory serves, a police station is directly opposite of that location too, so why the police didn’t intervene is mind boggling too. Unless of course the police there don’t understand Arabic and the gathering was deemed authorised and legal?

Enjoy the clip, and pack your bags while you’re at it. Bahrain – with these morons openly operating in it with the full aid and knowledge of the government – is not a place that I want to spend my future in.



  1. Just Bahraini

    Thank you for speaking up, Mahmood. You warned of the risk of civil war, way back in March. Why did people not listen when it could have been avoided?! Instead you were “invited” in for questioning. We cannot let hate-filled morons decide our fate! May God kep us safe, and can we all please show some sense before it is too late.

  2. MarkNicosia

    Hi Mahmood,
    Well said, events are turning even darker and threaten to get out of control. At the risk of making light of the subject:-

    Was Adel Flaifel called “felafel” at school? Would explain a lot!


  3. Mike Diboll

    This is indeed vile. My fear is that once the sectarian genie has been let out of the bottle, it is very hard, if not impossible, to put it back in again. This was the UK’s experience with Northern Ireland, that ended up claiming thousands of lives.

    Even of they authorities were to unambiguously distance themselves from the activities of such people (a big “if”), they are now out and about in the society, feeling empowered, entitled, and supported. This is why I believe that only a truth and reconciliation committee with political teeth, backed by an significant outside body like the UN could heal Bahrain. Things have gone too far to be fixed “in house”.

    I personally have heard this sort of filth before in Bahrain, last time was INSIDE Building S20 at the UoB on the morning of 13th March.

    I had heard from protester students who had been attacked that “baltajiyya” were holed up in that building. I took it upon myself to investigate, and inside what I found was a small group of Salafites trying to whip up a gathering of about 40 Sunni UoB students into an anti-Shia frenzy.

    The rhetoric was very similar: “their boold is allowed for us, Bahrain would be become a graveyard for the Shia, this is jihad against the Shia kaffirs”, that sort of thing. There were people who had come armed with sharp- and blunt-edged weapons that one wouldn’t normally take to a university: swords, iron bars, golf clubs, heavy chains, axes, machetes, even one guy with a spear.

    Yes, I saw that later anti-regime outsiders also came into the university and made their contribution to the mayhem, but my observation after witnessing events over 5 hours at multiple locations at UoB was as follows: a disruptive yet peaceful anti-government demonstration involving most of the students on campus that day, mainly women, was attacked by a mixed group of students and outsiders who had came to the university armed for that purpose; the young male protesting students fought back with makeshift weapons, bits of wood ripped from hoardings, etc; the people described above took refuge in S20; there was a stand off between protestors and riot police, who ended up being pelted with flowers; several waves of outsiders, some pro- and other anti-regime, turned up and all hell broke lose; the pro-government outsiders eventually got the better of the anti-, supported by some very heavy duty dueds who looked like special forces out of uniform. My impression of events on 13th March was very much that this looked like a future civil war in miniature.

    This is a summary of some 15,000 words of testimony plus supporting evidence which I submitted to the BICI, it’ll be interesting to see what they make of it. I can’t see how Bassiouni can in all seriousness claim no direct linkage between the activities of these sectarian thugs and the government when they seem to operate with impunity from and outside government buildings.

    1. Post

      Ah. Wasn’t it you who said:

      Why can’t we all just call something wrong without adding any BUTS.

      NOTHING condones hate speech. Nothing. You know why? Because it’s a million times more dangerous than acts of misguided vandalism. With the oil, it’s dangerous and can injure a few, with hate speech, thousands and millions can be killed. Go read history.

  4. exclamation mark

    The big question is, all the assemblies, rallies and everything associated to the opposition are being monitored and scrutinized, and anyone crossing the line is being arrested and under the question, but a blind eye is being given to those, why?
    And for your information everybody, this is not the first time that such kind of speech and rallies are being held..

    Another Question !
    Was this protest held by this blood thirsty gang notified to the concerned in the Bahraini Govt?
    or do we need to talk about double standards???
    Sometimes I think of these events as a flashback of what happened in March that lead to “you know what” on the 16th of March.

    No matter how stupid the things those protests do, and no matter how serious they are?
    Do they justify killing??

  5. FYI

    I don’t justify anything; I’m saying events all fall under either cause or effect. The problem is both sides escalate when the other wants a solution.

    Government starts with killing protester (fed 14)
    Salman bin Hamad tries to calms things and invites a dialogue
    Opposition escalates and boycotts talks and goes to the streets (or roundabout)
    Government escalates and deploys the military and cracks down on the protesters.
    Opposition tries to have Kuwait government mediate talks.
    Government admits guilt and opens an investigation.
    Opposition escalates by blocking roads and prejudge the outcome of the investigation.

    You get the trend? What do you think is coming next?

    1. Post

      Accept that your oversimplification of the events gives away your naivety. I’ll just point out one mistaken belief here:

      Opposition escalates by blocking roads and prejudge the outcome of the investigation.

      Yes they are an “opposition” of some sort, but they’re not the Political Opposition, ie, Wefaq, Wa’ad et al. These are probably individuals or a coalition of what is called “Feb 14 Movement” of youth etc. So you putting them there in your list displays a measure of your misunderstanding or ignorance of what is and has happened in Bahrain.

  6. Salman

    “With the oil, it’s dangerous and can injure a few, with hate speech, thousands and millions can be killed. Go read history”

    You’ve lost your mind with this statement right here. “with oil, its dangerous and can INJURE a FEW”…. Then you go and say, “with hate speech THOUSANDS and MILLIONS can be KILLED”.

    You seriously are a fiestarter. Nothing else. You think you know. Allah beesamhick.

    1. Post
  7. Ted

    Utterly despicable. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” They obviously do not understand what the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights says.

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